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8th December 2019
As well as a variety of games, I also occasionally post little tools which may or may not be useful to you.



A multipurpose Sprite Generator that can randomly generate a whole variety of different sprite types, as well as repeatable patterns for textures, and more besides.
If you have any ideas for other sprite/object types that I might be able to generate, please do let me know.

Pixelart to Knitted jpg

A web-based tool which takes small pixelart images, and can create a large image which appears to be knitted.
The tool supports a variety of "palettes" made up from balls of yarn!

Testcard Generator

Another web-based tool, which can generate different Testcard styles, at different resolutions, and add different titles and images into the mix.

Pixelart to STL

This Windows tool takes small pixelart images and created STL files which can be used to 3D print the pixelart.
Use the sliders to raise or lower each colour in the palette, to give a single-coloured print the illusion of depth between pixels.
The tool also supports separate files per colour useful for multicolour ink printing.

There's also an online version of this tool, but it only supports Multicolour STLs, not the nice layered effect that the Windows version does.

JNK Titler

A Windows tool which randomly selects from a set of fonts, and layout options, and attempts to generate a nice Title for your project.
The results aren't fantastic, but if you need inspiration for a logo, it might help.
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