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  25th December, 2009

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
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Daily Blog
  25th December, 2009
Shoot the Partridge!
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12 Games Of Christmas , Xmas
  22nd December, 2009
Whilst learning the ins and outs of BlitzMax properly, I'd like to learn using something I know. It's easier to fiddle around with a new language if you already know where the game's headed.
So, for my first proper week in 2010 I'd like to attempt a remake of one of my previous games.

If there's any of my games that you've really loved, but that you think could be better. let me know what it is, and we'll see if we can choose a winning remake to be done.
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Daily Blog
  22nd December, 2009
As well as all the 12 Games of Xmas (starting Friday) I've finally got around to opening up BlitzMax, and getting that whole new system going.
Plenty to do, and it'll probably kill the whole point of my Xmas Week Off, but no matter.. Lots to do, let's hop to it.

First up, I want everyone who can be bothered to try this out.
It's a couple of little programs that stress tests your system, and tries to draw as many things onscreen at once as it possibly can. Or, at least, as fast as BlitzMax can!!

Run both versions of the program, and it'll give you both OpenGL and DirectX9 stats.
Grab the two new text files, upload them somewhere, and let me know where to grab 'em. Probably should've auto-uploaded, but I'm busying away doing 12 games here!! No time for that!

Post your results, and I'll try to come up with some nice averages that I can then use to keep future games from going insane.

Thanks to everyone that joins in.

Look inside for my results, if you can be bothered!Read More
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Daily Blog
  19th December, 2009
As I mentioned the other day, there'll be an ever so slight delay in this week's game.

But don't worry, it's a cracker!!

View on YouTube
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Daily Blog
  16th December, 2009
Christmas is literally just a week away, and things must be done. 'tis the season to be busy, and all.
Meanwhile things are still kinda messed up, and I'm still awaiting that blinkin' Router. Probably should've just gone into town and picked one up.. It's been 5 days since Play.com sent it out, and still no sign of it.
Hopefully it doesn't end up taking 2 months like the PC did!!

Meanwhile, I've started on a rather lengthy project, and am hoping to get it done in time for Xmas day.
The project kinda fits that timescale, as opposed to the usual Tuesday timescale, so things will be a little bit off this week. You'll still get something, don't worry, it'll just be a wee bit later!

So, wonky times ahead, but don't worry, it'll be worth it!
(I hope!)

Game release : Xmas day! : Next Friday!! : OMG, so soon!!!

Oh, and for the record, there are NO MAC GAMES here, no matter how many times Mac-Play.de decide to link here!
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Daily Blog
  15th December, 2009
This week has taken many twists and turns.
I started off making a nice game with a snowman, then that turned into a game with Greenie, then the new PC turned up and I spend a day or two playing with that but the whole network's down, and now I'm waiting on a new Router being delivered! blimey!

Meanwhile it's a chore getting from one system to the other, and that means I'm relying on a slightly-dodgy-not-quite-Win7-compatible edition Paintshop Pro 7 and a slightly-dodgy-not-quite-Win7-compatible edition of CoolEdit to help me make some games.
What a week!!

This week's Wednesday Workshop (#231 was to create an LCD game, so that's what I did.

Unfortunately, the need to cram everything into logical LCD cell positions (yep, they do indeed fit!) has meant the sprites have all cramped up into tiny unintelligable spaces.

So, in a slight tweak from the logicalness of the LCD's physical screen, I added the Improbability Button which makes things a bit more visible..

Aaaah, Much better!!

Take your pick, you can switch ingame, it's all the same.

The elements are placed pseudo-randomly throughout the level, so you can repeat the same quest until you're good at it! If you want to try a different set of random elements, hold a direction when you hit Z to start.
In addition, the map is mapped out in map.png. So if you get really bored, feel free to make your own.

You can Download Greenie's LCD Adventure here, and then head to The Archive to do your voting and commenting. .. Nobody seems to do that, though!


AGAW Scoring : 18 weeks, 18 games. We're a week away from my Xmas/New Year break, so I'd better get my ass in gear if I want to keep up my ratio!! Nooooooo...!!!
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  15th December, 2009
A more structured edition of Greenie's earlier Gameboy adventure.
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Greenie , Remake
  11th December, 2009
Absolute chaos at the house of Jay, this week.

