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8th January 2021  
Fly through the maze of spikes, landing on all the platforms along the way.
A traditional Flapping game, with more spikes than you can shake a beak at.
You can Play Flappadiddle in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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8th January 2021  
Have to faff about, scaling the icon and title card for this week's new game.

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Daily Blog , Faffing About
7th January 2021  
Additional Music tweaking, last night, with a fairly competent result!

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Daily Blog , Jmtrackr
6th January 2021  
Had a play with some music code, today.

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6th January 2021  
I've been continuing my experiments with a future form of JMTrackr.

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Daily Blog , Jmtrackr
5th January 2021  
Boy, yesterday wasn't easy!!

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Daily Blog , Macos
4th January 2021  
The sweeties have been scattered throughout the world. Eat them all up, and smile!
If you've a Switch and SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key


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Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4 , Release
4th January 2021  
Looks like Game #1 is ready to go.

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Daily Blog , Preparations
3rd January 2021  
Yesterday wasn't a very productive code day..

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Daily Blog , Musical
2nd January 2021  
I started on a SmileBASIC game, yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Keyboard Gymnastics
1st January 2021  
I've been trying to decide on what schedule might work best for this year.

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Daily Blog , Planning
31st December 2020  
Goodbye, evil 2020!
We won't miss you.
I hope you all have a great new year.
Goodness knows, it can't be any worse.

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New Year
31st December 2020  
Oh dear.. I'd better not get hung up on this, like I did with the Testcards!!

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
30th December 2020  
Yesterday I scrambled together the second choon for the first 2021 AL Bum.

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Daily Blog , Vidgen
29th December 2020  
After my previous post. where I chose my favourite games from the year, fans have chipped in with their own thoughts on the best games of 2020.
Let's take a peek!!

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2020 Roundup
29th December 2020  
Spent most of yesterday getting Flappadiddle up and running in the Browsercade.

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Daily Blog , Browsercade
28th December 2020  
I made my first ALChoon for 2021 yesterday.

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Daily Blog , Musical
27th December 2020  
From today, onwards, Foldapuz has tiny rules written at the bottom of each puzzle.

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Daily Blog , Foldapuz
26th December 2020  
Looks like that Testcard Generator might come in handy!!

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Daily Blog , Ranting And Raging
25th December 2020  
Twitter's locked all my smegging accounts.

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25th December 2020  
Wishing you all a Very Merry Xmas, at the end of what was, quite frankly, a disastrous year.

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Daily Blog , Xmas
24th December 2020  
It's Xmas. I'm allowed to be lazy!!

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Daily Blog , Lazy Jay , Thoughts
23rd December 2020  
I made another testcard, yesterday.

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Daily Blog
22nd December 2020  
Testcard "Diamond" (for lack of a better name) is now part of the generator.

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Daily Blog , Testcard , Preparations
21st December 2020  

Alan writes

Possibly others have alerted you to this already.
Since you write a lot of "choons", I thought of JNK when I saw this:

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Daily Blog , Feedback
20th December 2020  
Yesterday's new/old testcard is called "Picasso".

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Daily Blog , Testcard
19th December 2020  
Over the course of 2020, I've created a LOT of games. (113!?)
In this post, I pick my personal favourites that I've made this year, for each of the four places that I've been juggling making games for.
If you have your own favourites, let me know in the comments, or bombard me with tweets telling me how wrong I am!

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2020 Roundup
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