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16th March 2020  
Help Pixie guide the bubble through the maze of blocks.
Views 36, Upvotes 1
Maze , Dodge
12th March 2020  
Avoid enemy birds, and boop them on their heads, as you try to round up all the eggs.
Views 48, Upvotes 1
Joust , Buzzard Bait , Ostriches
10th March 2020  
Each of the central figures multiplies the same four outer figures of each pie. Try to find all the values for all of the pies.
Views 39, Upvotes 1
9th March 2020  
Can you find the words within the grid?
Views 38, Upvotes 0
Word Game , Puzzle
5th March 2020  
Leap your way around the globe, gathering up all the blue dots as you go.
Views 43, Upvotes 0
Painter , Maze , Oh Mummy
3rd March 2020  
Change all of the letters in a single column to the same letter, so that all the words change to different words.
Views 28, Upvotes 0
2nd March 2020  
Battle against the oncoming aliens, and also your own rapidly diminishing battery charge.
Views 42, Upvotes 0
25th February 2020  
Blast away the enemies, and help the Ranger keep the forest tidy.
Views 40, Upvotes 1
Shoot-em-up , Horizontal Scroller
25th February 2020  
Fill in the six circles using the six numbers below, to make the three points of each triangle add up to the figure in the middle.
Views 37, Upvotes 0
Maths , Adding
23rd February 2020  
Clear the cards by matching alike-value cards which are beside each other.
As you clear areas, hit the remaining card pile to shuffle cards towards the top-left, and retrieve more cards from the deck.
Views 31, Upvotes 0
Cards , Solitaire
20th February 2020  
Speed through the rainbow road, blasting anything that gets in your way.
Views 38, Upvotes 0
18th February 2020  
Place all numbers 0 to 9 within the grid, so that each 4 digit PIN adds up to 18.
Views 35, Upvotes 0
Maths , Logic
17th February 2020  
Hop around, and smash the bats with your giant balls.
The classic neon platformer returns in your browser!
Views 36, Upvotes 1
Platdude , Neon , Platformer
13th February 2020  
Help Froggy gather up the stars using a mysteriously magical hat.
Watch out for those Space Munkies!
Views 33, Upvotes 0
Frog , Munky , Forest
11th February 2020  
Fill in the wind!
Each number represents how many grid squares are taken up by horizontal and vertical lines, emerging from that block.
Views 31, Upvotes 1
9th February 2020  
Help Platdude harvest all the fruit, and use his trusty bouncy-ball to keep the bats at bay.
Views 62, Upvotes 2
Platdude , Mr Do , A Bit Of A Do
6th February 2020  
Guide Springy around the maze, and gather up as many coins as you can.
Views 36, Upvotes 0
Platform , Mario
4th February 2020  
Solve the sum to find the hidden word.
Each letter represents a different number, 0 to 9.
Views 39, Upvotes 3
Logic , Maths
3rd February 2020  
Try to find the mystery words using the given letters.
Views 31, Upvotes 1
Words , Anagrams
30th January 2020  
Defeat the enemies, and steal their energy, to keep yourself alive.
Views 28, Upvotes 0
Space , Shoot-em-up , Jetpac
28th January 2020  
Move the blocks below to fill out the sums so that the sums on either side of the scales have identical results.
Views 26, Upvotes 0
22nd January 2020  
Guide Flappy the Bird back towards its home.
Hopefully no giant pipes get in the way!
Who put those pipes there, anyway?
Views 35, Upvotes 0
Flappy Bird
21st January 2020  
All of the words in the list have the same two letters missing. Try to figure out which two letters, and fill all the words back in.
Views 36, Upvotes 0
20th January 2020  
Guide our hero through the maze, with only a flaming torch for protection.
Views 68, Upvotes 2
Maze , Dungeon
16th January 2020  
A swarm of evil robot creatures have come to destroy your field of flowers.
Slash them all, Ninja!
Views 32, Upvotes 0
Action , Platformer
14th January 2020  
Fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the grid, so that the totals on the right are correct.
Each column should have all numbers 1 to 9, and no alike numbers should be adjacent to each other (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally)
Views 34, Upvotes 0
12th January 2020  
Push the buttons to reduce the numbers, until only 0's remain.
Each number symbolises how many of the squares on that row/column need to be lit up.
Views 35, Upvotes 1
Puzzle , Quantum Leap , Ziggy
112 results 0 1 2 (3) 4
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