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  16th January, 2020
A swarm of evil robot creatures have come to destroy your field of flowers.
Slash them all, Ninja!
Views 12, Upvotes 0
Action , Platformer
  14th January, 2020
Fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the grid, so that the totals on the right are correct.
Each column should have all numbers 1 to 9, and no alike numbers should be adjacent to each other (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally)
Views 13, Upvotes 0
  12th January, 2020
Push the buttons to reduce the numbers, until only 0's remain.
Each number symbolises how many of the squares on that row/column need to be lit up.
Views 12, Upvotes 0
Puzzle , Quantum Leap , Ziggy
  9th January, 2020
The city is under attack from an alarming number of meteors.
Grab your biggest plasma rifle, and start protecting.
Views 21, Upvotes 0
Obliteration , Amiga , Alien , Spindome
  7th January, 2020
Five of the shapes within the grid need to be filled in.
Use the tile-counts on the rows and columns to help figure out which of the shapes contain blocks.
Views 17, Upvotes 0
  6th January, 2020
Guide Jack around the maze, whilst dodging the evil ghosties.
Views 18, Upvotes 1
  2nd January, 2020
Throw the ball down the well, and collect all the stars along the way.
Views 14, Upvotes 0
  24th December, 2019
Help Roland get hold of his lovely custard creams.
Views 31, Upvotes 0
Puzzle , Sokoban
  19th December, 2019
Shoot your gun to scare away the bunnies, but don't get too close!
Views 29, Upvotes 1
Petit Computer , Smilebasic , Nintendo , Switch , Petit Switch , Petitcom4 , Release
  18th December, 2019
Pop the squares on the board one player at a time, until all the squares are popped. The last player to pop a square is the winner.
Views 29, Upvotes 2
Two Player , Strategy
  17th December, 2019
A game of hidden dominoes.
Each domino is either horizontal or vertical.
The O's suggest two meeting dominoes that are in the same orientation.
Any X's are two meeting dominoes that are facing 90 degrees from each other.
Views 23, Upvotes 1
Logic , Puzzle , Dominoes
  12th December, 2019
Help Flea the Flea flee the screen's boundary, and grab all the lovely stitches along the way.
Views 31, Upvotes 1
  10th December, 2019
Three rings, each containing an 8 letter word.
Can you unscramble them all?
Views 27, Upvotes 2
  5th December, 2019
Beware the Mummies, as you roam through the crypt.
Views 24, Upvotes 1
Oh Mummy , Remake
  4th December, 2019
Guide the balloon towards the fruit, but watch out for the evil teddy bears!
Views 24, Upvotes 0
Dodge , Collect
  3rd December, 2019
Take the central letter, and add it to each of the petals words.
Unscramble them all to make the four letter words into five letter words, and help the flower grow.
Views 17, Upvotes 0
  1st December, 2019
Slide the blocks left or right, so that the colours match up.
Views 33, Upvotes 2
Puzzobomb , Puzznic , Puzznix
  28th November, 2019
Push all four quantum-locked blocks onto their bases.
Views 25, Upvotes 0
Puzzle , Sokoban
  26th November, 2019
Find the path of the letters from A to Y within the grid.
Letters should be connected to the previous letter, alphabetically, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Ensure the letters around the side are correctly pointing to each letter in the path.
Views 22, Upvotes 0
  25th November, 2019
A simple dodging game. Follow the path, and Spike Dislike!
Views 31, Upvotes 2
Maze , Spike
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