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  11th January, 2011
Fly the Royals to safety
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Cassette 50
  9th January, 2011
It's starting!
Cassette 50, Game number 1.

If you're hoping to Collect Them All, this one would be CPC, Side 1, Game E
Have a play with the original if you're bored, and then on Tuesday, you can play a version that's marginally more playable!


Tuesday : Royal Rescue!!!
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Cascade 50
  6th January, 2011
I'm out of ideas.

I ran out about midway through Advent, and I think finishing that off has sapped every last ounce of ideaness out of my poor little head.

So, in order to continue to do AGameAWeek, I'm going to have to start doing things in a slightly different way.
I thought about this for a while, yesterday, and it does seem slightly plausible, if a little dumb!

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Cascade 50
  5th January, 2011
Why is it always the little random games with a dire lack of content that become the most popular ones?!
Lesson Learned : I oughta stop trying so hard, and just knock out the simple little games!

I was thinking this whilst doing the Advent collection. Some of those were really playable, and I had a whole lot of fun whilst making them.
On the flipside, doing the larger games like that horrible nasty RPG, and.. To be fair.. a lot of the Year3 games. They've all been kinda half-assed, and not really much to play with.

I think I'm at one of those crossroad thingies again.
Do I carry on, and strive for bigger/better, or do I just do what I do best, and pull things back to basics.
I'm tempted to do the latter!
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Daily Blog
  4th January, 2011
You all know how to play this one!

Also on iPhone/iPod/iPad
Bounce continuously to the right, avoid the spikes, shoot at them occasionally, Super Spike Dislike!!
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  4th January, 2011
Try the latest edition, here

Bounce as far as you can!
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Jump , Hop , Bounce , Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!
  1st January, 2011
The year is new, but the logo's old.
Sod it. I love this logo!

I should be doing a year-long roundup thing, but I've not had much time, what with the whole Advent and stuff.
No matter, there's been some good, and plenty of bad, and that's what AGameAWeek's all about!

Top 10 of 2010

1. Platdude's Retro Advent Collection

A collection of 25 supersmall minigamesRead More
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Daily Blog
  28th December, 2010
No normal AGameAWeek this Tuesday, but worry not, there's still some games to be played!

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Daily Blog
  27th December, 2010
Hello all!

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Daily Blog
  26th December, 2010
Either it does, or it doesn't!

|update| It no longer does. PlayMyCode.com is no longer a "thing". I'm sad to see it go. |update|

Lemmie know!

Code done using PlayMyCode, a fantastically usable online game creation website, created by one of the Socoder forum members.

Long story short : Site first (properly) visited today*, first true look at the language today*, first game created within about 3 or 4 hours.. Given my stumbling over the language, the lack of language docs, and the lack of proper error messages (it's still in beta!) that's really not bad at all!

Next up, get DD to see if he can sort out scaling, 'cos the game doesn't fit on my site's layout!!!

* I've been glancing at it's progress, but didn't have any proper playing time. Today's the first I've been able to sit down and play with the thing.
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Daily Blog
  25th December, 2010
Think of this as a christmas present.
You can download the Advent sourcecode here
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Daily Blog
  25th December, 2010

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Daily Blog
  21st December, 2010
Hmm.. I forgot to post a "This Week", and a "Suggestion Box", this week, didn't I.
One little tweak to my weekly schedule, and the whole thing goes to pot!

Today's Tuesday, and I won't (again) be posting AGameAWeek, and I'll be forwarding any complaints straight to my spam bin! 21 games, some of which are much more playable than recent AGameAWeek games, all done within the past few weeks. I think that's more than enough to stop you whinging about a lack of AGameAWeek.
Still got about 4 more to go, although I'm still not sure if I'm going to attempt a Xmas Day game. I somehow wanted that one to be slightly bigger/better, but so far I'm not exactly on schedule to do that! (I only just finished today's game about 20 minutes ago!!)
No matter, I'll try to do something!

So, what's coming up?
Well, first up, another little break.
It's Xmas, and I think after all of this month's games, I'm absolutely in need of a break!
So no game next Tuesday (28th).

I'm also going to be totally lazy all next week, so that'll more than likely mean another no-game for the Tuesday after that (4th).

We'll be up and running on the 11th with a nice big remix of Spike Dislike, because that seems to have been a fairly popular one.
.. yeah!
time for me to rest...
By coding those other 4 games!!
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Daily Blog
  16th December, 2010
What follows is a review from PlayThisThing.com
I screengrabbed it, because they're probably going to fix the "little" thing at the top, and I want to continue to take the piss out of them.

Here's me taking the piss out of them.

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  12th December, 2010
Same as, Advent continues right through until Xmas!
Although, whether the advent collection will include a game for Xmas day or not hasn't yet been decided..
If I can manage to do enough, I will, but I won't be spending christmas morning coding anything, so..!

Meanwhile, over the past few days I've been building this.

There's currently 52 tracks in there, and.. well.. It's a start, anyway.
I have other stuff to go in, and extra features/tweaks to make.
A "Song by URL" feature would be nice, as would being able to throw things into little albums, but for now it is as it is.

I'll let you know when I update it!

Tuesday (and other days!) : More Advent
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Daily Blog
  9th December, 2010
Platdude Hungry!!Read More
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Daily Blog
  7th December, 2010
This week, I bought one of these...

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