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  14th January, 2013
Welcome aboard, Tam Toucan, you're apparently the only one interested in the job of testing my crazy shit, so you're now chief tester!

I've no idea when the first test engine will be ready to get to you, but I can't imagine it'll be too long a wait.. Maybe a week or so..?
Keep your eyes on AGameAWeek for progress reports!
Meanwhile, I did a teensy bit of audio testing, yesterday, and can happily report that Monkey can pitch it's audio, unlike a certain other language which I've previously fallen out with.
Of course, it can't do it on HTML5, but it will still do it on other targets, like a good little language.
Bravo, Mr Monkey!

On the flipside, iPad Retina can't handle REALLY BIG sprites, but at least it doesn't crash when it has to..

The white areas are supposed to be the usual sky/rainbow/hills, but are drawn on 1280x1280 pixel tiles. Yikes! No wonder it can't handle it!!
Going to have to rethink my entire menu system, for this one!!
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2013 Framework
  13th January, 2013
As I continue to build up the new Monkey-based framework, I have a lot of things to test, and get working.
As most of you have noticed, I tend to forget things, like "hey, your game doesn't quit when I hit Alt+F4!???.. That little thing took years for me to bother to implement!!

In order to build the best framework that I can, I'll be needing pokes and prods along the way.
I also need a fair number of testbeds, to try out everything on.
If you'd like to join in, stick your name below. Your Twitter ID will suffice, or include your email address in the box provided.
I'll make a list, and send out future test engines to the chosen few.
If you want in, you should have a couple of systems to test out the engine on, be it PC, Mac, or Android. .. Yes, Android.. Lemmie know what you've got, and I'll let you know if you're on the list, tomorrow.

Your job as official engine tester will be to download the test engine, run it, piss about with a bunch of menus, and then quit.
These will be about as game'y as a fun exciting menu, but less gamey.
Basically just the framework.
You'll be downloading and testing as quickly as you can, what with this being AGameAWeek, I'll be wanting feedback ASAP.

Pop your name below, for super happy menu fun!!
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2013 Framework
  13th January, 2013
OK, let's get some stress testing going, shall we?
This test took ABSOLUTELY AGES to get working, because my Mac and iPod suddenly decided they were no longer friends, and XCode was playing up like a moron.
For two little bloody tests.


However, what we have here is code that I wrote on a PC, tested on a PC under HTML conditions, then ran on an iPod having compiled it under reasonably fast conditions. (*aside from the bitchyness of the device!)

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2013 Framework
  11th January, 2013

There's a simple blast test.
I installed Monkey on the Mac, I opened my Monkey Framework, I clicked "iOS", compiled, switched to XCode, built and run.
It was quite simple, comparatively.

Is anything playable? Is it buggery!!
But it does show a few... .. Shall we say "quirks".

First, and you can't see it, but I can tell, it's actually showing up in Portrait, rather than Landscape.
I'm going to have to piss about to switch that for SpikeDislike2, although having it in Portrait will be handy for other games.
A tweak to be dealt with.

Second issue that's noticeable in the image above, is that the default settings aren't using the full New-iPhone/iPod size. The game is being black-bar'd, over the new wider sections. Not a very good start.
I guess I have plenty more tweaking and learning to do over the next few days.
Heck, the new framework barely does anything yet, anyway, so there's loads and loads to do!
Interestingly, though, it DID manage to load the Retina images, and even scaled everything to the correct size, even if it was rotated the wrong bloody way around! So.. o/yeayo/ I got that all coded nicely!!!
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2013 Framework
  10th January, 2013
I'm rummaging through my hard drive, and what do I spot?
System Defender!!!
An unfinished piece of crap that I abandoned early on.
I wouldn't normally post abandoned crap*, but then I noticed the date.
22 January 2003

Good grief, this piece of crap is ten years old!

Want to see how crap my unfinished games were, 10 years ago? Now's your chance to find out!

http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/FlightDemo.zip '>FlightDemo

Up and down to move up and down the screen, left and right to fly left or right, and Spacebar (eeeeuww!) to fire.
That's it.
That's REALLY it.
I gave up, there.
There's nothing else to see!

