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8x8 Pixel Fonts as .ttf Fonts
21st May 2021  
As part of my recent work on JSE, I've (Finally!!) stumbled upon a neat way to make TTF fonts.
(It's only been about 25 years since I upgraded from the Amiga. About time I figured this out!)


Here's a pack with the following fonts.
JSE FontSet (.zip)

1 - Amstrad CPC

2 - Commodore 64

3 - ZX Spectrum

4 - BBC Micro

5 - Amiga - Topaz

6 - Amiga - AMOS default - "2001"

I've made a PHP script to convert a .png to a .svg font, then I use to convert it to a .ttf and a .woff format font.
It's relatively painless, so if you want any other fonts doing, let me know.. I'll probably steer clear of plain system fonts from here on, though. God, they're all bloody similar, aren't they!!?!

Download the whole lot in just 35Kb, Right Here! - JSE FontSet (.zip)

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