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24th October 2012  
I don't seem to have much luck with dungeon crawlers, do I? Every time I start one, I kinda give up halfway.
This week's "game" (if you can call it that) is yet another unfinished RPG game.
It's all over at PlayMyCode, though, so i...
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Daily Blog
19th October 2012  
Big interview number two has shown up online, over at Indiegamer.com.
Last week I was sent a bunch of questions, so I took a bit of time answering them, and sent the replies.
.. yes, telling you that is probably a bit redundant, but otherwise t...
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Interview , Reviewed
18th October 2012  
I'm a game developer, who usually spends about 16-or-more hours, per day, sat in front of a computer screen. I'm 32 years old.
You would probably imagine that, given both those facts, I've been through a fair number of laptops, over the years.
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Daily Blog
2nd October 2012  
We're getting back into the swing of things, now!
Here's a quickly remake of a game I did a long while ago as Nintendo DS homebrew. The basic idea was that you take a classic arcade game, and rework it so that it fits the logic and rules of ...
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Daily Blog
26th September 2012  
Is this the official post-op relaunch of AGameAWeek?
I'm not sure, yet.
This is just a random sporadic game, at this point.

PlayMyCode no longer works

Don't pick the box wi...
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Daily Blog
23rd September 2012  
Nice to see that you're feeling better and back to normal!
Cheers, mate.
Cheers indeed. Although, I wouldn't quite count me as back to normal, just yet.

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16th September 2012  
It seems that, since coming out of hospital, there's been a multitude of great things that I seem to be looking forward to.
New Doctor Who, new Red Dwarf, new iPhone, new Wii and then all the great shows that I'd missed whilst I was stuck in ...
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Daily Blog
9th September 2012  
A month later and the situation is generally about the same.
You'd think that, a month later, the sickness might've worn off, but it hasn't.
Each and every morning I'm waking up and being sick.
Well, I say each and every m...
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13th August 2012  
If you've been following AGameAWeek for the past few years, you'll have noticed the occasional blip, where I've mentioned having a repeating neck cramp, with accompanying migraines. These have gotten steadily worse, up until early March 2012, w...
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Health , Jiggity
11th April 2012  
I finally got home on Thursday night, and BOY what a relief that was!
Home, My own bed, Relaxed, Relieved!
Except when I sat at my PC, at which point, my difference in eyesight became a bit of a nightmare, as I realise...
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Pain , Health
3rd April 2012  
Week Five.
I'm still stuck here.
But with any luck, the next few days should be my last in here.
There's an odd bubble forming at the back of my neck, which appears to be getting larger each day.? Hopefully this is meant to dissi...
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Pain , Health
20th March 2012  
The basic result is in.
I have a cist, (of what particular sort I've yet to be told / can remember) somewhere between my brain and my spine, which has been causing "pressure".
Apparently the drain that I had last week is enough to have curb...
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Pain , Health
18th March 2012  
Another Sunday in hospital.
Since I posted last Tuesdays game, I've been cooped up in an NHS bed, waiting..
A "something" was found in a CT scan, an ambulance called, something drained, and now its a case of waiting around to see exactly wh...
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Pain , Health
6th March 2012  
Throw the plates around the screen for points.
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Mouse , Insanity , Stickman
3rd March 2012  
As I sit here coding buttons for a ridiculous amount of time, (about 2.5 hours so far!) it's suddenly occurred to me that it's Saturday, and I've no AGameAWeek planned.
I'm off to work in a bit, too, so that won't help either.
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Daily Blog
2nd March 2012  
As the Mario game flies over the head of the internet, Jay takes note.
2 days after posting to TIGsource, the first comment went online last night.
"I'm an art guy, so when I see Goombas with holes in their heads instead of shadows, or tiles th...
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Daily Blog
29th February 2012  
(URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Mario-Throws-Things-Screenshot_29-Feb-2012_114259.png">Views 28, Upvotes 6
29th February 2012  
Run, Pick things up, Hit things.. You know the drill..
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Mario , Spriterip
28th February 2012  
NeonPlat iOS is now available in the AppStore. o/yeayo/
There are a few changes, most notably that you no longer get to paint the tiles.
The tile painting was on...
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26th February 2012  
Last month, I got to the end of the month, and opted to leave out the last week.
I was FAR too busy doing Unijuggler iOS, it grew out of control, and AGameAWeek took the fall.
This month, we've reached the last week of the month, and a similar ...
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Daily Blog
24th February 2012  
I think I'm heading back to bed, today!
Some days just don't seem to start off very well, and after a few hours of trying, don't appear to be getting any better!
Today I've managed to complete the following amazing achievements.
1. Get tw...
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Daily Blog
23rd February 2012  
(URL "http://AGameAWeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/FarTooLong.png">
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Daily Blog
21st February 2012  
I struggled to get anything new started, today..
I'm not 100% sure why that is. Perhaps I woke up too early, or maybe it's that "End of Project" exhaustion, who knows.
I think it's the first time this year, that I've hit that p...
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Daily Blog
21st February 2012  
Grab the Syrup, Avoid the Spikes!
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Platform , Collect , Slurp
20th February 2012  
\o/yeay\o/ Pancakes!
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18th February 2012  
This is an emergency post.
The future of AGameAWeek may be in jeopardy.
Everything hinges on the decision I make within the next few hours.
Do I do the Board Game thing, or do I do the Pancake thing?
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