First up, good news, that new PC I ordered MONTHS AGO (October 19th) has finally turned up.. *sigh*

Annoyingly Windows 7 - 64bit refuses to work with either of the two USB->Ethernet connectors that I own, which basically means my entire network is now in a total mess.
The new PC is lovely, and will do many things nicely, except that I can't access ANY of my stuff from the other PC.
No coding templates, no music, no sound, not even a Platdude anywhere!!
Sure, I'll draw one, only takes 16 pixels, but that's not the point.
The point is, for the next few days, I'm stuck in a little bit of network chaos until the new router turns up.

I probably should've done the whole router thing from the start.. Aw well, never mind..

Sure, I could do the whole Thumbstick thing, but then I'd have 2 seperate copies of things, and.. that usually leads to me messing up my file system, and ending up with buggy older versions of games.

So, starting from scratch, I'm going to be making something a little crazy over the next few days.
I'll try to make it fun, but I have no idea what I'll be attempting.

I might do an LCD game, since that's this week's Wednesday Workshop challenge. Haven't really done one of those for a while, have I!

...Don't be surprised if no game appears at all!!
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Daily Blog
  9th December, 2009
Every Tuesday morning, 10:30 GMT (or thereabouts, later if I sleep in!) I post a brand new game, right here on the site.

Each game is 100% coded by me, Jayenkai.
95% of the graphics are done by me (with rare dips into the Google Image archive when I'm absolutely dry) and 95% of the audio is also done by me (with rare dips into the Aminet archive, or Kevin MacLeod's collection for the odd bit of music when I'm not in a composing mood!)

If you'd like to read more about what tools I use, click here.
Over the many years that I've been doing this, there's been an extremely varied selection of games, from absolute gems, to complete stinkers, but each and every week there's something new, and if you're happy to try new things, then you might stumble upon a few games that you'll grow to love.

As well as a lot of games, I also create Music and am currently attempting to draw a Platdude based Pixelart every single day.
There's even daily blog posts to keep you informed about background inanities that happen in my life.

So much stuff!
Stick around, and enjoy the ride.

Contact Jayenkai

Email Jayenkai

Be aware that if you email me, you'll generally get a long rambling reply.
I tend to waffle in my emails.
If you'd prefer I keep things short, use Twitter instead!

Donate to AGameAWeek

If you'd like to contribute to the lifestyle of someone who makes a great number of freeware games, there are a variety of methods to do so.
Feel free to donate anything you feel comfortable with. Every little helps
Read More
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  8th December, 2009

Hurray! Neonplat!! T-Shirt!!! HAPPY!!

More amazing buying opportunities inside!!Read More
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Daily Blog
  8th December, 2009
Nothing magical, this week, more a game that was started but didn't really go anywhere.
If I had enough time this week, I'd have scrapped it and started something else, but it's been a bit of a tight week, time wise.. So.. Well, here it is!

Race around the 12 beautifully detailed (in traffic cones) race tracks, without hitting any cones.

Green blobs line the tracks, which must all be collected before you hit the chequered area. Complete 3 laps in time, to move onto the next level.

The 4th level is a bonus round! Hit all the cones you can, to bump up your score.

Race across 3 obscure test tracks, and 9 authentically recreated racetracks!!!
Can you name them all? No bonus points, just there for the fun of it!

Oh, yeah, and you can hold X to do a handbreak turn!!

You can Download Traffic Cones here, and then head over to the archive for all of that stuff..


Bug : There's some weird-ass bug that appears at the end of a track set.. If it starts to irritate, quit and restart.. Tried to fix it, but time's too limited!!

AGAW Scoring : 17 games, 17 weeks, but only 3 weeks until Xmas!!
I really need to start building up a little collection, or we'll have to skip a bit over the holidays!!
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  8th December, 2009
Race around the track as quick as you can. Points are taken off for hitting a traffic cone.
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Drive , Car , Bump , Timer
  6th December, 2009
Something involving Traffic Cones.

I made a nice little traffic cone physics engine (.. gamey physics!) and it's quite a bit of fun to play with, but the tricky part will be to try and come up with a playable game that's based around it.
Best Lap Times + Bonus Rounds seems to be a fairly fair way to go.

