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  28th November, 2012
Sorry, guys, I'm still not up to speed doing gamey things, but here's a nice Xmassy desktop pic for you!

Click for MASSIVE, then shove it on your desktop, or your iPhing, or your Android Doohickey, or whatever else you want to Plat up for Xmas!
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Daily Blog
  23rd November, 2012
I've been asked to chip in on this whole Kickstarter issue. If you follow me on Twitter (@Jayenkai) you'll have noticed my dislike of people spamming my twitter feed with constant requests for cash. It's annoying when you get into the busy periods, have your own cash issues to worry about, but still get bombarded by tens of hundreds of requests a day for things that don't yet exist.
As a cash strapped indie dev, I'm in exactly the same situation as most of these guys, with the simple difference that I'm not meithering all my followers, whinging about my cashflow. I can't help you!! But, if you make a decent game, I'll happily send along a wee bit of cash when I buy it. In fact, so will lots of other indie devs, and together we'll help you climb the charts a teensy bit, retweet your game, get you whatever exposure we can, and see if we can make you into a mini-app-star for a few days. It'll be fun! Just, you know, put the work in FIRST!!

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Daily Blog
  6th November, 2012
We're off schedule again, aren't we!?
As the days pass me by, I'm finding myself sitting here doing not-much-at-all, and know that I really should be coding. But something's wrong in Jay-Land, and I can't seem to get back into my old grove.
I guess I'm still recovering from the whole ordeal.

AGameAWeek will continue as much as it can, and I'll keep shoving little games up whenever possible, but don't expect the usual "Every Tuesday" schedule for a while. Whenever!
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Daily Blog
  3rd November, 2012
So, my new iPod Touch Retina Wide/Long has finally turned up, and I instantly realized something I previously hadn't thought about. My lovely JNKPlat Homescreen no longer fits the longer/wider resolution on the new device. Bugger!!

Armed with only a Laptop and Paintshop Pro 7, I set about remaking the lovely picture, to fit the new resolution.

If you're a crazy JNKPlat super-fan, you can grab both the old-Retina and the new-Retina-Wide editions right here.
Enjoy, or ignore, either/or!

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Daily Blog
  24th October, 2012
I don't seem to have much luck with dungeon crawlers, do I? Every time I start one, I kinda give up halfway.
This week's "game" (if you can call it that) is yet another unfinished RPG game.
It's all over at PlayMyCode, though, so if you're feeling up to it, perhaps you could delve into the code and bulk it up a bit, turning it into something a little less rubbish.
Either way, I fell out with it pretty early on, and it never got finished to a decent standard.

|update| Sprout's Adventure can't be played, anymore, as PlayMyCode is no longer available.. |update|

You can wander about, pick up the coins, avoid the moving darts, and SPIKE! DISLIKE!!!
There's a random grid of 5x5 rooms to explore, not that there's much exploring to do, and then once you've picked up all the coins, you can quit, because there's bugger all else to do. o/yeayo/

This counts as AGameAWeek, because I spent a good few hours working on it, and have done naff all else!
Let me know if you do anything with it, although knowing my code-style, you probably won't
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Daily Blog
  19th October, 2012
Big interview number two has shown up online, over at Indiegamer.com.
Last week I was sent a bunch of questions, so I took a bit of time answering them, and sent the replies.
.. yes, telling you that is probably a bit redundant, but otherwise this entire post would consist of just a link to the interview.

Content! Padding! Awesome!!

The Interview
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Interview , Reviewed
  18th October, 2012
I'm a game developer, who usually spends about 16-or-more hours, per day, sat in front of a computer screen. I'm 32 years old.
You would probably imagine that, given both those facts, I've been through a fair number of laptops, over the years.

The truth is, I've never owned a laptop!
Heck, even my little sister, hater of 95% things technological, has been through three laptops!
But there it is. I never leave the house, so why bother with a system I can take outside? Forget that! Gimme a Desktop, any day!

And so it's been for the past 32 years. Any time anyone's needed help with a laptop, my quick and easy response has always been "Not a clue, never owned one!"

