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  13th June, 2013
Time for an update to my Monkey Framework!
This week I noticed that, having upgraded my version of Monkey recently, Android's Back Button was no longer being recognised, so I took a bit of time to figure out why that was happening, and updated the Framework to suit the new methods.

The Download

Jayenkai's Monkey Framework, as of 20th October 2013 | Blog Post

Older versions

Jayenkai's Monkey Framework, as of 13th June 2013 | Blog Post
23rd March 2013 | Blog Post
25th February 2013 | Blog Post
28th January 2013 | Blog Post

Also in this update..

* The new "Testcard in place of a Credits Screen" stuff.
* A few quick-to-access name based settings, up at the top of the file, because it was starting to wind me up having to keep opening .monkey files, just to change the name of the game!
* URL Data quicky test. You'll want to remove it, but it's in there, and it seems to work ok.
* New version of the Icon Resizer (See below for further details)
* A few tweaks that I've probably forgotten all about.

You can Download Monkey_Skeleton_2013_06_13 here
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Daily Blog
  11th June, 2013
Welcome to the wonderful world of Platform Jumping!

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Views 30, Upvotes 5, 11th June, 2013
  11th June, 2013
Hop your way home!
Views 1844, Upvotes 23, 11th June, 2013
Leaping , Platform , Rainbow
  10th June, 2013
Apologies that this post has taken me so long to publish.
I actually wrote most of it about 3 months ago, when I first released SpikeDislike2, but it's been sat on my Mac on a Sticky Note, and I kinda forgot all about it!
I remembered it, the other day, when I submitted SpikeDislike2-Lite to Apple.

What follows is a checklist/guide for compiling your Monkey-coded game onto iOS.
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Views 6, Upvotes 1, 10th June, 2013
Daily Blog
  9th June, 2013
I bet you're wondering wtf this one is supposed to be!
You'll have to wait until Tuesday to play "Hoppy Bobby", but in the meantime you can adorn your desktop with this wonderful wallpaper

Click for MAHOOOSIIIVVEEE!! (3200x3200)
Views 1, Upvotes 0, 9th June, 2013
Daily Blog
  8th June, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold looks back on this day in history, and trawls through the Jayenkai Archive to see if I've previously released any interesting games, today, in the past.

It's like playing around with a time machine, but without the risk of destroying the entire universe, simply because you happened to sneeze near a butterfly, or something!

Today, we find two great classics.
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Agameaweek Gold
  4th June, 2013
Another week, another sequel.
This week, we're revisiting the puzzle-maze world of Kee, Bo and Ard (Occasionally spelled "Key, Bo and Ard" due to me forgetting the spelling of the green character's name!)

I also need a couple of features tested, so there's quite a bit of rambling included below this post!
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Views 31, Upvotes 5, 4th June, 2013
  4th June, 2013
Guide Kee, Bo and Ard through the mazes to gather all the yellow gems.
Views 1194, Upvotes 20, 4th June, 2013
Puzzle , Maze
  3rd June, 2013
Although I am sort of planning things ahead of time, I'm not really doing a good job with the things I'm planning.
In the majority of cases, the better AGameAWeek games seem to be those spur of the moment games that I cobble together fairly quickly.
Anything over-planned seems to die a death, halfway through!

At the start of May, I planned to do two fairly large projects.
Both of those projects have remained untouched for at least a couple of weeks.
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Views 7, Upvotes 0, 3rd June, 2013
Daily Blog
  1st June, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold is our daily trawl through the Jayenkai Archives, to dig out any games that might have been released, on this day in history.

For the most part, there's some real stinkers in amongst this lot.

But every so often, we'll come across a real gem.Read More
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Agameaweek Gold
  31st May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold looks back through my archive, digging out any and all games that I've previously released on this day in history.

Occasionally the games are absolute garbage.

Sometimes, they're fantastic.

And then..
Other times..
There are UNICORNS!!!
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Views 7, Upvotes 0, 31st May, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  28th May, 2013
A remake, this week, of a popular old game, but one which appears to have lost it's powerups along the way.
The game plays well enough, but it feels somewhat lacking.
Perhaps a little community-driven inspiration might help bulk it back up again?
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Views 19, Upvotes 2, 28th May, 2013
  28th May, 2013
Destroy the Microbes before they overrun the Petridish
Views 1034, Upvotes 8, 28th May, 2013
Microbes , Remake , Shoot-em-up
  26th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold takes a trip through my archive of games, and plucks out any games that may have been previously released on this day in history.

Sometimes it finds recent games from the past few years of me doing AGameAWeek.

Other times, however, it finds really really really old games, from a time when the concept of doing a new game every week wasn't even a gleam in my eye!Read More
Views 5, Upvotes 0, 26th May, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  25th May, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold is a daily trip through the Jayenkai Archive, to see if I've previously released any games on this day in history.

Sometimes the day is uneventful. Not even I have managed enough to pad out every single day of the year!
Oddly, though, other days contain more than one game.

And today's one of those days!Read More
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 25th May, 2013
Agameaweek Gold
  23rd May, 2013
During a moment of boredom, I wondered how long it'd take to remake my lovely Testcard Generator.
I attempted it in Monkey, and realised it wouldn't work very well given that I can't save an image.
Then I tried it in BlitzMax, but that wouldn't allow me to work with images bigger than the desktop. (My Laptop is 1366x768, and I wanted at least 1920x1080)
In the end I opted for Blitz3D.
Blitz3D lets me work in practically any resolution I can imagine, while scaling it nicely to fit on my screen.
Lovely stuff!!

So, a couple (5!?) of hours later, I'd fashioned a nice looking Testcard Generator, and slapped Idigidragon into the middle of it.

...Why not!!
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Views 46, Upvotes 0, 23rd May, 2013
Daily Blog
  21st May, 2013
Or to give it it's full name, "One of These Will Kill You!".
This week's game is a semi-remake of sorts, but one which feels a little more complete than the original version.

Originally created as a PlayMyCode game, this version adds bonuses, along with some more obvious gameplay mechanics.
You should be able to follow along, this time around!
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Views 16, Upvotes 0, 21st May, 2013
  21st May, 2013
How far will you get, without clicking a bomb?
Views 815, Upvotes 3, 21st May, 2013
Random , Death , Click , Guess
  20th May, 2013
As with all iOS PromoCodes, these are first come, first served, so you'll have to be nice and quick if you want one of these.

Grab what you can before they're all gone!


You can buy SpikeDislike2 here for iOS.
Views 12, Upvotes 0, 20th May, 2013
Daily Blog
  19th May, 2013
SpikeDislike2 has just had a nice big update on the iOS AppStore, and I'm now thinking about what to add next, so I figured I'd make a nice rambling blog about it.

That's what this is!!

You can buy SpikeDislike2 in the AppStore! It's nice and cheap, and full of lovely juicy stuff!
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Daily Blog
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