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  11th April, 2012
I finally got home on Thursday night, and BOY what a relief that was!
Home, My own bed, Relaxed, Relieved!

Except when I sat at my PC, at which point, my difference in eyesight became a bit of a nightmare, as I realised I could no longer see my computer screen!


A few days later, a feint, a trip to a docs, and MORE pills being dished out, I'm now oddly able to use the downstairs PC to a certain degree of visibility. It's still a bit blurry, and I really do need to focus. I might even cheat, and reduce the resolution a wee bit
But it's readable, and that means I can type stuff in, which hopefully means a game in the not too distant future.

*fingers crossed*
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Daily Blog
  2nd April, 2012
Week Five.
I'm still stuck here.
But with any luck, the next few days should be my last in here.

There's an odd bubble forming at the back of my neck, which appears to be getting larger each day.? Hopefully this is meant to dissipate, and leave me feeling all healthy again.? Currently its doing the exact opposite.

And so I continue to sit here, half asleep knocked out from the Codine, just kinda doing naff all.

I've definitely added a bunch of game ideas to my AGameAWeek todo list, though!
The games are coming..? ? I just need to get out, first
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Daily Blog
  20th March, 2012
The basic result is in.
I have a cist, (of what particular sort I've yet to be told / can remember) somewhere between my brain and my spine, which has been causing "pressure".

Apparently the drain that I had last week is enough to have curbed any possible damage, and frequent scans/drains oughta keep it under control.

They're apparently quite happy to leave the thing in there, since its no longer a threat.? I hope they're right!

...? still not certain about yesterday, though.? ? That whole "oozing neck" thing wasn't too nice.
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Daily Blog
  18th March, 2012
Another Sunday in hospital.
Since I posted last Tuesdays game, I've been cooped up in an NHS bed, waiting..

A "something" was found in a CT scan, an ambulance called, something drained, and now its a case of waiting around to see exactly what that something turns out to be.

It's annoying to think that, nearly two whole weeks later, I'm still sat here. I still have a headache, and I still have a sore neck.

And I wonder/worry what the results may bring?
Operation two is not out of the question..
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Daily Blog
  6th March, 2012
Throw the plates around the screen for points.
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Mouse , Insanity , Stickman
  5th March, 2012
Control the plates with your mind!

Guide the plates around the screen, smash up the collectables, and destroy the evil whatever-they-are's, in an attempt to collect as high a combo score as you can.
As you go, you'll get bombarded.

Those little whatever-they-are's are relentless!
Play this game with three fingers wrapped around the head of your mouse..

Your Mind to the Mouse's Mind..
The Mouse's Mind to your Mind..
----Read More
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  3rd March, 2012
As I sit here coding buttons for a ridiculous amount of time, (about 2.5 hours so far!) it's suddenly occurred to me that it's Saturday, and I've no AGameAWeek planned.


I'm off to work in a bit, too, so that won't help either.

Tuesday : Haven't a clue, and it's gonna have to be really quick!
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Daily Blog
  2nd March, 2012
As the Mario game flies over the head of the internet, Jay takes note.

2 days after posting to TIGsource, the first comment went online last night.

"I'm an art guy, so when I see Goombas with holes in their heads instead of shadows, or tiles that have sharp ends, I'm not inclined to give something a try. Maybe someone else will, but my art instinct is telling me to wait for something that recognizes its visuals
Have you had any luck with this elsewhere? The genre doesn't immediately grab me, but a good review could get me to play it."

Read More
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Daily Blog
  29th February, 2012
Holy hell, is Mario pissed off, today, or what!?


He's just running all over the place, chucking shit everywhere!

Gawd, Calm down, Mario!
Calm the hell down!!!



(If you've enjoyed this game, why not also try NeonPlat Adventures, and I just released my iOS game NeonPlat, too!)
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  29th February, 2012
Run, Pick things up, Hit things.. You know the drill..
Views 849, Upvotes 6, 29th February, 2012
Mario , Spriterip
  28th February, 2012

NeonPlat iOS is now available in the AppStore. o/yeayo/

There are a few changes, most notably that you no longer get to paint the tiles.
The tile painting was one of the complaints when things were in giant HD graphics, so I kinda figured things might be even worse when downgraded to such a teensy tiny screen!