.. the actual gameplan was pretty fun, though, but in the end I just plain couldn't be arsed!
Maybe one day I'll explain all about it.
Meanwhile, I'm going to carry on digging through the mountains of unfinished crap!
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Daily Blog
  8th January, 2013
About a month ago, Twitterer @McFunkyPants declared that it might be a fun target for him to attempt one game a month, over 2013.
Other devs took interest, and within a couple of days, his whole OneGameAMonth idea had taken hold of the indie community.
@McFunkyPants has since created a handy community website at http://OneGameAMonth.com, where devs can sign up, and earn XP points as they build their monthly warez.

The community now holds more than 2000 members, and is growing! Cracking stuff, which should hopefully result in a multitude of fantastic little indie games over the course of the year.
Of course, I'm on that list. I mean, I might as well, right!!?
Each month I'll simply pick my best game, and slap it on over as a Game-of-the-Month.

Am I worried about this influx of rapid development?
If I'm honest, yeah! If other indie devs realise how easy this whole AGameAWeek malarkey is, I'm in big trouble!!
Going to have to come up with some super-mega-awesome games, this year.
Not sure where to start, but hopefully I'll get that damned framework up and running sometime soon!
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Daily Blog
  5th January, 2013
Um, yeah, here's Tuesday's game!
I started this, a couple of hours ago, expecting to finish it off by Tuesday.
.. I've finished it, already!
sod it, here you go, have an early game!

PlayMyCode.com no longer works

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  5th January, 2013
Even a Brain Tumor can't stop me from achieving 12 games in 2012!!!

True, I'd've much preferred to have done AGameAWeek for the entire year, but.. meh.. whatever!
(stupid tumor! hmpf)


1. Rooty Tooty Shooty - Garbage

2. Unijuggler - Silly Colourful Fun

3. Shift Clues - Simple Puzzler, could've been better

4. Key, Bo and Ard, Too! - Much better puzzler!

5. Unijuggler iOS - More silly colourful fun, completely redone for iOS!


6. Snaked Up - Dull uninteresting Snake game

7. One Turtle Dove - Guided Diving!

8. Pancake's Syrup - Fun simple platforming

9. NeonPlat iOS - Arcade action in the palm of your hands!


10. Bubble Duck - Speedy Bread Collecting


11. Pick Boxes - Deal or No Deal style random box picking

12. Arcade Slots Pacman Edition - Random Slot Machine arcade fun


13. The Minute Tower - Cracking minute-long platformer

Total : 13 games in 12 months o/yeayo/
And for the first two months, I was managing one iOS game per month! o/wooto/
Wonder if I can still do that? *shrugs*
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Daily Blog
  5th January, 2013
You didn't get to see a lot of the BlitzMax template, last year, but if you'd like to try your hand at rapid game-dev, you might like to have a peek at it's contents.

If you're a BlitzMax owner, this might be useful to you... maybe.. but you'll have to wrap your head around my coding style, first!

Template - 2012 - Download Here
Soon, hopefully, there'll be a Template - Monkey - 2013, but that's annoyingly a long way off, yet.

Meanwhile, let's discuss this one.
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Daily Blog
  5th January, 2013
I might make this a monthly feature, or then again I might forget all about it!
Who can tell!!
If it's popular, someone will remind me!

Here's Platdude in a precarious position, for January!
Click for HUGE!!
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Daily Blog
  31st December, 2012
I'm marginally bored, sitting, waiting for Midnight..

".. hmm.. what to do..?

I know!
I'll write a new game!!"

and so, I did.

But it's no longer available because PlayMyCode doesn't work

And it took me about 3 hours to do it.
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  31st December, 2012
Continuing with our recent lack of coding, here's a cheap bit of artsy shit.

Introducing Jay's 2013 Avatar, in super high definition!
.. well, ok, maybe not as big as the Xmas one, but still nice and big.

Purposes? Damned if I know, but it's my new Avatar on Twitter, Facebook, Curly's World of Freeware and Socoder.

