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4th March 2020
The initial release, and it's working reasonably well.
I've still got tons of important stuff to do, and I need to make the randomiser a little less random, and a bit more... pretty!!
You can Play with the Titler here, in your browser, on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. (probably too cramped on a phone, though!)

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4th March 2020
Crikey. A somewhat half-decent GUI. Look at me, with the fancy Javascripting!!

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3rd March 2020
Spent most of today working on this.
Now the side-panel is no longer an "Everything all at once" panel, and is instead a series of tabs that you have to flick your way through.
This means I can now fill each tab with different elements and GUI bits and pieces.
Next is all the mouse/touch stuff on the main display, to let you slide and rotate and scale the elements.
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1st March 2020
"Now all I have to do is make a fully working mouse-driven GUI to make it all functional!"
... Uhoh!!
I forgot that I hate doing that stuff!

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29th February 2020
Haven't started a game, yet.
I think this might be a game-less week.

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