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26th May 2024
The new version of the GameHandler is now up and on the server and ready to go.
But that's not the end of the task..

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Daily Blog , Jse , Neighbours
25th May 2024
Yesterday was spent working on JSE's latest version of the GameHandler.

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Daily Blog , Weekend
24th May 2024
Time for another crazy round of "Throwing BASIC code into an AI Music generator, and seeing what happens!"

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Suno , Ai , Music
24th May 2024
Oh no! I forgot the R!!!
Though, to be fair, I didn't "forget" the R.. I just thought that the R was already there.

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Daily Blog , Musical
23rd May 2024
Blast away the crosses in this crazily colourful Twin-Stick Shooter
You can Play on itch.io, or See the code at JSE.

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Jse , Release
23rd May 2024
Oh dear, I'm behind again.

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Daily Blog , Panic
22nd May 2024
Feels like ages since I wrote about gamedev.. Let's do that, today!

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Daily Blog , Gamedev
21st May 2024
Boing, Boing, Boing!
Perhaps I should add different styles to this ball..?!

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
20th May 2024
I finally managed to get all* the timings working for the VidGen Lyrics! \o/yeay\o/!!
*Not all.. It's still broken.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
19th May 2024
Time for another crazy round of "Throwing BASIC code into an AI Music generator, and seeing what happens!"

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Daily Blog
Lazy Jay Blog
19th May 2024
Oh dear.
Oh dear, oh dear..

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Daily Blog , Week Of Summer
18th May 2024
I spent most of yesterday faffing about with VidGen, hoping to get a nice "warp" effect to work.
I didn't...

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
17th May 2024
I spent the majority of yesterday working on GameHandler.

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Daily Blog , Jse , Gamehandler
16th May 2024
OK, that's another game done. Now what!?!
*checks todo list*
Oh dear god!!!

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Daily Blog , Waffle
15th May 2024
Help Henry reach all those lovely shiny gems.
Mmmm, gems!
You can Play on itch.io, or Code in JSE.

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Jse , Release
15th May 2024
Today's going to be a busy busy day.

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Daily Blog , Art
14th May 2024
OpenAI unveiled their latest model, GPT-4o, yesterday.
And, boy is it a mighty fella.

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Daily Blog , Ai , Chatgpt
13th May 2024
It's only showing the word "Trigger", but the tapping mechanic is now functional...
.. For me, not in the uploaded version!

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
12th May 2024
Spent a couple of hours coming up with a few new effects that I thought were worth uploading, yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
11th May 2024
Stayed awake for Doctor Who.
Was it worth it?!
Aye!! It was worth it!

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Daily Blog , Waffle
10th May 2024
I say "Bring out".. It was already there, it just wasn't plugged in since the move.
... And so, I trawled the drawer-of-cables to see if I could find the MacMini's plug..

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Daily Blog , Tech , Mac , Old
9th May 2024
Aaah, the long summer days.
Still cloudy and muggy, but it's at least getting lovely and warm outside, and I can sit in my lovely bean bag, chilling with my coding for hours at a time.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen , Tech
8th May 2024
Time for another crazy round of "Throwing BASIC code into an AI Music generator, and seeing what happens!"

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Suno , Music , Ai
Oh No!! Blog
8th May 2024
I forgot to click Publish again!!!
What's wrong with me, lately!?!
I'm still here, don't fret!!

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Daily Blog , Chaos
7th May 2024
I tried my best to get some work done on the lyrics yesterday..

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
6th May 2024
Slow work, yesterday, but I think it works well enough..

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
5th May 2024
Had a chilled day, yesterday.
No coding.
Time to think and plan ahead.
I didn't worry about any coding whatsoever.
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Daily Blog , Planning , Jse
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