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  29th June, 2010
Type the scrambled words.
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  28th June, 2010
It's probably due to the sweltering heat, but my mind's not been very active today, and I've been really slow at getting anything done.

I got quite a lot of Barry the Spelling Bee done, and then decided to do a little work on Cardagain. But, boy, that got messy.
First off, I tried playing a bit of title music.
That just plain didn't happen!! After 2 hours, I scrapped the idea of title music!

Next up, the menu got half complete, and I figured I should add load/save mechanism for that lovely "Load Game" button.
That was, again, about 2 hours ago.
I've not finished doing that bit, yet!

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Can't think.
Too hot.


Maybe tomorrow!!
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Daily Blog
  27th June, 2010
If you hadn't noticed, I've spent most of this week working on my iPhing game, so what happens to AGameAWeek!?

Well, I've still got today and tomorrow, and there's nothing better than a rushed quicky game... right!?!

Yeah, why not!?

I drew Barry The Spelling Bee back in January 2008, but I couldn't quite decide how his game should play, so it never got anywhere other than the single Bee sprite.
This morning, I drew a flower to alongside him, and I think I've a vague game idea flowing in my head.
Now to get that working in code!

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday : Barry the Spelling Bee
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Daily Blog
  25th June, 2010
My mum had a couple of games of Cardagain, today!
That's how far along it's come!!

In less than a week, I've not only finally managed to get a grip on the language, I'm actually making a pretty damn good game, too!

In the next couple of days, there's still a few bits and pieces to work on.
1. The menu is really really barebones at the minute, showing 4 items, but only having one clickable one.. (New Game!)

2. The loading screen could do with being switched for an AGameAWeek thing.

3. Maybe a title tune/jingle's in order? But I'm not sure it's essential. I've a fair few games on here without any music.. I think there's a bunch of dev'rs just assuming people are listening to music.
.. or just too lazy to add music!

4. Pause mechanism, threefold. It should pause when you hit pause.. It should allow for a pause after each round (if you ask it to do that).. and it should also pause when you hit the power button, 'cos it keeps running in the background whilst the system's on standby! yikes!!!

5. Oh, and loading and saving, too. Need to learn that!

On the other hand, I also need to make this week's game, so there's that too..
What to do...?
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Ios Dev
  25th June, 2010
\o/ yeay \o/

Platdude finally got his name in a Magazine!

Oh yeah, and congrats to Shadow1w2, who got his Monster Level in the screenshot
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Reviewed , Media
  23rd June, 2010

.. as in "You have to pick the card, again", but also sounds like cardigan, so it's a nice fluffy name!!

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Seems that the game idea is really starting to build up nicely.
I've now gotten this version slightly ahead of the quick Blitz version I made a few days ago.

I really wasn't expecting to get everything to work this quickly, and I'm REALLY glad that I didn't spend 5 months trying to make head-nor-tail of the stupid tutorials!

Game coming soon.
I might finish off and release the Blitz one in a couple of days, too.
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Ios Dev
  22nd June, 2010
A tragic tale of my own devising.

Stringy Things DS is incredibly playable.
Ask my mum.

She plays it ALL the time..
Bedtime, Stringy Things.
Mid-day, Stringy Things..
Nothing on telly?! Stringy Things....!
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Daily Blog
  22nd June, 2010
Wait, that title's gone all weird and wonky... What's up with that!?!?

This week, I made TWO games!
Turret Rush saw you running away from zombies, and shooting them from random turrets on the floor, before the turrets disappeared again.
Space Monkey Climbs the Space Towers where you have to try and get as high as you can.
Neatly, the graph now becomes a height-o-meter! Which was a nice unplanned feature!

Nice fun games, and both complete and playable.
Unlike the game I'd planned to post today!

But no matter, 2>1!


AGAW Scoring : 43 weeks, 44 games! Hurray, we're back on top!
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Daily Blog
  21st June, 2010
I'm definitely sticking to that 90 minute thing, it's just that, right now, you can't see it!!

