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  3rd September, 2010
This year, the Big Torrent is available from Monova.org! (Torrent is long gone!)

If you'd like to play 53 out of 54 from Year 2, you can go grab it now.
I left out Rock My Chords, since it's 49Mb on it's own, and I reckon it's got an audience of.... me!
But otherwise, the rest are in there.
All the Windows games, the DS ones and the one single little Java Mobile one, too.

What I've NOT included is the Mac/Linux packs.
I'll be doing those later.

Judging by the interest in the current pack, they'll be super popular, too.
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Daily Blog
  31st August, 2010

View on YouTube

I was supposed to be writing up a nice big writeup for this, but.. I'm in no rush! I'm resting!

Video's done.
Writeup later!

woot! 54!
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Daily Blog
  28th August, 2010
This weekend I'm planning on doing a nice big happy writeup about Year 2.
I'll be hopping through and replaying all my year's games, and jotting down little should/shouldn't's about each one. I might even take the time to record a few seconds of each and then build up a nice big Year-2 Video.
That'd be nice!!

Meanwhile, I can't sit still, and have already begun a new'ish game.

Read More
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Daily Blog
  25th August, 2010
... FFS, I can't count.

FiftyFOUR weeks, FiftyFOUR games.
Even with a miscount, I still managed to equal the weeks:games ratio.
Lovely stuff!

Here's the stats, straight from GoogleDocs

and here's a great big blue and red google graph, looking all lovely and linely!

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Daily Blog
  24th August, 2010
Fred is a happy Flea, and he loves to hop.
He especially loves it when all the Dandelions are casting their seeds around in the air, as he can grab on, and go for a ride.

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  24th August, 2010
Keep Fred in the air, by hopping him from floating pieces of Dandelion Pollen (achene, if you wish to be specific!)
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Hop , Float , Survive
  22nd August, 2010
As promised, here's a quickly bundled together edition of Cardagain DS.
I'm not sure if folk'll play it, since nobody seems to play it, so I haven't spent a lot of time on it.
It's the absolute basics that are needed.

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  22nd August, 2010
Remember the layout, Remember the order, and then pick the Cards Again..
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Puzzle , Cards , Memory , Simon , Concentration
  21st August, 2010
Tuesday, Fred the Parachuting Flea.
Needs a few "I didn't get that!!!?" kinda tweaks, but it otherwise working nicely.. If I drop dead tomorrow, at least the game's ready for release Read More
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Daily Blog
  18th August, 2010
Step 1.
Place an indie game into a copy of your magazine.

Step 2.

Step 3.

In this case, Webuser failed to tell me that NeonPlat2 was in their July 15th 2010 issue.
As such, I haven't bought it.

They 100% lost a sale, because had I known I was in it, I would've damn well bought it.
I have three other copies of WebUser in my "Black box filled with magazines that my games are in"
But now I'm missing this one.

FFS, journalists!!
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Reviewed , Media
  17th August, 2010
Guide Kee, Bo and Ard around the mazes, to try to collect all the pickups.
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Sensitive , Puzzle , Maze
  16th August, 2010
Kept the random title.. It'll do!

Not sure if it works better as "Kee, Bo and Ard", or just "Kee Bo Ard", but either way, here we have it!

Kee, Bo and Ard must all be guided through the maze. They have to collect all the pickups, and once they're all done, you can progress to the next level.

Hit Z/X to switch between characters, and cursors to wander around the maze.

Be careful of deteriorating floors, and switchable tiles, and things like that.

There are 15 levels in the game. I've done my semi-regular "As images" style of level creation, so feel free to have a fiddle around, and make some new levels if you feel like it. (You can even extend the height of the level image, to fit more levels into it!)
If I receive a bunch of levels, I'll do my best to make a nice big updated edition of the game.

As it is, this is it. Lovely and gamey!

You can Download Kee Bo Ard here, for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

Have fun!
(And yes, this is a wee bit early! Figured I'd do this early before I end up sleeping way way way too much, tomorrow!!)
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  15th August, 2010
Ah, back to the old routine!

I had promised a new Sheriff Munky game, this week, but I think it's got the lurgy! Every time I touch it, it brings horrible memories of the past couple of week's deadness, and I can't seem to get on with the game.
So, this morning, I happily scrapped it, and started work on a completely different project.

