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  14th October, 2013
I've built a nice editor, and have started making some levels, so it's time to figure out exactly how I'm going to layout the level structure, exactly how the scoring will be figured out, how level progression will be stored, and all sorts of other little complicated bits and pieces.
There's a lot of work to do.

In the meantime, I thought it might be nice for folk to have a little play of the game, as it currently stands, so I've built an early "First 10" level demo thing.

You can Play it in your browser, right here.

It's going to be a couple of weeks, or so, until the final edition appears.
Meanwhile, feel free to share any comments in the box below, by email (Jayenkai@Gmail.com), or via Twitter. (@Jayenkai)
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Daily Blog
  13th October, 2013
I can't exactly say I've been enjoying the time off..
To be honest, 95% of September was spent working on the big BlastTrax update, and so far most of October has been similarly working on Sheep Goes Right.
It's actually a heck of a lot of stuff to cram into such a short amount of time, and it's been so much effort that I've been neglecting AGameAWeek.
But.. You know.. They're both nice big games, and they're both sort of worth the effort. Or at least, I think so, anyway!

Meanwhile I've gone and bought an OUYA, so I have to faff about figuring all of that stuff out, and fixing up old games so they fit better on the system, with Overscan and physical controls and other stuff.

At some point I'd also like to fit in some GTAV time, because according to the website I've only been playing for about 20 hours, total. I've also yet to even start up the GTAVOnline element.
Hmmm.. What can I say, I'm still no great player!

Anyhoo, lots to do, lots being done, and lots more to come.
I'm now considering how feasible it could be to do an Advent Calendar.
I'm trying to figure out a nice way to allow a daily unlock function, but I'm not sure Monkey could handle that, so..
Not sure, really.

Perhaps I could just (just?!) do a nice big minigame collection, and hope that people play one-a-day on their own.
.. They probably won't!

Anyway, that's what's currently running through my head, and if I attempted it at all, it would take up most of the next couple of months to get it all done in time for December 1st.
I'm not 100% sure if I can achieve all of that, in time, but..
Hey, that's half the fun, right!!?

Wish me luck, and if you've got an OUYA, expect some nice rebuilds over the next few weeks, or so, as I fix up some old favourites and relaunch them on the device.
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Daily Blog
  12th October, 2013
Want a nice free game to play on your tiny OUYA console?!
How about NeonPlat Raw?!
Since I'm still learning the OUYA ropes, and still trying to figure everything out, I've not yet got my whole OUYA-Dev-Account stuff fully sorted. (erk, Tax forms!!?)

So, in the meantime, we'll have to resort to throwing random crap online for free!


NeonPlat Raw : OUYA Test (.apk : Grab it on your OUYA!)

If you don't have an OUYA, the game's available here for Windows or other Android devices.
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Daily Blog
  11th October, 2013
Bah, humbug..

So, as I test out the many OUYA bits and pieces, I'm stumbling upon the many do's and don't's.
Apparently, one of the don't's is "Don't attempt to read data from images".
Karl's OUYA Test shows exactly why we shouldn't do that.
This test is as broken as it is on some other Android devices.

If you've an OUYA, you can give this game a whirl.
It's tricky, and somewhat impossible on most of the levels, due to the complex/brokenness of the levels being stored as images. Which is a shame, really, 'cos it's a nice little game otherwise.
I might fix this up, and release it properly.
.. or I might just move on, and ignore it.

You can Download Karl's OUYA Test here.
The standard Android/Windows/HTML5 version is available in the Archive.
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Daily Blog
  11th October, 2013
Do you have an OUYA?
Would you like to see my Monkey Framework running on your telly!?!
It's nothing amazing, and is entirely developer-test-functionality-stuff as opposed to being something that you can actually play with, but if you'd like to give it a whirl, you can download the .apk file right here.

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Daily Blog
  10th October, 2013
Testing time, again.
Today, I purchased 2 very different, yet entirely similar devices.

First, a wire. Very cheap!
It allows me to plug an X360 controller into my Nexus7 device, and use it as an ingame controller, but only on games which support it.

Second, an OUYA. Nicely cheap!
It allows me to plop Android games on it, and assuming they're developed nicely, also lets folk play my games with a controller..

I'm not currently in a "Play with the OUYA"-able position, and am leaving that until the morning, but for now I've been badgering away with my controller code, to get it working on the Nexus with the 360 controller.
So far, seems ok.
I'm not sure exactly where it stopped working, but the DPad of the X360 pad no longer seems to work. hmmm..
Other than that, though, all the buttons seem to be working just fine.

If you'd like to help me test various things, you can grab either/both of the following.

1. Windows EXE (3.5Mb)
2. Android APK (surprisingly, also 3.5Mb!!)

Give them a whirl, and try them out with whatever controllers you have handy.
I'd especially love to get some feedback from anyone that has an Android device with physical buttons, like DPad and stuff.. My Nexus7 doesn't have anything other than volume control and an off switch. .. I didn't think that bit through, when making my "Test Device" purchase!!

