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29th February 2024
A special Quantum Leap event took place, this morning, on Leap Day.

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Daily Blog , Leap
28th February 2024
Can't seem to focus on coding, this week.

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Daily Blog , Nms
27th February 2024
Oops, there goes a whole entire day!!!

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Daily Blog , Nms
26th February 2024
I farted about with old tech yesterday!

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Daily Blog , Tech , Devkit
Waves Blog
25th February 2024
Spent far too long making a lovely wave effect for the top of the screen in the upcoming fishing game.

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Daily Blog , Gamedev
24th February 2024
I had a lovely birthday, yesterday.
Thanks for all who sent well wishes yesterday. I'm now strictly over the hill.
Perhaps I should have some sort of middle-age midlife crisis, and do something crazy like buy a bungalow, and switch to MacOS, full time.
.. Oh..

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Daily Blog , Birthday , Lazy Jay
Old Age Blog
23rd February 2024
I'm 44 today.
Feels like a really high score.

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Daily Blog , Birthday , Old
22nd February 2024
I've been fiddling with JSE again!

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Daily Blog , Jse
Leaped Blog
21st February 2024
And so ends Season Two of the 2022 Quantum Leap reboot.

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Daily Blog , Waffle , Tv , Quantum Leap
20th February 2024
I drew a circle yesterday, and added a cheap destruction effect to it.

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Daily Blog , Planning
19th February 2024
Time for some rainbow based hopping, as Bobby hops along to the goal.
You can play it at itch,io, or play with the code at GotoJSE

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Jse , Release
Big Sleep Blog
19th February 2024
I got 95% of Hoppy Bobby JSE finished yesterday, recorded a game trailer, screenshots, etc.

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Daily Blog , Jse
18th February 2024
Over the past few days, JSE's come up over on SyntaxBomb.com, and I've had to waffle on about it to try and explain what it is, what it's purpose is, and why most people probably shouldn't be using it to write games like I do!!
Then I noticed something..

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Daily Blog , Jse
17th February 2024
Today (presuming my shoe rack arrives early enough) will be focussed on my desk.
Turning it form "OMG!CHAOS!!" back to some sort of videogame haven.

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Daily Blog , Move
16th February 2024
Ugh.. We're back to finger-pricks again.

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Daily Blog , Health
15th February 2024
I think I'm going to scrap this week's ALChoon.
I keep trying to get it to feel right, but it just isn't doing that.

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Daily Blog , Musical
14th February 2024
Yesterday's game wasn't all that great.
I think I need a better plan for this week.
What say you!?

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Daily Blog , Waffle , Aiart
13th February 2024
Try to protect the Cupcakes from the evil Vegetables.
You can Play this over at GotoJSE

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Jse , Release
13th February 2024
Well, that idea didn't last...

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Daily Blog
12th February 2024
Good grief, that was a flu and a half..

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Daily Blog , Gamedev , Ill
A Day Off Blog
11th February 2024
Yesterday was pretty much a day off.
The sliffles and flu took hold, and I've had over 24 hours of sleep during the past two days.
Not much coding is getting done!

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Daily Blog , Ill
10th February 2024
Me and Mum are both equally as floored, right now.
The Covonia's helping a lot, so we're fairly sure it's just a regular flu and not the dreaded Covid.

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Daily Blog , Ill
Uhoh.. Blog
9th February 2024
Full of flu, this morning.
I think whatever floored Mum yesterday, has hit me hard, too.
Today will be a day full of laziness and sitting and.. Probably more coding. Why not..

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Daily Blog , Flu
8th February 2024
I'm supposed to be heading to our new Doctor's today, to have the usual blood tests and whatnot, but Mum's not feeling too good, and may need to see a Doctor..

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Daily Blog , Health
7th February 2024
This week, a nice and simple recreation of the Amiga classic, Megaball, as made by Ed and Al Mackey.
You can Play Futriball on itch.io or over at GotoJSE.

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Jse , Release
7th February 2024
Been a crazy few weeks for AL, over on YouTube, this month.

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Daily Blog , Stats
6th February 2024
Today's Mum's birthday, so I likely won't be coding.
Sounds like a good day for Tetris, methinks.
Might even see if we can find the Scrabble board.

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Daily Blog , Day Off
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