If you've played Sensitive (Spinal made a nice DS one) you'll recognise this game.

Except it's a wee bit different.
There are now 3 characters to control, and guide around the map.

Game is in-progress.. Needs a bunch of maps, and maybe a size-tweak, map dependant.

... time permitted, of course!

Tuesday : Kee Bored (temporary name, imaginatively thought of via the "what's on your desk" method of naming!!)
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Daily Blog
  9th August, 2010
Last Sunday I had the worst migraine I've had in ages. Ack!!
For the rest of last week I felt mostly drained, not much energy, and I haven't really done too much of anything.
This weekend I think I just plain gave up and have spent about 48 hours asleep!Read More
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Daily Blog
  5th August, 2010
Authentic Kaizen (pixelprospector.com, ideaman behind NeonPlat) has sent a few new game ideas. Some are short and sweet, but the most tempting one feels like it needs a little care and attention.
I feel like I want to do something with it, but am struggling to come up with a way to compress it into a week's worth of code.

I think, what I might actually do, is leave it a few weeks.
Once I hit the 52nd week of year 2, and another whole year's worth of games, I'll be taking a small rest. Maybe about a month's worth of time off.
During this time, for about a week, I'm going to be stuck at work every morning, which'll be eating chunks out of my regular coding time. Luckily, the two event coincided with each other, so that's not a big deal. But I'm also going to be taking some time out to actually play a few games. I've really not been playing a whole lot, for a long while, and I think I need to refresh my game ideas a little.

Meantime, I'll slowly but surely work on Kaizen's "big idea", spending time crafting a few loving levels and things.
Maybe it'll work out..
Maybe it won't!

But it's worth a try.

Still, that's a few weeks away, and there's another 3 games to make before then.
Time to go idea-hunting!!
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Daily Blog
  3rd August, 2010
Incase you hadn't heard already, I released my first iPhing game, last Wednesday night.
This week, I'm releasing the Win/Lin/Mac testbed version of the very same game.
Think of this as a promotional item, of sorts, but also as a "Let's try new things" ideas edition.

First up, this new one has a batch of new backgrounds and cards. The backgrounds are already in my in-dev iPhing edition, and the Cards are making their way in, slowly but surely. That update should turn up soon enough!

After this, I'll be fiddling about with the Blitz version, to find new gameplay styles, and things like that. So if you can think of anything cool, let me know.

View on YouTube

Meanwhile, as it stands, here's Cardagain and this one's free.
The Windows, Linux and MacOS editions are here!
The iPhing edition is available here!

AGAW Scoring : 49 weeks, 49 games. Awesome!! ...but a bit tight! eek!
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Daily Blog
  3rd August, 2010
Remember the layout, Remember the order, and then pick the Cards Again..
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Puzzle , Cards , Memory , Simon , Concentration
  31st July, 2010
This wasn't planned, but I'm pissing about with Cardagain again!
So, I might as well kill two birds with one stone.
I've spent a few hours rebuilding my original BlitzMax version of Cardagain, and I'm going to add a few test bits and pieces onto it (to see what does/doesn't work) before then transferring them back over to the iPhings.
Meanwhile, I can post that nice new super-hi-def Cardagain here, and you guys can all play it.

That'll be Tuesday's game, and it'll also be the thing taking up all my time this week.
I've also done quite a bit of work on the Online stuff, though, so.. not being lazy!!

Tuesday : Cardagain for Win/Mac/Linux!
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Daily Blog
  29th July, 2010
I'll post Mac and Linux editions of this tomorrow, but I just want to make sure it's working for all the PC Peeps first..

Here's a rerelease of Microbe2, with ONLINE SCOREBOARDS!!!

And those keyboard controls that everyone apparently wanted..

Lemmie know how it goes! Ta
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Daily Blog
  29th July, 2010
In true "Better late than never" style, Apple got their act together exactly 7 days after I uploaded the game.
That might be fast for a massive company like Apple, but it's a long long time in the world of AGameAWeek!
No matter, the game's up and running, and you can buy it at the AppStore for 59p! Bargain!

Now that I know I'm not breaking things, I'll be having a wee bit more fun with the iPhings, but worry not. AGAW will still be here, and I'll still be making plenty of freebie games for you.

Nothing else to say today, got plenty of work to be getting on with, and maybe a re-release later today, if I can stay awake long enough! See you all later!
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Daily Blog
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