Anyway, whatever you've got, try it, and report back any oddities/successes/failures you happen to hit along the way.
Thanks to any/all help.
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Daily Blog
  8th October, 2013
Sorry folks, I appear to have gotten bogged down with Sheep Goes Right.
Although I figured it'd be a nice simple little project that I could work on "behind the scenes", it's once again proved that I never can plan ahead!!
Sheep Goes Right has now become a much bigger project, and as I'm currently working on a way to make level building easier, I'm having to deal with all the testing that goes with it.
I'd forgotten how much time proper level building actually takes up!!

Anyway, between this, and playing lots of GTAV and Transport Tycoon on iOS, as well as creating music for AL, and fixing up little minor unnoticable things on Socoder, I've not really had much time to get back into the AGameAWeek swing of things..
But I'm leaving that "Back in October" sign up at the top, in the hope that I'll manage to get back to things by the end of the month.
*fingers crossed*

See you all soon!
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Daily Blog
  2nd October, 2013
I finally wrangled my way through "the big update" over the course of two nights..

Day one was having to upgrade to Mountain Lion (I was in hospital when it came out, and hadn't bothered to upgrade since).. This was swiftly* followed by installing XCode5.
The reason for all this, is that iOS7 devices need XCode5, and XCode5 needs Mountain Lion. It's Apple's special way of making sure all us developers constantly upgrade everything!

* Given that my Mac is at the exact opposite side of the house as my Router, and that it's wireless, this process (over 6Gb of downloading) took around about 5 smegging hours to get through!

So, yeah, took a while..
Day two was the realization that I'd let my certificates and provisions all run out, and that, as much as XCode5 promises to do all the legwork for you.. .. it bloody well doesn't!
So, I trawled through the various sites, ticking boxes, grabbing files, fiddling about and more.
I managed to get my "Development" side of things to work, and have managed to pop the update of BlastTrax onto my own iPad, but I haven't successfully managed to get the "Distribution" stuff to work yet. It's being extra quirky. Grrr!!!

With all of that stuff settled'ish, I then updated Monkey, and found that it no longer likes to compile properly with XCode5. Well, it does compile, it just doesn't run it, and so assumes it's failed. It pops up a "FAILED!" warning, which looks bad, but isn't. You can then open the .xcode_proj into xcode and compile it from there. Works a treat.


So, I'll carry on again, tonight, and see if I can get the "Distribution" stuff to work correctly, and then I'll be popping it over to Apple, so that they can disagree and complain about all my 80's coding style

Wish me Luck!!
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Daily Blog
  29th September, 2013
September's over, and I've had a lot of fun bulking up BlastTrax, and playing GTAV!

The plan was, come October, I'd get straight back to business.
I'd upload BlastTrax's big update, and then start doing AGameAWeek again.
The reality is slightly different, for two main reasons.

One, as per usual, is "Bloody Apple, Grrr!!!"

Because iOS 7 is now "out there" and is the main OS on all my iOS devices, it means I can no longer quickly compile things easily for iOS6 for test purposes, which means I need up update XCode to do iOS7 stuff, and that leads to all manner of other complications.
If you hunt around the Monkey forums, you'll see folk are having all manner of iOS7-based-XCode issues with Monkey.
It's going to be a tricky task to get all of this stuff up and running, so, although BlastTrax's update is pretty much ready to go, it's kinda stuck in a rut until I can figure all of this stuff out.
Sorry about that!
Shouldn't be too long a wait, but .. grrr!!! Bloody Apple!

I've started another "BIG" project.
Could've started this a few weeks ago, but, no.. As per usual I left it right up until the last minute!
I've started to make Sheep Goes Right, and so far it's kinda working nicely.

The game's coming together fairly rapidly, but still needs a whole frontend, and level structure. I'm not entirely sure what style I'll be going for, this time around, and am currently trying to figure out how I can achieve GameCenter compatibility, whilst simultaneously allowing for loads and loads of levels.
Limits are tricky, sometimes!

Anyway, lots to do, plenty of sprites to draw, and maybe I might get around to AGameAWeek some time shortly, too!
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Daily Blog
  27th September, 2013
I've no idea how far I'll manage to get with this game, and currently only have the main sprite, and logo drawn.
That's pretty much the entire extent of this game, so far!
But I'll carry on, and see how far I can get with it.

Since I have such wonderfully high-resolution assets, though, I decided to make a lovely little wallpaper with them.

As always, Click for MAHASIIIVE!!!

And if all goes well, you might see a nice playable game by the end of October!!
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Daily Blog
  26th September, 2013
September is nearly over, and I've played a good six or seven hours of GTAV.

Anyhoo, I've been working away at BlastTrax and have done quite a fair amount of work on the thing.
I should be uploading the new edition to Apple in the next couple of days, (I have to faff about updating my MacMini first, though) so watch out for that appearing on your iPhing in the next week or so.

