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13th March 2009  
BAH!! DS Coding is annoying!!
Techy stuff inside..

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Platdude Retro Collection 2
11th March 2009  
Another morning complaining to GoDaddy. They didn't know what was up, so I sorted it out myself.
Silly GoDaddy.
Problem solved, eventually, but with no time left for any Game work today..
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Daily Blog
10th March 2009  
Game #2's turning out quite well, except it'll probably need to be taken down a peg or two.
Currently it's, shall we say, a little psychedelic!
And, that's only amplified once it gets onto the blurry DS screen!
Lots of mot...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
10th March 2009  
Just a nice simple game this week, mostly done after my shouting at Worms, earlier this week..
It's nothing fancy, as I've been short on time, but.. We'll call it a Start.!

Ship Flinging!
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9th March 2009  
This morning I started a bit more work on this week's AGameAWeek. (Tomorrow! eek!!)
And then I thought to myself "Why don't I finish off that new Showcase design for Socoder.. Should only take about 10 minutes".
It didn't take 10 ...
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Daily Blog
8th March 2009  
Game #1, Sokoban, required a nice scrolling tilemap, of infinite size. I spent a couple of days getting that all up and running, so that it'll do for other games, too.
But today, Game #2, Surprise!, required a different type of map.
Game #...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
6th March 2009  
I just paid 400 points for Worms on X360.
What the hey, right?! It's Worms... What could possibly go wrong!?!
Well, aside from the things I ranted about, on the original DS version, a long while ago..
Well, would you believe...
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6th March 2009  
Bug fixes already! Oh dear!
Sokoban had a bizarre map limit bug, whereby if you were off the left hand side of a small map, it freaked out, and the screen jiggled around like crazy..
That got fixed early this morning, and ...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
4th March 2009  
I'm still building up the basic reusable map functions!
Had some crazy memory issues, yesterday, but everything seems ok, this morning, so it's time to move from silly map things, to actually building the game up.
Starting with a strang...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
3rd March 2009  
Yeah, I figured I'd forgotten a few things, and as Sokoban gets built up, slowly but surely, all the forgotten things are poking their heads out, waiting to be sorted.
Click inside for coder-heavy stuff.. or just grab Sokoban from earlier today a...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
3rd March 2009  
As mentioned the other day, whilst sorting out all the PRC2 stuff, I first created Sokoban for windows, using Blitz.
So here it is.
Nothing special.

A is the hard pack, B is the eas...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
2nd March 2009  
Yesterday was spent getting Sokoban to work in BlitzBasic for Windows. It ended up reasonably well, but there's a few things that should be tweaked, including one persons complaint that bundling all 600+ levels into a single pack kinda kills the fun o...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
1st March 2009  
I'm yet to start coding anything gamewise, yet, but I've made my first start on the first game.
Gerinych over at GBATemp suggested a Sokoban clone.
Usually, I avoid Sokobans. They're kinda dull, generic and boring after 5 seconds, ...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
27th February 2009  
This time around, every game will have it's own quickly made titlescreen.
Not wanting to spend too much time doing each one, I figured I'd get away with doing NES style titles. They're simple, but effective.
I'm deciding all th...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
25th February 2009  
For DS Development, I use PALib and DevKitPro.
DevKitPro compiles everything nicely for the DS, whilst PALib is a set of functions that makes everything nice and usable, as opposed be being a baffling chaotic mess!
However, if you try updating ...
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Platdude Retro Collection 2
24th February 2009  
A nice and simple game, this week.

Since I'm trying to decide what style Platdude Retro Collection 2 should have, I decided to try out a style in Blitz fir...
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20th February 2009  
I say "Project", but of course, being me, I mean projectS..
PRC:2 - 0%
I'm restarting Platdude's Retro Collection from scratch, and building it up a bit bigger than last time, with nicer per-game spritesheets and things like that. Big...
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Daily Blog
17th February 2009  
You can Download JXW here
This one's for me!!
If other folk enjoy it, then so be it, but I made this for myself because I was getting really ticked off by the lack of decent crossword games* on...
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15th February 2009  
My mum likes crosswords!!!
And, heck. I like crosswords, too!
Except, the trouble is, there's not really a decent crossword game on the DS.
Don't get me wrong, there's a fair few games, and The Times (released this week) in pa...
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Daily Blog
9th February 2009  
Doing your homework on the back of the bus..
A crazy week of illness, busyness, and a party, have meant that this week's game had to be done..
um.. today!
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6th February 2009  
I've taken onboard a few of AuthenticKaizen's suggestions, and there's now a slightly better edition of Disasteroids available.
Same download link, right here
The game's pretty much ...
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Daily Blog
3rd February 2009  
This week's Wednesday Workshop #186 was to create a nice Asteroids game.
As I started creating it, I was planning a nice Horizontal Shooter-esque game, with powerups and all kinds of crazyness...
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2nd February 2009  
This week, I've been working on an Asteroids game.
On Thursday, it was a bog standard Asteroids game, that seriously needed updating.
On Friday, I changed the controls to mouse. The game plays like a cross between Asteroids and Horizontal S...
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Daily Blog
27th January 2009  
Much as expected, this week's AGameAWeek has become a Vib Ribbon style game.
To be honest, I had this idea for a moment, last week, whilst doing the Go Left game. The idea stayed in my head for about a minute, before vanishing.
But having ...
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23rd January 2009  
I've had it in my desk's cupboard for years.
I bought the game not long after my original Playstation broke, thinking I'd pick up a PSX cheap somewhere..
I never did.
And, I never bought a PS2, or a PSP, or PS3, or anything else that coul...
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Daily Blog
22nd January 2009  
Every so often, I like to rant here, for no real reason.
Today, whilst playing Burnout 3 on my Xbox Classic, the whole "Customisable Soundtracks on the X360" issue appeared once again, so I figured I should rant about it.
See, on Burnout XBox, ...
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Daily Blog
21st January 2009  
I've had a couple of emails about the donate button already, so thought I should clarify why it's there.
I write a game a week.. Sometimes they're good, sometimes their rubbish, and sometimes they're really fun, playable, and can kee...
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Daily Blog
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