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4th September 2019
Need some rocks and circuit boards? Look no further than the latest JNKsg Generators. Rocks are kinda lumpy, but definitely aren't the best looking rocks in the universe. Circuit Boards are a little slow. I really need to figure out a quick and easy way to optimise those. Honestly, not the best update to the JNKsg site. Bah, humbug!
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25th June 2019
I needed some quick and simple spaceships, so decided to try making them with that old JNK Sprite Generator that I appear to have neglected for a number of months! They might not look very good, but scaled just right, and on the right sort of background, they're passable! .. A bit.. You can generate your own squiggles here.
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Flowers Blog
24th January 2019
Added Flowers A variety of basic flowers to fill up a sprite-based garden with. There are currently only Daisy and Rose type drawing styles, but I'm sure I'll come up with more, later.
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Planets Blog
18th January 2019
Added Planets. Lots and lots of planets, handy for all manner of things. The "Form" slider will also allow you to generate textures, rather than planet sprite image, which can come in handy for making spinning textured ingame planets. Be aware, however, that "Repeating Texture" mode is somewhat slow due to all the circles it has to draw!!
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Jnksg Blog
17th January 2019
Since I created Foldapuz, I've been posting all the updates to a single updates.html file, and.. As much as that's been functional, it's also been growing and growing and growing. JNKsg (The unnamed Sprite Generator thing) has been created in much the same way, with a similarly expanding updates.html file charting the progress of the site. Today I decided that's probably not the best way to do it, and so I've taken the contents of both of these update pages and (with a lot of datab...
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Icons Blog
3rd January 2019
Added Geometric Icons, which creates symbols and icons that might be useful in some kind of sci-fi environment, maybe for signage or GUI elements or things like that. To be honest, they're not as vibrant and recognisable as I'd like. I could probably do a better job, if I spent more than about an hour trying to do it, and might return to them in the future. Also added Gems, which should be fairly obvious!
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Barrels Blog
1st January 2019
Added Barrels, and placed them within the Boxes and Crates generator, since they typically tend to have the same kind of function. Not much more to say about these. Barrels are Barrels!
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Walls Blog
31st December 2018
Added Top Down Walls for dungeons and mazes and whatnot. These walls are based on the walls I created about a decade ago, for Alien Deathmatch, and come in 4x4 sheets of tiles, with wall paths that should cover the majority of wall requiring purposes. If you're in need of more specific tiles, you'll just need to improvise. Hopefully they come in handy for future wall-based projects!
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Boxes Blog
29th December 2018
Added Boxes and Crates for all the boxiness. Crates are always handy in videogames, and these crates come in all manner of shapes and sizes. .. As long as the shape is square!
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Palettes Blog
24th December 2018
Palettes are vaguely integrated into the engine. For the meantime, the palette simply forces any colour drawing to be selected from within a selection of predetermined colours. Due to the way JavaScript's canvas drawing works, the effect isn't 100%, with all manner of anti-aliasing getting in the way of things. A better option would be to draw the spritesheet, then do a second pass, forcing each individual pixel to be from the chosen palette. .. Another day, perhaps. Meanwhile, I'...
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Invasion! Blog
23rd December 2018
Added Invaders to go with the earlier Spaceships. They seem ok, but like the spaceships, start to look off when drawn too large. The invaders are drawn on tiny 2x2 spritesheets of their own, which should animate quite nicely if you like that sort of thing.
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22nd December 2018
Added Geometric Shapes which can be great for simple design additions. With a large variety of options, you should be able to come up with some fairly decent shape options, which can then be used in logos, icons and other such design elements.
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Wiggloids Blog
21st December 2018
Added Wiggloids, which seem a bit odd and occasionally a bit phalic-like! They're supposed to be much more interesting, but my generating knowhow ran out about halfway through! Maybe in the future I'll come back and rejig them to be a bit better.
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19th December 2018
Added Fluffy Clouds which are a bit less fluffy than I'd like, but do the job well enough. The generator features a couple of options to switch between solid and fluffy clouds, so should be fairly useful in a bunch of different scenarios.
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12th December 2018
Added Tartan and Polkadot to add a few more repeating pattern options. The Polkadot generator has a couple of really nice options to generate some lovely repeating textures, which can be great for menu backgrounds and the like.
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Patterns Blog
6th December 2018
Added Repeating Patterns, or at least patterns which "should" repeat! These are handy for backgrounds and things like that. I then reused those patterns to create Floor Tiles, and additionally Standard Platforms. Additionally, I added in some Spaceships, which seem to work better at lower resolutions.
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Jnksg Blog
3rd December 2018
The SoCoder Advent of Creativity has asked for people to create things over the course of Advent. I've decided to make a website which then further creates arty little splodges! Starting with Snowflakes as well as Bushy Trees and Spiky Grass, the site seems to be functioning well enough. The site is 100% Javascript based, and works by quickly downloading the javascript of the generator you've selected, and then running it in the background to make a batch of Procedurally Generated sprites...
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