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  4th April, 2011
I've got a whole month to do a framework, so apparently that means I'm going to be a lazy git who does sod all, then crams the whole framework into the last day!
.. Well, hopefully not, but I did manage to cram in a couple of hours of Burnout, yesterday!
Been a long while since I sat and played a game for that long.Read More
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Daily Blog
  1st April, 2011
Today I've been continuing to fiddle about with all the framework's drawing methods.
The engine seems rather fickle, and will sometimes do a bunch of big sprites, and other times do a buttload of tiny ones.
I've currently got the settings to a nice middleground.
It can handle quite a bit, so long as you don't give it mountains of giant sprites to contend with!!

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Ios Dev
  1st April, 2011
This isn't going to be a "You thieving bunch of bastards" post.
I know this goes on. There's no point trying to stop it.
Unless Apple want to show me a list of who did and didn't buy my app, there's sod all I can do about it.
I can only urge people to bother to buy my game. Because it's really fucking good!

What this IS going to be, is a small request to the people who crack my game.
This isn't a whinge for money.
This isn't a bitch about the rights/wrongs.
But it is about the player...

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Daily Blog
  31st March, 2011

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Daily Blog
  30th March, 2011
Well, that was a lovely little blip, there, wasn't it!

I've written half-a-framework three times in a month!

It finally showed this week, when a crazy chaotic week of newness became a horribly pathetic week of giving up.
No matter.
I'll use this time to make things better.

I've finally re-re-re-re-restarted my Cocos2D framework (another framework) and will be coming up with some kind of new-ness for the BlitzMax framework.
.. yup, might as well stick with Blitz.
Blitz works, Blitz is happy, Sod it..

Stick with what you know.

Next week, new game!

View on YouTube

Jay = BlitzMax + Cocos2D
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Ios Dev
  28th March, 2011
A Pro/Con list might've helped beforehand!!!

Fuck it, 70 quid down the drain..
carry on.

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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  28th March, 2011
Bad time to be swinging again, Jay...!

20x(640x32) images + 10x(64x64) images.
That can just about struggle to run at about 22fps on an iPod Retina.

Then you've got text to go over that, and another 10x(64x64) for badges..

It's just not happening..
No matter how I tweak it, rejig it, and compile and compile again, I just cannot get those numbers up.


And yet... That's exactly what SpikeDislike is, already.
.... At 60fps.

And SpikeDislike is the most piss easiest game I can think of!!!

Jayenkai : He uses BlitzMax, Cocos2D, and has just wasted £70odd on a language he'll never use.
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  28th March, 2011
1. No sound pitch.
Jinkies Munkies, What the Funkies!?!?

Simplest example.
You know in Horizontal Shooter, when your weapon goes "SQQEUUUUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"..
Can't do that..
It's gotta go "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"

Regular bullets will go "Rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat" instead of "bang-bing-bada-pow-pip-pat-pap-bang"

Imagine SpikeDislike without it constantly getting higher and higher, as you up the combo.

.. Pants..

And, even worse, every sound needs it's own set of buffers. So if I choose to have 10 different combo sounds, I need 10 smegging buffers to go with 'em.. and that's if I only want 1 of each playing at a time!

This is very very dissapointing.
Probably should've tested the sound before I bought it.

But wait.... there's more!!!
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  27th March, 2011

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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  26th March, 2011
I think I'll either be limiting myself to 100 sprites/60fps, or 200 sprites/30fps, for iPhing games.
That's quite a lot, though!

Pics below
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  25th March, 2011
Coming soon : A whole new world!

I finally made my choice, and it's GLBasic.
Hopefully that choice doesn't come and bite me in the ass later.

For now, I'm going to be rebuilding all that framework goodness.
It'll probably take a couple of weeks to get everything going properly, so I think we might end up missing a few AGameAWeek's here and there. Hopefully you don't all mind.

Meanwhile, I'm going to do a Final Six.
Six little End-of-the-road games, that round off my time spent with Blitz.

