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27th February 2013  
Good Grief, it's been a long long time since a little video clip caused utter chaos in my Twitter feed!
I feel that last night's occurrence needs a little explaining, because people are WAY more hyped about it than they probably should be!!
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Daily Blog
26th February 2013  
Last night I had a random idea, and drew up a silly board game.
Since then, the idea has annoyingly festered, and so this morning, I'm doing a complete relaunch of yesterday's silly idea, complete with all new advanced rules!


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26th February 2013  
Happy Blockman Day!
It's been 4 years since the last Blockman Gets game was released, so it's about time we had another!
Blockman Gets Hungry strips out the boulders, takes out the power-pellet...
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26th February 2013  
Guide Blockman through the maze, and try not to trap yourself!
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Pacman , Puzzle , Remake
25th February 2013  
A random oddball thought, resulted in this.
Drawn entirely using SpriteSomething on an iPad. .. Yes, I actually sat here and draw all those numbers! ... Bored? You bet!!

The rules are...
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Daily Blog
25th February 2013  
I've updated the uploaded Jayenkai Monkey Framework to the latest version that I'm using.

The Download

Downloads have been removed due to..
A) Lack of people using it.
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2013 Framework
24th February 2013  
We're about a week away from the intended March 5th Release Date, (assuming I can get everything sorted soon!) so I figured it's probably about time that I post about my plans for SpikeDislike2.
Obviously, if SpikeDislike2 is going to be on s...
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Daily Blog
22nd February 2013  
For the past couple of years, my birthday has been "SpikeDislike Freebie Day".
This year, that's not going to happen
The final version of SpikeDislike2 is REALLY close, but not quite close enough. ...
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Daily Blog
21st February 2013  
AGameAWeek 2013 is in full swing! There's no stopping us now! Not unless they discover another tumour!!!!
Here's what's on the current todo list.
Platdude's Arcade Collection
A whole new retro collection, made with iCad...
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Daily Blog
19th February 2013  
Hmm.. I seem to be remaking things, a lot, lately.. Either the Doc's sucked out all of my imagination, or I'm enjoying this Monkey language a bit too much!!
Aw, who cares, it's another classic AGameAWeek game, remade for Browsers and An...
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19th February 2013  
Steal the cash, and escape!
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Remake , Bank , Robber , Cops , Loot , Theft , Mouse Minute
18th February 2013  
Last night I finished off the C3ntipong stuff, and got the release edition compiled, tested, double-checked, and uploaded to Apple.
That's it! It's gone.. It's off.
There's no turning back, now!
In about a week's time...
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Daily Blog
17th February 2013  
You're probably wondering, by now, with all this wonderful "Monkey" stuff that I've been banging on about for the past month, where the heck my iOS offerings are.
Well, while it's true that Monkey does indeed make the coding a heck of a lot easier, t...
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Daily Blog
15th February 2013  
I don't know..
I was playing around in PaintShopPro, and stumbled upon a nice little silly effect for backgrounds.
This image has no purpose whatsoever, but it quite nice, so.. um.. yeah, that!!
(URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/w...
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Daily Blog
14th February 2013  
Oh my god!!!
Are you kidding me?!
Hey, Nintendo, take a look at the title of this website. Guess what I'm doing.. Single-handedly, too, I might add.
You're a company. You're a BIG company.
Why in the name of hell does it take you...
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Daily Blog
13th February 2013  
Next week's AGameAWeek is already in the works. Yet another remake, this time of a game that doesn't quite appear to run as well as it used to.
The Heist was coded in August 2008, ...
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Daily Blog
12th February 2013  
If you're a regular AGameAWeek follower, you'll probably be all too aware of the "It doesn't always work" rule.
For those that are new, here's a great example.
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12th February 2013  
Hit all the red bumpers to open the hole, then down the ball.
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Golf , Unfinished
11th February 2013  
You know what I hate?
You might've noticed that very few of my games include icons.
Not only do I hate having to draw icons, I also hate having to create 70,000 bazillion different sizes for every sodding size that might be nee...
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Iconresizer , Utility
9th February 2013  
I'm at odds over this one.
The first possible launch date is Feb 23rd.
Feb 23rd is my birthday, and for the last two years, has also been SpikeDislike=FREE Day on iOS.
It'd be nice to have SpikeDislike2 Day on the same day, but th...
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Daily Blog
8th February 2013  
Hello all.
If you're a regular reader, prepare to be marginally disappointed.
Today's release is NOT for you
Today I'm releasing a private beta edition of SpikeDislike2 (currently for ...
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Daily Blog
5th February 2013  
Aaah, the familiar sound of squelching!!
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5th February 2013  
Smash the Pods and Bash the Balls
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Centipede , Pong , Centipong
4th February 2013  
Part of SpikeDislike 2 will be it's various game modes.
I've a few simple ideas in mind, and may be asking for additional ideas in the future, if I start running out!
Meanwhile, here's the first to be fully integrated, and playable,...
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Daily Blog
3rd February 2013  
Don't worry, it's not Unijuggler again!!
Yesterday I started my first "bigger" project of the year. These are the games that I know are going to take a little more than the usual week to complete.
Well, I say that, but I've actuall...
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Daily Blog
1st February 2013  
I've yet to figure out how to solve TamToucan's X/Y Tilt issue, but a couple of gripes have already been tweaked.
C3ntipong Test Edition for Android - Version 2!
The paddle, for starters, i...
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Daily Blog
31st January 2013  
Last month I suggested that a crappy unartistic desktop image might make for a rubbish new monthly feature.
Tomorrow's the first of February, so I might as well keep the crap coming!
Here's February's Crappy Uninteresting Desktop image. Enjoy!...
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Daily Blog
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