After that it's time to get back into the AGameAWeek swing of things, and I'm tempted to do another slightly larger project for October. I'm not entirely sure why, but I seem to be in the mood to do a sequel to the wonderful Sheep Goes Left. If I do attempt it, I'll probably do larger sprites, and aim for a scrolling layout or something. It might not work with that sort of game, but as always, the only way to find out for sure is to actually try it out.
I've also been creating a nice selection of tunes, recently, so I've got a good enough collection of new tracks to throw into the game. I might try to limit things a bit, and will probably reduce the audio's bitrates to keep the filesize down, but otherwise it'll be a case of bigger and hopefully better.
.. maybe!

AGameAWeek returns in October.
.. although it may not be exactly on the 1st!
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Daily Blog
  16th September, 2013
People keep asking about how I manage to code AGameAWeek, and one thing they all eventually pick up on is that I'm currently doing it all with Monkey.

Monkey is a fantastic language which allows for all manner of different targets, and does a great job doing what it does.
It isn't perfect, and it's not for everyone, but it suits me down to the ground.

As with any development tool, it all comes down to preference, and whether or not you agree with the methodology of the language.
For me, Monkey is fantastic. For others it will be a nightmare.

Today I've decided to create a Pros and Cons list that I can quickly link to, because I kinda feel like I'm repeating myself on Twitter every other day!!
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Daily Blog
  10th September, 2013
I'm taking a slight break from my usual AGameAWeek schedule.
Over the course of September, I'll be spending extra time building up a super awesome edition of BlastTrax, whilst also taking the time to enjoy GTAV properly!
Hurray for games!

Meanwhile, I'm digging through my archive of old forgotten gems, and plucking out anything that isn't yet part of my Archive for reasons of terribleness, or general forgetfulness!
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  3rd September, 2013
Just because I'm taking September off from my regular AGameAWeek schedule, doesn't mean there won't be fun times ahead! I've decided to keep you entertained with a few oddities that have collected on my hard drive for the past decade or so, but have mostly been unpublished due to being "a bit shit", or me having lost their sourcecode.

These are games that I've always considered to be part of my archive, but for various reasons I've never actually bothered to add to the thing.
Games that I occasionally think "Oh yeah, I made that AGES ago", then check my archive and find it isn't in there, and instead have to go digging around my old server material trying to track it down.

First on the JuNKPile is Topplers.
A few weeks ago, @Sobtanian suggested I make a version of the Amiga classic PushOver, to which I replied "Been there, done that" and .. well, that wasn't there!
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  2nd September, 2013
To mark five whole years since the release of the greatest JNKPlat game, EVER, I've decided to do a JNKPlat themed desktop this month.

Nice and simple!

Click for MASSIVE!
(Only 2048x2048, though, since Blitz3D doesn't want to do anything bigger!)
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Daily Blog
  2nd September, 2013
AGameAWeek Gold takes a peek back through the masses of the Jayenkai Archive, to see if I've released anything of importance on this day in history.

Today's game might not exactly have been released on this day in history, as it actually went through a series of three or four separate releases.. I'll have to trawl through the various forum posts to be sure.. But today's the day that I've marked, so I'm pretty sure it had some sort of importance, way back in 2008!

According to my post at GBADev.Org, I originally released the game on September 1st 2008, so we're close enough!
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Agameaweek Gold
  31st August, 2013
This week, @CaffeineKid released his latest Android-based remake, a classic from the world of the 80s!!

A lovely retro game from the age of static screens, and proper dungeon crawling, where the game had to have actual gameplay, because in those days, you couldn't rely on 50 bazillion polygons to wow the audience. You had to have a bloody good game!!!

@CaffeineKid's replicated the game in that special way that he seems to be good at. .. Actually remaking a game, instead of going completely off-the-mark, and ending up with something completely different, like I tend to do!!
I don't have the willpower to remake games. Luckily @CaffeineKid does.

You can Download Hunt the Wumpus from GooglePlay for your Android doohickey.
Give it a whirl!!
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Daily Blog
  27th August, 2013

What's with the track?

BlastTrax was originally devised as a classic Retro-styled GrandPrix-like racing game, with weapons.
You would drive through the course, shoot the other drivers, and make your way through to the end.
I started work on the game, made a nice retro-styled GrandPrix racetrack, added a few little cars, and then..
And that was when @FoppyGames decided to launch his Retro-styled GrandPrix racing game.
True, mine was in Top-down 2D, and had shooting, and his was fully 3D, but even so, I didn't want to appear to be retreading the same style, so instead I opted to go in another direction.
The GrandPrix was out, and in it's place I opted for a series of multicoloured bars.

Thus, BlastTrax's "Rainbow Road" stylings were born, and with odd bird-like sprites in place of the cars, the game started to take shape.
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Daily Blog
  27th August, 2013
Thankyou for waiting patiently, as 95% of the internet inexplicably got to play this yesterday, before I posted it to my own website!!


Ah well, lessons learned, must organise things a wee bit better in future. Doing worldwide launches at 10 in the morning, isn't all that easy!

Anyhoo, this one's a corker, so it's well worth the wait!
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  27th August, 2013
Battle the enemy creatures, Clear the space lanes and Reach the goal.
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Neon , Retro , Shoot-em-up
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