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11th January 2011  
Here we go, then!

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11th January 2011  
Fly the Royals to safety
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Cassette 50
9th January 2011  
It's starting!
Cassette 50, Game number 1.
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Cascade 50
6th January 2011  
I'm out of ideas.
I ran out about midway through Advent, and I think finishing that off has sapped every last ounce of ideaness out of my poor little head.
So, in order to continue to do AGameAWeek, I'm going to have to start doing thin...
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Cascade 50
5th January 2011  
Why is it always the little random games with a dire lack of content that become the most popular ones?!
Lesson Learned : I oughta stop trying so hard, and just knock out the simple little games!
I was thinking this whilst doing the Advent coll...
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Daily Blog
4th January 2011  
You all know how to play this one!

Also on iPhone/iPod/iPad
Bounce continuously to the ...
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4th January 2011  
Bounce as far as you can!
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Jump , Hop , Bounce , Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!
1st January 2011  
The year is new, but the logo's old.
Sod it. I love this logo!
I should be doing a year-long roundup thing, but I've not had much time, what with the whole Advent and stuff.
No matter, there's been some good, and plenty of bad, and that'...
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Daily Blog
1st January 2011  
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1st January 2011  
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1st January 2011  
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28th December 2010  
No normal AGameAWeek this Tuesday, but worry not, there's still some games to be played!

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Daily Blog
27th December 2010  
Hello all!

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Daily Blog
26th December 2010  
Either it does, or it doesn't!
|update| It no longer does. PlayMyCode.com is no longer a "thing". I'm sad to see it go. |update|
Lemmie know!

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Daily Blog
25th December 2010  
Think of this as a christmas present.
(URL "http://socoder.net/uploads/1/AdventCollectionSource.zip">You can download the Advent sourcecode here)

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Daily Blog
25th December 2010  

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Daily Blog
21st December 2010  
Hmm.. I forgot to post a "This Week", and a "Suggestion Box", this week, didn't I.
One little tweak to my weekly schedule, and the whole thing goes to pot!
Today's Tuesday, and I won't (again) be posting AGameAWeek, and I'll be forwarding any c...
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Daily Blog
16th December 2010  
What follows is a review from PlayThisThing.com
I screengrabbed it, because they're probably going to fix the "little" thing at the top, and I want to continue to take the piss out of them.
Here's me taking the piss out of them.
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12th December 2010  
Same as, Advent continues right through until Xmas!
Although, whether the advent collection will include a game for Xmas day or not hasn't yet been decided..
If I can manage to do enough, I will, but I won't be spending christmas mornin...
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Daily Blog
9th December 2010  
Platdude Hungry!!
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Daily Blog
7th December 2010  
This week, I bought one of these...

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5th December 2010  
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
I'm happy for any/all magazines to put any/all of my games in their magazines, or on their coverdisks.
If you do, TELL ME, and I'll do my best to purchase a copy of your magazine.
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Reviewed , Media
4th December 2010  
As we continue on our short Advent based journey, I'm having a bit of fun making silly little non-games for a change.
It's been a while since I allowed myself to do such simplistic games, and I'm even finding myself coding them in the small hours of ...
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Daily Blog
1st December 2010  

A brand new game, EVERY DAY over Christmas!

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1st December 2010  
A crazy collection of super small minigames!!
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Xmas , Minigames , Superfast
30th November 2010  
Or, to put it another way, this game got to about 70% done, I got really stupidly bored with it, I lost interest, and I still bothered to get it to about 92%. At 92%, I gave up.
Here's a game at 92%.

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30th November 2010  
Wander around and shoot stuff!
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Boring , Adventure , Rpg , Sequel
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