Now, how to make levels.. hmm....
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Daily Blog
  2nd December, 2009
It seems my decision has now been made.
I'm going to reacquaint myself with BlitzMax, and give things another try.

But first I need to build up a nice new Jayenkai Framework.

There's a fair number of things that I want to put into place before we begin, so let's get cracking on the list.

1. Multiplayer : Not online...!
Authentic Kaizen suggested I add multiplayer co-op to NeonPlat, and I kind of agreed, but the way the old framework is set up just didn't support that.
All the controls were available all over, and you couldn't take one to work for another player.
(Cursors + ZXCV, WASD + JKIL, Joypad, all work equally, assuming you turn on Joypad support in Blockman Gets More!!)
It does, however, require the use of redefinable controls.. So that should probably come before this..

2. Redefinable Controls
This is a bit of a biggy, but I have already created a great big list of keynames, so it shouldn't be too bad.
It does, however, require the use of a great big overall menu system.. So that should probably come before this...

3. Big-ass Option Screen!
For the past 20-or-so games, I've been using the same set of values in all the games. Turn Fullscreen on in one game, blammo the others do, too!
Additionally, music on/off works, as does Joystick on/off.
It'd be nice to have an option screen in all the games, though, wouldn't it!!
I'd better do that right at the start, this time.

4. Multi-Game Support : Out
Bit of a dodgy one, here.
It'd be nice if I could do it, but when all the virus checkers start complaining about your games, it's probably a better idea not to.
In 4 weeks time it's 2010, and yet I still can't save something in one game, and have another game access it.
f'ing typical!
Aren't we supposed to have, at least, general game settings by now!?! I mean, seriously, come on!!

I might come up with a nice bonus feature for folk who gather their Jayenkai games together.. We'll have to see about that.

5. Resolutions!
Gotta have a nice big openy option that asks the player how they want to play a game.
*pop* How do you want to play? *save*

6. Mac/Linux

If you've anything else, nice and general, that you think my games should be doing..
Let me know about it.
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2010 Framework
  1st December, 2009
Run, jump and throw the balls!!
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Action , Arcade , Platformer , Platdude , Neoplat
  30th November, 2009
Aw, what the heck, EARLY RELEASE!!

Mostly because it's 2am, I can't stop playing it, and I probably won't wake up in time to post this if I don't do it now!!!

View on YouTube

A game that took AGES to get going, but definitely got going soon after!
The approximate diary was..
Tuesday : A few lines on the screen.
Wednesday : A silly frog character.
Thursday : Frog switched for Platdude
Friday : OOoooh, It's a good Game!!!!

And, boy, is it a good game.

Three (or four, or five) cheers to Authentic Kaizen for the fantastic game idea.

What a great game!

You can Download NeonPlat here, and then head to the Archive to add your votes and comments.


AGAW Scoring : 16 weeks, 16 games!! woot!!
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  29th November, 2009
This week a suggestion from Authentic Kaizen, who suggests having a neon styled platform game, with bubble bobble style components.

The game has taken a few turns during the week, changing from spike induced terror, a game with a frog like creature, and a whole lot more besides!

It now appears to be settling down quite nicely into some kind of obscure chaos.

Hurray for chaos!!

Coming Tuesday : NeonPlat!
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Daily Blog
  27th November, 2009
Socoder Newsletter

     "Bonus Round"
          #031 - 27th November 2009
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          Tell all your friends!

     ; Hello all
          #31, and we're starting to add extra juicy bits.
          It might be taking me longer to pad it all out each
          week, but it's certainly gotten a little bit bulkier
          with this week's additions.
          I've now started to add a list of games from two of
          my favourite indie game collections.
          And they're not just my favourites because they've
          featured my games...
          Oh no..
          That would be very biased!

          This week..
          Nobody entered Wednesday Workshop #228, which was
          all about making a Beach based game!

          Nobody wants to enter Wednesday Workshop #229, which
          is about making a game using only lines and rects!
          Afr0 continued to post his C++ class, but everyone
          was apparently too busy to answer anything.
          And the mudchat got a chatlog!
          New theme.. /look, but don't chat!
Read More
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Daily Blog
  26th November, 2009
I get to this point once every few months, and .. well.. here we are again!

A few things are getting me here, this time around.
Let's list the reasons, then think of some solutions..
Read More
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2010 Framework
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