Yesterday I fixed up a few things over at Socoder.net. I added a nice upload gallery on the right, and fixed up a few little annoying bugs that needed tweaking.

Then, at 10pm, I decided to make a new game.
And the game went well.
And the game got done.
And I was happy!

(Note, this is 2 90-minute sessions!)

At the start of the game, I considered redoing it for the iPod, so I took the time to figure out the sizes, so that it'd all fit on there.
At the end of the game, I started to get all creepy and paranoid.
I haven't played a game like that, and I quite like it.
It's fun, it's puzzley, and it's got legs.

But... If I put the Blitz game online, now, someone might nick it!!!!

(because it's really easy to do!!)

I wondered how easy it would be to do.
Then I went to bed.

Then I kept wondering.

And I starting coding it in my head, and working out a way to get the spritesheets to work, and figuring out how to get the titlescreen going, and doodling all the backgrounds in my head.

Then I realised I'd had WAY too much coffee!

No matter, up I got
At 3:30 in the morning, I trundled over to the Mac and powered everything up.

I was half-asleep, I was full of caffeine, but I gave it a go.

I didn't quite get to the point where I started added gameplay, but I'm really happy about the fact that I managed to get some lovely card-flipping sprites onto the screen, and managed it all within the space of only 3 hours, whilst half asleep.

View on YouTube

Then I went back to bed...
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Ios Dev
  20th June, 2010
On Friday I had a really rather productive day, and managed to build up my iPhing knowledge quite a fair bit.
I didn't have enough time to do a 90-minute thing, though, and am quite disappointed by that.
Saturday came and went, with most of the kitchen getting it's new ceiling up, and no 90-minutes being spent, again!


Today I aim to play catchup, although how much of that gets done will remain to be seen.
First off, there's a few things over at Socoder that need tweaked, so I'm going to go and fiddle around with those for about 90-minutes or so.

If I have extra-time after that, I'll come up with something interesting.
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Daily Blog
  18th June, 2010
I've not done my "90 minute" challenge again, today.
Well, I did spend about 6 hours figuring out the iPod development stuff, but that wasn't the point of the 90 minute thing, really, was it!?

Anyhoo, no matter.

There's a silly "Vuvuzela Hero" picture going around the net, and I think it started right here, although I'm not 100% sure.

If you're a regular, you've probably played my stupid Cowbell Hero game, and I figured.. why not!
I stripped out the Cowbell, and added a stupid blinkin' horn.

This is that.. A downloadable, vaguely playable, Vuvuzela Hero game.

Props to the Vuvuzela Hero guy.

(Since this is actually an old game, it's been done in Blitz3D, and doesn't have the lovely cross compilation that my newer BlitzMax stuff does. This is a shame, but it's just a silly gag game, anyway, so no matter!)
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Daily Blog
  18th June, 2010

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There we go!

Using the buffers I mentioned earlier, and pasting 100*32x32 pixel sprites onto those buffers (32x3200 pixel buffers) I've created 8 completely independent reels, each with their own selection of 100 slots.

Drawing onto those reel buffers slows us down, and takes around about 2 or 3 seconds to do, so you wouldn't be doing that in realtime.. But once the reels buffers have been drawn, we can slam them up on the screen with pretty much no slowdown whatsoever.
Essentially, that's just drawing 8* pictures on the screen, and it can do that without any hassle at all.

(It's actually drawing each reel twice, so that it can wrap around neatly, so.. 16 great big 32x3200 images are being slapped on the screen at once!!)

After that, I've still got about 30 pictures that I can draw without hitting any slowdown.
1 will obviously be the foreground overlayed image, then you've got the buttons, and the cash display, things like that..
But those will be easy enough to add, and shouldn't take me over the sprite limit.

So, um, yeah.. There's that!