Happy New Year, everyone!
AGameAWeek should be back to normal shortly.
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Daily Blog
  19th December, 2012
Over the course of my illness, and recovery, there's been a fair number of forum topics, over at Socoder.
If you're interested, and/or bored, why not have a nosey!
You can also read the great big epic story of my hospital visit, here
March Linkage
Worry Linkage
The Lump Linkage
STFU Linkage
1.5 litres Linkage
Bloody Nurses Linkage
April Linkage
June Linkage
July Linkage
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  16th December, 2012
I suppose I should explain things. Right now I'm still learning to cope with my health! It's not easy, and it's taken me a heck of a long time. I'm still not up to 100%, but I'm definitely getting close to it.
I'm quite glad that my mind is intact, given what I've been through, but at the minute my mind seems to be quite happy to sit about and be lazy. Although I've managed to create a couple of little playthings, I'm not yet ready to go the whole hog, and whittle out a new game every week. I've started to refer to myself as Lazy Jay, since I can't seem to do anything other than mess about on Twitter and Facebook all day! This is a bad habit, and I really need to kick myself back into action.
In a vague attempt to help Kickstart myself, I've recentl made two important purchases.
First, I bought a laptop, so I can continue to be Lazy Jay, sitting on the couch, but also bother to get some coding done. Has it helped? ... Maybe a little. .. But not a lot, yet!
Secondly, I finally bought Monkey, the newest language from Blitz Research, which should hopefully allow me to write single-source games for Win, Mac, iOS and maybe even Android! I just have to build a whole entire new framework from scratch. .. *sigh*

I'm hoping that, with a little luck, I'll be ready to kick things off in the new year. It might take a few weeks to get the framework running, but I'll try as best as I can.

AGameAWeek is coming back. It's just taking a bit more time than I expected it to!
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  28th November, 2012
Sorry, guys, I'm still not up to speed doing gamey things, but here's a nice Xmassy desktop pic for you!

Click for MASSIVE, then shove it on your desktop, or your iPhing, or your Android Doohickey, or whatever else you want to Plat up for Xmas!
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Daily Blog
  23rd November, 2012
I've been asked to chip in on this whole Kickstarter issue. If you follow me on Twitter (@Jayenkai) you'll have noticed my dislike of people spamming my twitter feed with constant requests for cash. It's annoying when you get into the busy periods, have your own cash issues to worry about, but still get bombarded by tens of hundreds of requests a day for things that don't yet exist.
As a cash strapped indie dev, I'm in exactly the same situation as most of these guys, with the simple difference that I'm not meithering all my followers, whinging about my cashflow. I can't help you!! But, if you make a decent game, I'll happily send along a wee bit of cash when I buy it. In fact, so will lots of other indie devs, and together we'll help you climb the charts a teensy bit, retweet your game, get you whatever exposure we can, and see if we can make you into a mini-app-star for a few days. It'll be fun! Just, you know, put the work in FIRST!!

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Daily Blog
  6th November, 2012
We're off schedule again, aren't we!?
As the days pass me by, I'm finding myself sitting here doing not-much-at-all, and know that I really should be coding. But something's wrong in Jay-Land, and I can't seem to get back into my old grove.
I guess I'm still recovering from the whole ordeal.

AGameAWeek will continue as much as it can, and I'll keep shoving little games up whenever possible, but don't expect the usual "Every Tuesday" schedule for a while. Whenever!
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Daily Blog
  3rd November, 2012
So, my new iPod Touch Retina Wide/Long has finally turned up, and I instantly realized something I previously hadn't thought about. My lovely JNKPlat Homescreen no longer fits the longer/wider resolution on the new device. Bugger!!

Armed with only a Laptop and Paintshop Pro 7, I set about remaking the lovely picture, to fit the new resolution.

If you're a crazy JNKPlat super-fan, you can grab both the old-Retina and the new-Retina-Wide editions right here.
Enjoy, or ignore, either/or!

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Daily Blog
  24th October, 2012
I don't seem to have much luck with dungeon crawlers, do I? Every time I start one, I kinda give up halfway.
This week's "game" (if you can call it that) is yet another unfinished RPG game.
It's all over at PlayMyCode, though, so if you're feeling up to it, perhaps you could delve into the code and bulk it up a bit, turning it into something a little less rubbish.
Either way, I fell out with it pretty early on, and it never got finished to a decent standard.

|update| Sprout's Adventure can't be played, anymore, as PlayMyCode is no longer available.. |update|

You can wander about, pick up the coins, avoid the moving darts, and SPIKE! DISLIKE!!!
There's a random grid of 5x5 rooms to explore, not that there's much exploring to do, and then once you've picked up all the coins, you can quit, because there's bugger all else to do. o/yeayo/

This counts as AGameAWeek, because I spent a good few hours working on it, and have done naff all else!
Let me know if you do anything with it, although knowing my code-style, you probably won't
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Daily Blog
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