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  15th January, 2012

Today, I'm continuing to build a framework for my iOS games.

You might've noticed that I've started a buttload of iOS games, lately, and yet I haven't finished any of the things..
I've noticed that, too, and quite frankly it's getting to be a bit of a joke.

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Daily Blog
  12th January, 2012
Tonight, I got home from work with a game idea in mind.
Using my freshly reinstalled PC, I settled down for the first bit of coding on the thing, copied my FrameworkTemplate to a new folder, drew a couple of sprites, opened the code, built up a simple array/tilemap test engine, and then hit Build..

.. Aaah..
Seems my dev-environment isn't quite at 100% yet, because I coded the thing into a FrameworkTemplate from about a year ago, and all the nice new stuff is missing.

What a waste of an hour!

Tomorrow, I'll attempt to do the same thing again, only with newer files!
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Daily Blog
  11th January, 2012
Another day, another install..

About 12 months ago, my bedroom PC basically crapped it's pants, and became an inexplicably unusable box that sat in the corner of the room.
Knowing I'd need to format, I hunted for the Vista install disc, then remembered that..
A) Vista didn't bloody well come with one (Buying from Comet would've been handy, there!)
B) It'd been ages since I'd bought any blank DVDs

Still, I had a Mac, so sod it!!

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Daily Blog
  10th January, 2012
Keep the balls in the air while travelling as far as you can.
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Juggling , Clown
  9th January, 2012

A nice and simple "Highscore" game.
Keep the Unijuggler's balls afloat, and if you're feeling lucky, you can try forging ahead for some distance points, too!
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  8th January, 2012
I was absolutely shattered, when I got home from work last night.
I tried to watch an episode of House, but gave up halfway, and zonked out by about 11'ish.

Probably didn't do me much good, then, to have woken up at half one in the morning, and spent the next 4 hours coding away.
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Daily Blog
  6th January, 2012
Not sure why, but I'm finding it difficult to get a start on things, this morning.
Yesterday I managed to get a whole lot of stuff done, ranging from webby fixes, through to making a unicycle.
Today, I'm loading up bits of source, staring at it, closing it, trying something else..

I've been doing this for about 49 minutes, according to my playlist's timer!

I think I'll grab the 3DS and carry on attempting random Mario levels.
Hopefully that'll go a little better.

Coming Tuesday : A game with a unicycle.
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Daily Blog
  4th January, 2012
This game makes you want to cry...

.. or not bother..Read More
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  2nd January, 2012

I still haven't finished NeonPlat Adventures iOS yet, so I'm jumping between a whole lot of work at the moment. As a result, the first few AGameAWeek games aren't going to be the most worked-on games I've ever posted! Actually, as I look at tomorrow's game, I kinda realise that it might've just been better off being done as a PlayMyCode game.
.. meh, we'll rethink it for next week.
Either way, we start afresh tomorrow.

AGameAWeek in one hand, NeonPlat iOS in the other, and JNKPlat starting to get thrown about with some kind of crazy third hand.

Oh yeah, this is gong to go well!!!
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Daily Blog
  1st January, 2012
Welcome to 2012
..or, more importantly..
Welcome to AGameAWeek, Year 4!!

The games start, right here... in a couple of days!
Tuesday morning.

I'll have to add a small "Mac Warning" disclaimer, though, 'cos my Mac's still being twitchy since it's OSX Lion upgrade, and I never did get around to doing a quick test compile.
no matter..
Either it works, or there's whinges!
We'll have to wait and see.
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Daily Blog
  28th December, 2011

View on YouTube

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Daily Blog
  26th December, 2011
Thankyou Santa!!

My issue with Super Mario 3D Land isn't the fact that it's in 3D.
My issue is with the fact that the gameplay's in 3D.

See, to me, SuperMarioLand was always a stripped down barebones edition of what made Super Mario Brothers great.

As you played through SuperMarioLand, you noticed all the shortcuts they took, like how the levels seemed to be on a bit of a loop, repeating in a strange fashion.
The whole game was fashioned to get as much out of the gameboy/cart's small memory as was possible, and they did a damned good job making it all work.

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Daily Blog
  24th December, 2011
A warning for all, as we hit the christmas period.
Be careful...
The Mince Pies are very tempting!
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  23rd December, 2011
Coming soon, as in probably tomorrow, or maybe Xmas morning!!
This isn't a proper one.
It's only a quick little Xmas minigame thing, but it'll be nice and properly playable, and have a bunch of levels in a preset order, just like the early two DS homebrew editions (Dungeon Escape/Platdude Saves Xmas)
But it has a nice new mechanic that makes things a bit more thinky.
I might reuse this when I start the proper 2012 edition.

Game : Soon!

(Needs more levels, first)
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Daily Blog
  23rd December, 2011
Between insane neck issues, and crazy days trying to cram WAY too much stuff in before Xmas, I've not blogged much, this week.

Last night, as it became increasingly apparent that there was no WAY I could cram it all in, before xmas, I decided to hell with it all..
This morning, I stop attempting to cram, and instead relaxed into something a little different.Read More
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Daily Blog
  21st December, 2011
So, um, yeah.. My neck's fucked again...


I spent most of the past few weeks struggling on. My Xmas hols are due shortly, and I figured I should be able to last the short while, before giving up over Xmas and giving myself a well earned rest.
.. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've attempted that before..

Long story short, plan didn't succeed, and I've been back in bed for a couple of days.

All plans are off, and I'm resting.

If you need a game for the next few days, Danger : Energy comes well recommended, once you've left-clicked your way through the storyline!
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  18th December, 2011
There are many many things breaking the calendar.
The list is growing.
Having finally got the whole Locale thing to work (switch phone to French, open game, calendar still in English, wtf!?)
With enough tweaks, I was getting French calendar months, and all looked well.
.. Except the "??" in d??cembre.. Because my font is lazy.

That'll be a lengthy fix!
New Font functions ahoy!
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Daily Blog
  17th December, 2011
It's been over a year since the Platdude Retro Advent Collection had a bizarre game with a ball and some spikes in it, and as much as I've attempted to get on with other games, that one little game keeps on getting dragged back out again!

Last week, SpikeDislike won an IndieVisibility award, for being the best game to have with you on the toilet!
This week, the guy who nominated it for that award has written a great big sprawling mass of text, all about SpikeDislike! (Link no longer available)

What'll happen next week!?
Who knows!

Why not help decide by clicking this super happy box!?

Button No Longer Available

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Daily Blog
  15th December, 2011
Before starting development on NeonPlat Adventures, I took great care to test all the alternatives.
I'd read online about OSX Lion breaking Blitz, and people needing to fuck about with lots of settings and things.
The scary part was that developing on Lion would probably break compatibility with Snow Leopard.

As such, I made a few test engines, and got people with Lion to test my games, to be 100% sure that, if I stuck with Snow Leopard, my games would be 100% compatible with BOTH sets of users.

I am extremely happy that everything works, and I had absolutely no intention of upgrading, and completely breaking the whole setup.

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Daily Blog
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