This is (finally) some actual iPhing development progress!!!
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Ios Dev
  18th June, 2010
OK, so I finally got my DevLicense, and the first thing I did was to slap the test engine onto my iPod Touch.
If you've tried that, you'll probably found exactly the same thing that I did.
...that, rather than going "Weeee!" it went "... plod... plod..." at about 2 frames a second.
This is not a good thing.

Today I've been experimenting with all kinds of things.

I've figured out how to draw images to a "buffer", and then have that buffer be one of our UIImageView things, so that it can be drawn over and over again.
I've also found that having 50*full-screen UIImages runs at about the same speed as 50*32x32 pixel images.
Seems that the bottleneck isn't the size of our images, it's the system trying to deal with all the "physical" objects.

Maybe I can fix that later, but right now it's not an issue..

Essentially if you put those two pieces together, you can make yourself a lovely scrolling background image (drawn onto a big buffer), have a lovely scrolling foreground image (drawn onto another big buffer), a few more parallax layers on even more buffers, and then slap them all together with about 40-odd sprites sprawling around the screen.

That's probably not an EPIC amount, and if you wanted a Bullet-Hell type game, it's nowhere near good enough... but for simple scrolling tilemap, with half-a-dozen bad guys, a bunch of pickups, and you...
Well, yeah.. that's plenty for now.
We're still learning!!

I'll post a bit of info on how this all works, at a later point in time.
Gotta neaten it up, first! It's a MESS!!!
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Ios Dev
  17th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

No fair, I missed yesterday
Blame Apple. They sent me my iPhing Dev License, and I spent the day playing about with that, and installing everything again...
Nothing productive, just a wasted day.

Today is marginally better..

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  17th June, 2010
Try to get as high as you can.
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Munky , Platform , Silly
  16th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

This was 95% done last night, with only a minor tweak this morning..
But it was far too late, and I couldn't be bothered faffing around with the three OS's, trying to compile everything for everyone, so... well.. Here it is now!

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  16th June, 2010
Stickman ZombieFest!!
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Zombies , Guns , Shoot-em-up , Arena , Shooter
  15th June, 2010
WarioWare is cancelled, this week!!

It's half past midnight, and 90 minutes in, Tuesday's 90-minute-game isn't going to quite fit into the amount of time I'm going to be awake!!!
I'm half asleep, already, and when you start spotting typing errors in your code, you know it's time to sleep.

So, I'll finish this off in the morning.
Then it's time to activate my lovely iPhing Developer's License, and see what fun garbage I can come up with.

So, um..
Yeah, probably won't have time to do anything Wario'y, sorry..

But, hey, 3DS!! Am I right!?!? woo!!!

90-minute'ish Zombie game tomorrow!
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Daily Blog
  15th June, 2010
You could say that this week's been a bit of a cheat. An update isn't REALLY a whole new game.
But then, I also made ScoreRack, this week, too.. So it all evens out!

Good stuff!
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Daily Blog
  14th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

An early caffeine fuelled start has lead to a nice NeonPlat trailer, which actually took about two hours... But who's counting!?

View on YouTube

I didn't keep a track of how/when I pieced this together, mostly because I kinda just jumped into it this morning, but it went a little like this..

1. Grabbed this, which is amazingly the only video screen capture program that's EVER managed to record audio in my games!!! Frankly, that's bloody well amazing!! Program suggested by the guy who made this video. I asked, He replied, Job done. Much appreciated!

The game can't quite keep up at 1920x1080, but it did manage to capture at 1440x900, so that's good enough for me!

2. Grab clips of levels.
3. Cut using VirtualDub
4. Piece together in rapid-fire (possibly caffeine fuelled) succession with EditStudio
5. Slap on the music from the other day
6. Add the outro
7. Job done.

.. except it took about 7/8 attempts to get the order looking "progressive", and it's still not 100%, but it'll probably do as it is!
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Daily Blog
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