We'll see how well that turns out..!
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  24th March, 2011

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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  22nd March, 2011
About 40-odd times I've decided "Right, let's give GLBasic a try!!"
This morning, I was finally ready to actually do that!

And then, right out of the blue, and totally co-incidentally, a twitter conversation began with @Indie_DIJ about that very language.
He's uncertain whether his next GLBasic project should be aimed at iPhone or iPad.
Should that be a decision?


Apparently GLBasic has issues here.
You need to pick. You can't have both.
I'm not 100% sure how Monkey handles that, but given how my multi-res test demo worked out, I'd imagine that I don't have to preselect the settings.
I prefer the user, or the device to pick.

I'm stopping my GLBasic learning right here.

If the user can't pick it, then that's me out.
Unless someone's willing to show me a GLBasic Window game, where the user can, INGAME, select different resolutions, then I'm done with it.

Guess I'm getting a monkey, then.
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  22nd March, 2011
Silly me put the name "Chicky Crosses the Road" into a variable, then forgot to put the variable on the titlescreen!
sod it..

Live and Learn!
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  21st March, 2011
I have a game!
It's written in Munky Monkey!
But... Am I ready to buy the language yet?


I'm going to give this an extra week.

Next week's game (if I can do it in time) will be done using the GLBasic demo.
I'll spend a week, get the framework half-done, throw in a cheap-ass game, and post the result.

Then I'll decide.

Will it be Monkey, or will it be GLBasic?
Find out, Soon!

Tomorrow : A cheap-ass frogger clone!
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  18th March, 2011
A few hours with Monkey today.

A game idea was planned (finally!) and attempted, but I realised I had rotation issues.
Tried and tried to get the rotate and scaling working together with numerous results.
One time the sprites were rotating away from their midpoints, another they were scaling all over the place, and on and on it went..
After a while everything seemed sorted.
Then I clicked to a different resolution, and it all went to hell again.


No matter, try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this is Chrome.

This is Firefox...

And this is IE...

Is all this worth it?!
Find out on Tuesday, when I may or may not release a game in my older BlitzMax framework!!!
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  15th March, 2011
Sometimes, things that happen at the other side of the world, still make you change your habits.

AGameAWeek returns next week.
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Daily Blog
  10th March, 2011
I just thought of a really good game..
but... .. Not entirely sure how doable it'd be.
.. hmm.. another time perhaps..

Anyhoo, Monkey.
So far so good.
A .. "nice".. looking frontend, with a quick top-10 list, and a swooshy menu.

It'll get fixed up as time goes by, but for now I'm going to push on and try to build a quick test game.
Since Monkey can cope with Web/Desktop/Mobile systems, I need to consider different input methods.
I'm currently thinking that focussing on the Web version might be better.
Imagine it's a Flash game, code with a mouse pointer in mind, then strap on extras later.
So, Keyboard for the desktop edition, and multi-touch/accelerometer for mobile get added only once the game initially works..

Whether that'll work out, I'm not sure.
The idea of making AGameAWeek with only a mouse pointer is a little unnerving.
I do like my tappitytap frantic games.

Perhaps, instead, I might do each game as it comes, and only try porting it if it works well enough.
I'm not entirely sure, at this point, to be honest.

In fact, I'm still not 100% on the whole Monkey thing, yet.
It's raising. I'm probably up to about the 90's, now, but there are still niggling little things.

I can, from what I can see, only save one line of text.
For the current framework, that line of text is 30 highscores and 10 settings, all seperated by |'s,
It happily works for now, but for level editing, that'll be a bitch!

Seems that Mark might be forcing me to upgrade my server.
FFSMark, I'm not made of money!!
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Monkey-x , Glbasic , Monkey_or_glbasic
  8th March, 2011
It's Asteroids!!
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Retro , Remake , Classic , Shoot-em-up , Space Popcorn
  7th March, 2011
Take one part Asteroids, and mix in... um..

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