Today, that excuse has ended.
Today, I got a laptop.Read More
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Daily Blog
  2nd October, 2012
We're getting back into the swing of things, now!
Here's a quickly remake of a game I did a long while ago as Nintendo DS homebrew. The basic idea was that you take a classic arcade game, and rework it so that it fits the logic and rules of a slot machine. Worked out nicely, and the DS edition ended up with 6 of these games to play, along with a nice "score to unlock" mechanic.

This is merely the Pacman edition.
If its popular, I might add some more, but if I'm honest, Id rather get a nice money making iOS edition up and running . (But to be fair, it'd lose it's edge, as I wouldn't be able to nick all these classic games as easily!)

Anyhoo, here be that!

PlayMyCode no longer works

Proof of my recovery is no longer valid!!

And if you're interested, which you are, here be the DS edition, from October 2007!
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Daily Blog
  26th September, 2012
Is this the official post-op relaunch of AGameAWeek?
I'm not sure, yet.
This is just a random sporadic game, at this point.

PlayMyCode no longer works

Don't pick the box with the Red in it, or its game over.
Otherwise, the more you pick, the more you score.
You can reset all the boxes, to keep your odds up, by tapping the safety button on the bottom right.
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Daily Blog
  23rd September, 2012
Nice to see that you're feeling better and back to normal!

Cheers, mate.


Cheers indeed. Although, I wouldn't quite count me as back to normal, just yet.

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  16th September, 2012
It seems that, since coming out of hospital, there's been a multitude of great things that I seem to be looking forward to.
New Doctor Who, new Red Dwarf, new iPhone, new Wii and then all the great shows that I'd missed whilst I was stuck in hospital, too!
It's like a great big bucket of hype, and it keeps on coming.

As a developer, I'm going to have to buy a new iDevice, to ensure all my games work in the all-new quirky widescreen resolution.
I'll be going for an iPod Touch, mostly because I've looked at the contract prices for an iPhone5, and .. Well, sod that!
So the iPod Touch has been ordered, and should be with me shortly.

Meanwhile, on September 19th, we're all getting a nice big upgrade to iOS6.
Quite frankly, if the new iPhings didn't have bigger scenes, there'd be smeg all difference between new and old.
Sneaky Apple buggering all us developers like that.
But still, iOS6 is coming, and has a bucketload of newness, keeping us all happy, and ensuring we all carry on using Apple products for the next year or so.

Is Android better?
I'm sure plenty of folk would happily argue that it is.
For me, from what I've seen, Android is that shitty OS on that shitty phone that inexplicably keeps resetting itself every night, and kept waking me up at about 4am every morning whilst I was in hospital.
Stupid damn HTC Wildfire.

I'm sure if I had a less shitty phone, I wouldn't be so adverse to the thing.
Perhaps I oughta get a Nexus7? Everyone else seems to!
Can't afford that right now, though..
I just splashed out on another iPod!
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Daily Blog
  9th September, 2012
A month later and the situation is generally about the same.
You'd think that, a month later, the sickness might've worn off, but it hasn't.
Each and every morning I'm waking up and being sick.
Well, I say each and every morning, but I've actually managed to have three good days over the past couple of weeks, where I've not been sick at all.
This is a good sign.
It's a sign that, somewhere, things are going in the right direction.

Still, I'm not back on my feet just yet.
Along with the sickness is a general lethargic feeling.
Perhaps it's the fact that I've been doing sod all for the past seven months, but to be honest I'm typically sat in a chair, coding, all day anyway.
Surely sitting reading crap on my phone all day should be around about the same amount of laziness, right?
Maybe not, as I'm struggling to get the energy to do practically anything, lately.

As a rough example of my current state of laziness, I've yet to actually properly use my PC since I got back home.
I turned it on the other day, hoping to sit and code for a little while, but instead found myself having to install a stupidly large number of updates, ranging from a crapload of Windows updates, through to AVG and my graphics card, and then theres always an Adobe Flash update to do.
After an hour of that shit, I gave up and turned the PC off again.
Stupid PCs!

Instead, I've been sitting on the couch each day with my newly acquired iPad.
Being a struggling indie developer, I had to get the iPad on credit.
I "bought" it from Very.co.uk, who will continue to take payments from me for the next year or so, whilst increasing the cost by constantly adding interest to the account.
Such is the way of the penniless.
But I definitely needed to get an iPad, so I'm happy that Very finally bothered to add them to their catalogue.
Ta, Very!

