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Wednesday Workshop #164 suggested we should make a game using vector graphics. I took this opportunity to remake the fantastic Dos game, Boogaloopers!
Move the ship around with your mouse, and trap enemy within it's trail. Nice and simple gameplay-wise, but a complete git to get working code-wise! Not only did I have to figure out the points that the mouse crossed the trail, but then do that whole polygon-shrinking thing, too!
Not easy! And I even accidentally left a little gap at the opening point! (oops!)

Still, that's only a graphical issue, and the game works exactly as expected.
There are 4 enemies of varying speeds, but I've not added pickups, or weapons, or anything like that.
Lazy? Maybe!
If you'd like to see more added, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.
In the meantime, you can Download Space Loops, and have a bit of fun!
Views 28, Upvotes 4, 19th August, 2008
Catch all the enemy within your loop.
Views 1535, Upvotes 3, 19th August, 2008
This week, Socoder's Wednesday Workshop (#163) challenge was to create a game with Money in it.
I initially was going to create a top-down dungeon romp, but as the plan grew and grew in scale, I scrapped it and just ended up making a nice quick platformer instead!

Mr Money Grabber features you rushing through the level collecting all the coins you can.
You have 5 lives, and lose them if you touch the red monsters.
Nice and simple, but quite fast and frantic!
You can Download Mr Money Grabber here.
Views 17, Upvotes 1, 12th August, 2008
Grab the coins, and avoid the monsters
Views 1445, Upvotes 5, 12th August, 2008
Theft , Platform
Wednesday Workshop #162 asked for folk to create a game with a big-ass timer.
My entry was simple.
Open a vault, Grab the loot, Run for your life, Drive to escape, have a gunfight, sorted!
All with a timer in the corner, and all played with the mouse.

The game's mostly all Left clicks, but the short driving scene requires you to right click occasionally, too.
Download and play The Heist.
Views 20, Upvotes 4, 5th August, 2008
Open the vault, grab the loot, escape, and shoot!
Views 1573, Upvotes 4, 5th August, 2008
Broken , Multiple Games , Minigames
I tried to keep a blog. It didn't work.
It's no surprise, though. I've never been one to keep a working active blog.
No matter, I'll try something else.
Welcome to A Game a Week.com
I'm pretty much already producing games at a fast enough pace, what with the Wednesday Workshop and all. So I figured I might as well get a bit of publicity out of it by adding a nice shiny noticeable domain name!
Will it work? We'll have to wait and see.
Here's the rules of this site.
1. When I make a new game, I put it on here.
That goes for Really Really Good games, like Retro Raider, Puzzobomb, JNKPlat, Centipong, Alien Deathmatch, and all the rest.
It also goes for the extremely bizarre games that don't really make much sense! Hey, it's a Game a Week, what do you expect!
2. If I don't make a new game within a week, I'll head into my collected archive of gubbins, pluck out a rare specimen, a give it a little shout out. That should at least give you something to play that week!
3. If the folk at Socoder make a great game, I'll plop that on here, too. That goes mostly for Workshop entries, but will also count if there's something really good, too.
And, I think that's about it.
There won't be posts about what new games are coming out in the shops, or things about new hardware, or other non-related garbage. Although there may be the odd occasional rant, and I'll probably still post "Me in a magazine!!" type things if they ever happen again
So, pretty much the same as it ever was, then.
But, hopefully, with a tiny bit more content.
I've still got to work out a nice layout, though. .. But it'll do as it is for now.
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 4th August, 2008
Daily Blog
Note : Severe Epilepsy Warning!
Just a plain shoot-em-up in monochrome.
Views 1516, Upvotes 6, 18th July, 2008
Warning , Shoot-em-up
Help munky connect all the alike coloured blocks.
Views 2052, Upvotes 29, 14th July, 2008
Munky , Puzzle , Strategy
Pop the fireworks close to their targets.
Views 1395, Upvotes 3, 6th July, 2008

Puzzobomb gets a place in WebUser, issue 189.
That's exactly 20 issues after Horizontal Shooter was in.
And, if you're counting, it's exactly 2 pages earlier.. I've been bumped up to page 38, now! Woot.

2 pages in 20 issues..

By issue 549 I should be on the front page!
Woohoo! That's only 13 years away!Read More
Views 7, Upvotes 2, 15th June, 2008
Daily Blog
Puzzobomb rears it's head once again, this time in a Junior capacity.

Puzzobomb Jr DS is basically just Puzznic! But, hey, there's nothing wrong with that!
Just because the titular "Bomb" is completely missing, doesn't mean the game's not fun.
And with over 2000 levels to work your way through, you'll be playing away for quite a while..
Or giving up!

This game might end up with lots of extras, some time in the future. For now, though, it's just a big collection of levels!


You can Download Puzzobomb Jr here..

Should be in every format necessary!
Views 13, Upvotes 2, 5th June, 2008
Collect the green, avoid the red!
Views 1214, Upvotes 1, 30th May, 2008
Tomb Raider meets Pitfall!

Retro Raider took a few days to get into a decent build, and then over the course of a few weeks I added lots of extra little chunky bits.

Recently I've been tweaking it even more.
There's now a handful of levels, a few collectables, doors, keys, and even a little Ghost Replay/Time Trial mode.

Good, clean, retro happyness!
There's even a level editor to keep you entertained even longer!

You can Download RetroRaider here, and have some fun! As usual, that link will be the most up to date version, and if there's any major changes, I'll let you know.
Views 45, Upvotes 6, 16th May, 2008
Help Lara find the Cross.
Views 1662, Upvotes 63, 16th May, 2008
Remake , Demake , Retroraider
New-Who screensaver!
Views 1374, Upvotes 4, 8th May, 2008
Kill the spiders before the get to the other side.
Views 1435, Upvotes 32, 8th May, 2008
Remake , Shoot-em-up
A logic puzzle, and a jigsaw.
Views 1335, Upvotes 41, 30th April, 2008
Multiple Games , Logic , Puzzle , Jigsaw , Minigames
Find the Mines
Views 1340, Upvotes 26, 22nd April, 2008
Classic , Puzzle , Strategy , Remake
Get the chocolate buttons!!!!
Views 1606, Upvotes 5, 9th April, 2008
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