So instead, we've now got nice little red and white targets. Hit those with a ball to insta-smash them, and score points. Your Target hits get counted alongside enemy hits, and it all gets popped onto the little achievement board so you have something to aim for as you play.
Highscores and Achievements are taken care of through GameCenter, so they're all nice and onliney! Good stuff!

There's more to come, but nothing's yet planned. It's currently festering away, and waiting for the right moment to spring to life!
Should be soon..

AppStore : $0.99 | ??0.69 Buy Buy Buy!
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  26th February, 2012
Last month, I got to the end of the month, and opted to leave out the last week.
I was FAR too busy doing Unijuggler iOS, it grew out of control, and AGameAWeek took the fall.
This month, we've reached the last week of the month, and a similar kind of thing has happened.

I've spent the past four days working on a "Not Cluedo, Honest" game, and although it's gone well, it's also not!
The game looks ok, but it doesn't really play well at all.
The game tries to be playable, but the boardgame nature brings with it an all to familiar problem. Mostly that the game would be 100,000% more enjoyable as an actual board game.

Try as I might, I can't even begin to get any excitement out of the game.
It's basically a case of click to roll, move a bit, wait a bit, rinse, repeat.
It's dull.
It's REALLY dull!!

And after even a few days of putting up with it, I don't think I'm capable of putting up with it any longer.

I'm scrapping this week's AGameAWeek because I'd rather top myself than play it any more! (A good purpose for those weapon drawings I did!)
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Daily Blog
  24th February, 2012
I think I'm heading back to bed, today!
Some days just don't seem to start off very well, and after a few hours of trying, don't appear to be getting any better!

Today I've managed to complete the following amazing achievements.
1. Get two dice to roll on the screen.

That is all...

I also tried getting Blockman Gets iOS to feel right, but... I dunno..
For some strange reason the controls seem WAY off, and I'll probably have to redo them from scratch. Maybe it's the constant switching of frameworks that's affected it somehow?


A wholly unsatisfactory day, today.
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Daily Blog
  23rd February, 2012
I was in two minds whether to do this game now, or leave it for a couple of weeks to come up a few ideas, but I had nothing else to do, so I started it anyway!

Whether the board will end up looking like that isn't quite 100% yet.
It took about 2 hours to get that working, and I've thought ahead for a change. The board is made up from a grid, which is either 1's (movable hallways) 2's (rooms) or 3's (hallways with doors).
The game converts the simple tiles into the board, and that's pretty much it.
I still need to add room titles, and maybe the little secret passages, but for the most part that's the board.
(and it may or may not be random layouts, depending on whether I can be bothered to do that!)

Meanwhile, I spent this morning attempting to draw the weapon cards. *ugh* I can't draw!

Tuesday : Not Cluedo, Honest!
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Daily Blog
  21st February, 2012
I struggled to get anything new started, today..
I'm not 100% sure why that is. Perhaps I woke up too early, or maybe it's that "End of Project" exhaustion, who knows.
I think it's the first time this year, that I've hit that particular wall, and as a result I pretty much just sat about playing games all day, and not actually achieving a damned thing.
Read More
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Daily Blog
  21st February, 2012
Grab the Syrup, Avoid the Spikes!
Views 1140, Upvotes 6, 21st February, 2012
Platform , Collect , Slurp
  20th February, 2012
o/yeayo/ Pancakes!

This week, at the suggestion of @GlenMcNamee, I did a Pancake game.
At first, I struggled to come up with something, but then about halfway through the week, a stupid image of a happy smiling pancake with legs popped into my head and wouldn't shift..
Fair enough..
Did that!
Read More
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  18th February, 2012
This is an emergency post.
The future of AGameAWeek may be in jeopardy.
Everything hinges on the decision I make within the next few hours.

Do I do the Board Game thing, or do I do the Pancake thing?Read More
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Daily Blog
  14th February, 2012
Guide the Turtle towards his ultimate destiny!
Views 930, Upvotes 3, 14th February, 2012
Dive , Love , Heart , Valentine
  13th February, 2012
It's Valentines Day, and what better way to celebrate than to play a game with a slightly askew title!
This isn't a game about a couple of white birds in love.
This is a game about a lonely turtle who dives towards the floor!
Awww.. Feel the Love!!
Read More
Views 18, Upvotes 2, 13th February, 2012
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