So here I am with my iPad, visiting Facebook, Twitter and Socoder in an insanely frequent schedule, and playing Pinball Dreams whenever I get too bored.
Which is currently fairly often.
I'm nearly at a position to get back to coding.
If I can sit down at the PC without it nagging at me, then I might yet give it a go.
First up will be a couple of browser based games at PlayMyCode.com, because they save me having to piss about with uploads and things.

AGameAWeek will return soon enough.
Hopefully it won't be another whole month!!
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  13th August, 2012
If you've been following AGameAWeek for the past few years, you'll have noticed the occasional blip, where I've mentioned having a repeating neck cramp, with accompanying migraines. These have gotten steadily worse, up until early March 2012, when I was curled over the toilet bowl, throwing up a worryingly black goo of sorts.
Enough was enough!

An ambulance was called, and after my blood pressure failed to register (too high!?) I was whizzed off to Bolton general where they continued to test my blood pressure, over and over again. Luckily they also decided to do a CT scan, because that's where they finally found the tumour, nestled in between my brain and my spine.
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Health , Jiggity
  11th April, 2012
I finally got home on Thursday night, and BOY what a relief that was!
Home, My own bed, Relaxed, Relieved!

Except when I sat at my PC, at which point, my difference in eyesight became a bit of a nightmare, as I realised I could no longer see my computer screen!


A few days later, a feint, a trip to a docs, and MORE pills being dished out, I'm now oddly able to use the downstairs PC to a certain degree of visibility. It's still a bit blurry, and I really do need to focus. I might even cheat, and reduce the resolution a wee bit
But it's readable, and that means I can type stuff in, which hopefully means a game in the not too distant future.

*fingers crossed*
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Pain , Health
  3rd April, 2012
Week Five.
I'm still stuck here.
But with any luck, the next few days should be my last in here.

There's an odd bubble forming at the back of my neck, which appears to be getting larger each day.? Hopefully this is meant to dissipate, and leave me feeling all healthy again.? Currently its doing the exact opposite.

And so I continue to sit here, half asleep knocked out from the Codine, just kinda doing naff all.

I've definitely added a bunch of game ideas to my AGameAWeek todo list, though!
The games are coming..? ? I just need to get out, first
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Pain , Health
  20th March, 2012
The basic result is in.
I have a cist, (of what particular sort I've yet to be told / can remember) somewhere between my brain and my spine, which has been causing "pressure".

Apparently the drain that I had last week is enough to have curbed any possible damage, and frequent scans/drains oughta keep it under control.

They're apparently quite happy to leave the thing in there, since its no longer a threat.? I hope they're right!

...? still not certain about yesterday, though.? ? That whole "oozing neck" thing wasn't too nice.
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Pain , Health
  18th March, 2012
Another Sunday in hospital.
Since I posted last Tuesdays game, I've been cooped up in an NHS bed, waiting..

A "something" was found in a CT scan, an ambulance called, something drained, and now its a case of waiting around to see exactly what that something turns out to be.

It's annoying to think that, nearly two whole weeks later, I'm still sat here. I still have a headache, and I still have a sore neck.

And I wonder/worry what the results may bring?
Operation two is not out of the question..
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Pain , Health
  6th March, 2012
Throw the plates around the screen for points.
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Mouse , Insanity , Stickman
  5th March, 2012
Control the plates with your mind!

Guide the plates around the screen, smash up the collectables, and destroy the evil whatever-they-are's, in an attempt to collect as high a combo score as you can.
As you go, you'll get bombarded.

Those little whatever-they-are's are relentless!
Play this game with three fingers wrapped around the head of your mouse..

Your Mind to the Mouse's Mind..
The Mouse's Mind to your Mind..
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  3rd March, 2012
As I sit here coding buttons for a ridiculous amount of time, (about 2.5 hours so far!) it's suddenly occurred to me that it's Saturday, and I've no AGameAWeek planned.


I'm off to work in a bit, too, so that won't help either.

Tuesday : Haven't a clue, and it's gonna have to be really quick!
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