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29th November 2011  
Sorry, I missed a day or two, there.. Must be getting into the code.
I say "into the code"..
What I mean is, I'm getting really cheesed off by all this converting stuff and it's driving me completely insane!
Lesson Learned : I need to la...
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28th November 2011  
You can't possibly complain that this game is evil and sadistic!
It's just a happy happy game, with instructions permanently written, right at the top!!
Who could possibly complain!!!?

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26th November 2011  
The following blog post contains words, which are built up using various letters.
You are expected to read the words in the correct order, moving your eyes from left to right to read...
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Daily Blog
25th November 2011  
I WAS going to spend some time this week rebuilding the look of this blog, so it'd point to NeonPlat Adventures.
Instead, I'll post this, and point to NeonPlat Adventures.
Get NeonPlat Adventu...
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Daily Blog
24th November 2011  
One man, 365 games
Luckily, he decided against that, and has now shifted gears to a much more manageable 52 games a year, or AGameAWeek if ...
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Daily Blog
23rd November 2011  
Yesterday was a bit of a missed day, again, as a weekend filled with iDev has left me worn out, and mentally exhausted.
Quite why iDev always seems to do that is beyond me.
So, next year..?
I'm going to get Monkey. (I think!...
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Daily Blog
21st November 2011  
As I was falling asleep, last night, I had a great idea for a new game.
I didn't jot it down, and now I can't remember what it was, except it had something to do with a stickman running around a black and white maze.

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20th November 2011  
Just finished the game, so I'm here to say *Thank you* for some real good entertainment.
A couple of things I noticed:
Loved the game concept, and the visual design is spot on for that kind of game. Unfortuna...
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17th November 2011  
I should take solace in a couple of facts.
1. My iOS Apps have been selling oddly, this week.
Usually I sell about 1 copy of SpikeDislike, every day, but this week I seem to be getting oddities like Puzzobomb and StringyThings suddenly springin...
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Daily Blog
16th November 2011  
Interview with NeonPlat Adventure's Jayenkai
A nice big interview, randomly waffling on and on, in that strange unplanned way that I do!
Thanks to dar...
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16th November 2011  
When I coded my BlitzMax edition of NeonPlat Adventures (Still online, still free, still available, still awesome, still getting the odd blog post on sites!) I threw things in, wherever they seemed appropriate.
I coded randomly, as I usually do.
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Ios Dev
15th November 2011  
Everyone can play NeonPlat Adventures.
Look at it go!!!

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Daily Blog
13th November 2011  
NeonPlat Adventures : Available now for Windows, Linux and MacOSX
Inside, a list of all the features I had or hadn't planned, and why they are/aren't in there!

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Daily Blog
12th November 2011  
Oooh, I got to click the "Release" tag today!
Not done that for a while!
The game is out, right now, and is available at..
1. The Jayenkai Archive
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12th November 2011  
Tomorrow's the day you all get to play!
Had a last minute email, last night, from Shadow1w2, filled with some really nice ideas that would be great to implement.
Thing is, we've hit the point of no return.
I'm off to work all ...
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Daily Blog
11th November 2011  
Couldn't be arsed doing all the building and hosting, and especially couldn't be arsed doing the whole "design a half-decent looking site" thing, so I gave up trying and used Google Sites instead!
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Daily Blog
10th November 2011  
This took WAY longer than expected.
Step one, compile the Windows exe.
Job done.
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Daily Blog
9th November 2011  
Today's long, long, long day of development was 100% iOS related.
Having put it off entirely yesterday, I figured I'd better port that level builder doohickey.
I opened TextEdit on the Mac, copied the level builder function from BlitzMa...
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Daily Blog
8th November 2011  
I should've spent today doing more iDev.
I didn't.
Already I'm looking at the iDev stuff, and going "uuugh..."
Try again tomorrow.

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Daily Blog
8th November 2011  
When I launched the original demo of NeonPlat Adventures, way way way way way back in September, I made a complete backup of the game, code and everything.
I thought it might be fun to look at it, and the progress it's made, by release date.
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Daily Blog
7th November 2011  
Oh yeah, iDev annoys the shit out of me..
Never mind, carry on.
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Daily Blog
6th November 2011  
I wasn't aiming to do the Final Beta until about Wed/Thursday this week.
Today, the Final Beta went out.
A few days early, but there was nothing more I could come up with.
The game is done.
There's been a few tweaks, today, ...
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Daily Blog
4th November 2011  
For a while, today, you started the game with 8 lives instead of just 5.
Then a few people on Twitter suggested I should put it back.
If you can't complete it, don't blame me

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Daily Blog
3rd November 2011  
And I've still got a todo-list as long as my leg!!!
If I want a few people to beta-test the final-ish edition, that's gotta be done by about Wednesday, I think.
So, I have about 5 days or so to get everything done, now.
After that...
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Daily Blog
1st November 2011  
Before I headed off to work, I made a new little video.
Or, rather, I tried to make a "little" video, yet it inexplicably ended up at over 300Mb!!!
So, with an approximate 450 Minutes remaining on the clock, I left for work, and...
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Daily Blog
1st November 2011  
I'm sitting here trying to come up with a multitude of silly Badges/Accomplishments/Awards, and inexplicably getting nowhere.
Not sure why.
I DID have a list.
I think it might've vanished during my iOS upgrade sessions.
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