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20th March 2023
JXMb is a random music generator that takes melodies you input, and spits out a randomly generated recreation of the melody using a variety of different methods.


You can Play with JXMb here

How To

Plot notes into patterns. When plotting a note, you can drag it out to make a longer note. Click a note to erase it.

Select and edit different patterns by clicking on them in the top left.
You needn't fill the whole lot, but do at least try to add one for each Melody, Harmony, Bass and Drums. The more patterns you fill out, the more elements the music randomiser has to play with.

Use the >Pattern Play button to hear your current pattern.
Once done, hit >Random Play and it'll start mixing things together in that special way that JMTrackr does.

In order for the engine to function correctly, you need to compose all of your patterns in the exact same key/chord. That way, once the engine starts randomly jumbling things together, there won't be horrible clashes with notes.

User Interface

Songs can be renamed using the text box on the top right.
On the top left is a "Song String". This can be copy+pasted to share songs with other people, or pasting the songs into GotoJSE where they can be used in games and such.

The Load button opens up the Library, where there's a decent selection of songs available in the library, and a very subtle delete button at the bottom when selecting tracks.

Export and Import buttons are permanent fixtures at the top of the screen.
If two songs have the same title, the latest version will overwrite the older one, so either try to keep track of that, or be imaginative with your naming
Note : Please be sure to Export often, as a random browser cache-clearout will erase all of your tracks, and you'll want to be able to import them again.


If you've made any choons, please do send them my way and I'll add them to the library. Include song titles, default tempo, and credits for yourself.

If there's any particular functionality you think I've left out of the engine, be sure to let me know. I think I need to add a seed button... .. Expect that to pop up shortly.
Also, a "I'm rubbish at doing drum loops, make one up for me" button might be nice.

System Requirements

JXMb runs in your browser.
The engine "should" run on most modern devices and browser combinations.

A decent screen resolution and size are both essential here.
My lazily designed GUI simply won't fit onto a mobile phone display, but is at least useable on a 10"+ tablet screen, as long as you have nimble pointy fingers

Otherwise, desktop or laptop should be fine.


You can Play with JXMb here

Again, if you make anything interesting, send it my way and I'll bulk up the included song library with your melodies.


In addition, the engine has been integrated into GotoJSE.
If the engine crashes upon first run, give it a refresh, since the old JMTrackr engine doesn't quite know how to cope with the new music format!!
Once refreshed, both old and new JMTrackr "Song Strings" can be used, and will happily play without any issues.


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