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  15th June, 2010
WarioWare is cancelled, this week!!

It's half past midnight, and 90 minutes in, Tuesday's 90-minute-game isn't going to quite fit into the amount of time I'm going to be awake!!!
I'm half asleep, already, and when you start spotting typing errors in your code, you know it's time to sleep.

So, I'll finish this off in the morning.
Then it's time to activate my lovely iPhing Developer's License, and see what fun garbage I can come up with.

So, um..
Yeah, probably won't have time to do anything Wario'y, sorry..

But, hey, 3DS!! Am I right!?!? woo!!!

90-minute'ish Zombie game tomorrow!
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Daily Blog
  15th June, 2010
You could say that this week's been a bit of a cheat. An update isn't REALLY a whole new game.
But then, I also made ScoreRack, this week, too.. So it all evens out!

Good stuff!
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Daily Blog
  14th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

An early caffeine fuelled start has lead to a nice NeonPlat trailer, which actually took about two hours... But who's counting!?

View on YouTube

I didn't keep a track of how/when I pieced this together, mostly because I kinda just jumped into it this morning, but it went a little like this..

1. Grabbed this, which is amazingly the only video screen capture program that's EVER managed to record audio in my games!!! Frankly, that's bloody well amazing!! Program suggested by the guy who made this video. I asked, He replied, Job done. Much appreciated!

The game can't quite keep up at 1920x1080, but it did manage to capture at 1440x900, so that's good enough for me!

2. Grab clips of levels.
3. Cut using VirtualDub
4. Piece together in rapid-fire (possibly caffeine fuelled) succession with EditStudio
5. Slap on the music from the other day
6. Add the outro
7. Job done.

.. except it took about 7/8 attempts to get the order looking "progressive", and it's still not 100%, but it'll probably do as it is!
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Daily Blog
  13th June, 2010
Oh, my, what a crazy old week it's been!!!

I spent most of Wednesday upping bits of NeonPlat, Thursday was a weird day with lots of odd bits being done, and then by Friday I had the stupid idea of 90-minute-work-sessions..

As such, NeonPlat hasn't had a lot more done to it.
I've still a day to go, and I'll probably get a few pieces sorted, but don't be expecting as much as was originally expected.

Still, we have ScoreRack as a new game, for this week, so at least the ratio's up!!!

Tuesday : NeonPlat 2.2
or whatever else I decide to call it..
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Daily Blog
  13th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..


A little rushed, today, but still managed to slot my 90 minutes in.
Today's productivity probably isn't useful to 95% of readers, but I spent the time tweaking the Upload Gallery, over at Socoder.net.

The gallery no longer attempts to load every single thing you've ever uploaded all at once, and instead shows your latest 20-odd files.
If you want it to take ages loading everything, you can still get it to do that, or you can use the little search box.
Super handy.
There's also the option to allow others to view your recent uploads, along with a way to do that.

So, not much use to you, but handy for me!

Days of Productivity 3 - 3 World Cup Days
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Daily Blog
  12th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

For my second half, I decided to try my hand at some music.

Here is a possible theme tune for NeonPlat2.

: Download

I probably shouldn't have bothered!!

Wasted a good hour, there!
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Daily Blog
  12th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

I'm off to watch the season finale of Stargate Universe!
Meanwhile, here's my first 45 minutes.
Not sure what I'm going to do in my other 45 minutes, but the first half turned out ok!
.. although it took up all of my 45 minutes!!!
And it really wasn't meant to take that long!!

"That'll be a quick job", thought me.
.. was it balls!!

View on YouTube

Productivity in Two Halves
Part One

Decide to keep my "Tunnel of Flinging Screenshots", and rather than just have that as the "200 Games!" trailer, I'll mix it with the AGameAWeek logo on top, so I can reuse it at the end of game videos, rather than my usual "And here's the logo" thing.

Load 1500 screens into VirtualDub, and create 120fps, 12.5 second clip. (it used to be 25 seconds when it was 60fps!!)

.. waiting.. They're big 1920x1080 pics..

Load EditStudio, shove video into there, add logo, re-render.

Tweak render, since it's completely freaking out at the thought of having to do things in widescreen.

Retweak render, since it's still messed up from the aspect switch.

Bloody zoom!
Retweak, re-render!!

.. rendering 1920x1080 videos takes ages! Gonna have to redo it again, in a jiffy, 'cos EditStudio still doesn't like rendering to xvid!


..It'd be nice to have this at the front-end of games, but I'm not sacrificing 42Mb just to do it!!!

and trying to figure out HOW to play the video, nice and quickly!

nearly done..

Rerendering in VirtualDub with compression.

Test video with something quick..
Grab a WarioWare clip from the other day, shove that at the start, pop the new endy thing at the end, re-render.

Bah, aspect ratio again..

Back in VirtualDub, render a second version that's 1440x1080

Render EditStudio test..
Takes AGES, even for a quick 15 second test, mostly because it's reading an xVid compressed file..
Might've been a bad idea doing that, but I didn't want 2 great big 6Gb video clips constantly sat on my HD!

Recompress using VirtualDub

Upload to the toob!
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Daily Blog
  11th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

Well, that didn't go to plan, but it's not entirely awful, either.
In fact, it's turned out so nicely that I've even added it to the Archive.
AGameAWeek just took a turn for the weird!

Today's quickly made game was made in about 4 hours, and is a nice Scrabble inspired wordgame.

Simple rules..
You have a rack with tiles, and you place them wherever you'd like upon the grid.

You also have a Score Target.
If you fail to hit that target, you don't get any points for your word.
Sometimes the target will be "Get More than ...", and sometimes it'll be "Get Less than ..."

If you're completely stuck, you might want to hit the Swap Tiles button.. But that'll use points, so use sparingly.

If you get rid of all the tiles, you get 100 bonus points!!!
Or if not, keep whatever you have, and get out!!!

Downloadable from The Jay Archive for Win/Mac/Linux (or will be Lin/Mac in a jiffy, I'm switching over to compile them, now!!)

Here's how it happened


Paintshop Pro
Draw Tile rack, grab texture from Google, add layers, add shadow, job done.
(15 mins?!)

Draw Plain Tile

Draw 26 letters, and 26 values

13:00 (yikes!)
Draw background grid things.

Half Time, Relax, Make a Brew!!!


Start coding, add tiles and values
Note, my BlitzMax Framework handily contains a ready made WordList, so I can be super lazy and not have to deal with that.
A simple CheckWord(This) will tell me if a word exists. *phew*

Create TileBag, and couple of function to deal with it.

Add simple grid layout, and empty tilerack.

Place random letters into rack, draw rack.

Simple tile movement

Movement fixing, lots of "latching", things moving nicely.

14:00 (5 mins left!?!)
Form word, check word..

Bah.. Extra Time

Word Scoring mechanism.

Game Progression

Score adding, best scores, best words

HiLo thing added

Particles for Win/Lose

Adding "Swap Tiles" button, game mostly ready

Adding big X, game nearly done..

Used the time of about 2 matches, by now! Never mind!
Tweaking here and there to make the game nice.

Will probably do, at this point, but since I'm way over schedule, I might as well shove some Audio into it, to finish it off..
Fruityloops and Cooledit are used to tweak some sounds into existence.

Sound added, game playable, testing...

That'll do..
Nearly 4 whole hours, close enough

Screenshots, bundle to zip, switch on Mac, prepare to upload to archive (because, it actually turned out quite nice!)
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  11th June, 2010
It's that time of year again, where everyone goes absolutely nutso over some stupid game of football.
In the coming weeks, 95% of the world's population will be watching up to 64 games of stupid football. That's over 96 hours worth!
...I'd rather be doing something much more productive.

So, I've decided to setup Jay's World Cup Challenge.

Every day, over the world cup, (that's today June 11th, all the way up to July 11th), I'll be taking 90 minutes out of my day, and trying to do something productive.
Maybe I'll write a game, maybe draw a stupid picture, make a piece of music, create a video for youtube, who knows.
I'm not sure yet!

But each and every day, I'll be settling down for two 45 minute sessions (with a coffee break inbetween!!), and spending the time doing one particular thing for that day.
Then, each day, I'll post the results here.

If you're also desperate to ignore the Football, why not join in! You can post your accomplishments in the comments, and I'll try to come up with some sort of nice calender, or something, to show off everyone's greatness.

So, who's with me?!
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Daily Blog
  11th June, 2010
Try to score within the target allocated
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Words , Scrabble , Puzzle , Relaxed
  10th June, 2010
Not sure...

Today should be iPhinging day, but instead I'm faffing around with NeonPlat some more, and adding some nice fun little elements.

Smashing!.. is nicer than it was, I've added a green ball, and there are wings.
There's been other advancements, too, but nothing I want to give away just yet.

As such, probably not getting a chance to do another game this week.

No matter, this'll be good.
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Daily Blog
  9th June, 2010
I'd planned to make a NeonPlat post, this morning..
But then, I've also planned to do WarioWare on Wednesdays..
.. and then there's the Music thing, which I've also decided to do on Wednesdays.


So, looks like we're going to start having a Megapost every Wednesday, from here on.
Aftermath, Music and More!
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Daily Blog
  8th June, 2010
Simply put, Awesome!!!

Hop around, grab the balls, throw them at the bad guys, and paint all the white floor tiles in the colour of your pants!

View on YouTube

There are four difficulty modes on the titlescreen, and you can play Co-Op style with up to four players simultaneously!!! (although, you all have to be using the one system. Still haven't learned to do any Network stuff, yet!!)

Interesting Note : When I was playing around with the JayArchive script originally, and putting little test games into it, I had a few extra references in there. I later deleted them, but the Game ID's got bumped up as a result.
So, although this isn't REALLY the 200th game in the archive, it is in fact Game #200 as far as the archive's ID is concerned!

You can Download NeonPlat 2 from the Jayenkai Archive where it's available for Windows, Linux and Intelbased Mac's.


AGAW Scoring : 41 weeks, 41 games, still there, but .. I'm planning to make a slightly enhanced version of this for next week. That'd drop the ratio under it's target! Nooooo!!!!!!!
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  8th June, 2010
Help Platdude fill in the white floors, whilst taking care of all the bad guys.
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Platdude , Action , Arcade , Remake , Neoplat
  7th June, 2010
That's almost everything!!

Todo : Menu and powerups..
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Daily Blog
  6th June, 2010
I'm halfway through NeonPlat 2, and would you believe it, I have a dream about Invisible Munky 2!
FFS, how annoying is that!?
Now I've another gameplay idea banging away in my head, and it actually seems nice and playable, too!

I'll have to set it aside, and focus on the task at hand.

For the sake of comparison..

NeonPlat used to be this.

NeoNeonPlat is (currently!) this..


This Tuesday : NeonPlat 2 / NeoNeonPlat / Whatever it's called!
Next Tuesday : Could very well be Invisible Munky 2 (although, I've stopped counting the number of times I've said that. They very rarely work out!)
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Daily Blog
  4th June, 2010
I'm still not sure what I'm calling this release, but NeoNeonPlat has been stuck in my head for a couple of days. Seems to fit. Other suggestions are welcome.

Meanwhile, multiplayer (one system) is working great, and I'm starting to formulate how the scoring will all work out.
There are three different baddies, the white platforms are back, and I'm starting to build up a nice progressing difficulty system.

It's coming along nicely!!!
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Daily Blog
  3rd June, 2010
I'd planned to do my regular iPhing development learning thing today, but.
Meh, bad head, can't think, not in the mood..

Never mind..

Instead, I'm playing about with NeonPlat2.

Blimey, where did that come from!?!

I've been doodling sprites for the past couple of days, and today, just like the last time that I did NeonPlat, everything kinda slotted into place in a nice wonderful way.
If you're very good at playing Where's Wally/Waldo, you'll probably have noticed that there's two NeonPlat's in that picture.

Both are equal.

Both can be played!


I could even add more.
But, first, I need to decide how best to cope with two/more characters.

Do I create an all-new character?
Do I stick with Platdude but recolour him?
I dunno.


And... if you're in an artistic mood, design me a new character!
They might be playable, they might be bad guys, they might even be big-ass boss characters!
Who knows!!

You have 48x48 pixels to play with, so that I can add the blur afterwards, and try to stick to single-pixel-wide lines, so it all blends in.

Ta muchly!! (And, get it done quick!!!)
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Daily Blog
  2nd June, 2010
"What ever happened to midis that we used to have in games,
and all the little tunes we used to hear whilst we were playing Doom.
Whenever we played we would forget about the quality,
because we were too busy shooting Demons in the face with ammo..."

: Download

.. Then I couldn't think of any more lyrics.
Never mind, the tune was created, and sat on my hard drive for about a year or two.

Obviously titled FM because it sounds like a classic FM midi file!

Later on, I decided to use it on my JNKx15 video, but it needed upped a wee bit.

: Download

A short tweak in tempo, some added layers of instrumentation, and the melody eventually fit nicely.
Luvly stuff..

Ringtone A : Download
Ringtone B : Download
SMS Beep A : Download
SMS Beep B : Download
More music archive stuff next Wednesday.
If you want anything specific, lemmie know!
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Daily Blog
  2nd June, 2010
A proper week, this week. Waiting for a 6 hour render gave me plenty of time to play about, and I think I came up with some niceties, this week.

Game : Waiting : COME ON, ALREADY!
Amiga themed, like Boing!

Game : Lemmings : Just Dig
Again, thinking Amiga! Plenty of bugs in this one, though, so be careful!

Music : Twisted Pigs : Up, Over, Under, Forever
This was one of those Auto-Title things, so no need to worry about my mental state

Comic : Random : Duck meets Dino in an epic SciFi tale
although... You could probably worry about my mental state after this one!

Bee Mai Fwend : 3782-1929-5444
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Daily Blog
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