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8th December 2022  
Place all 9 stars within the grid, so that each area, diagonal, horizontal and vertical line, each contains only one single star.
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Foldapuz , Logic , Puzzle
8th December 2022  
There are five different faces within the grid. Can you find five clusters that contain one of every face?
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Foldapuz , Logic , Puzzle
8th December 2022  
The most evil word search in the world returns.
Can you find the five letter word hidden somewhere in the grid?
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Foldapuz , Word , Puzzle
3rd December 2022  
Shuffle all the letters so that each group, row and column contains all five of the letters of the word.
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Word , Puzzle , Foldapuz
3rd December 2022  
Can you find all five, five letter words, hidden within the grid?
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Word , Puzzle , Foldapuz
8th November 2022  
Hunt through the maze of letters and try to find five 5 letter words, hidden within.
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Words , Puzzle
17th October 2022  
Can you help get all the Clubs into the Disco?!

Match pairs to remove them, and line up numerically descending groups to help shuffle the piles around, and access the clubs.
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Cards , Solitaire , Clubs
10th September 2022  
Bop the moles on their heads, as they appear in your garden.
Hit similarly-nosed moles to rack up a combo, and .. As always.. Spike, Dislike
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Mole , Tap , Speed , Timer
17th August 2022  
Protect Orret Cha from an onslaught of enemy fighters.
Swoosh around the tiny cylindrical planet, and blast away as the waves of invaders appear.
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Shooter , Space , Wraparound , Loop
5th August 2022  
Ted Bob needs to shift his blocks onto the lit up tiles, but the quantum-lock is in place, and all the blocks are moving at the same time.
Can he complete the task?
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Puzzle , Sokoban
1st August 2022  
The classic game of chance.
Guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current one.
Earn combos for guessing cards in a row, and get two points if the cards have the same value!
Note : Aces are low. (They only score 1)
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Cards , Guessing , Luck
22nd July 2022  
Connect a chain of Trilumes from the left to the right of the play area.
Chains can be in any shape, as long as there's a connection of a single colour, all the way across.
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Puzzle , Block , Tetris
15th July 2022  
Link up the blocks to complete each sliding block puzzle.
Links are permanent, and may hinder your progress if not tackled in the correct order.
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Sliding , Puzzle
28th June 2022  
Help Laura Plat discover as many of the curiously geometric artefacts as she can, as she raids once more, through the ominous jungle.
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Demake , Tomb Raider , Pitfall
8th June 2022  
Run, Jump and Swim your way to the top of the tower.
Can you escape before the magma eats all your time!?
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Maze , Platform , Swim
15th May 2022  
The Heist is on. Grab all the cheeses before the other rat does.
It's the ultimate Rat Race!
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Maze , Collect
1st May 2022  
You and AL both have 13 cards, and along the way, must bid on the piles of diamonds that are placed onto the table.
Can you outbid AL enough to win the most gems at the end of the game?!
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Strategy , Bidding
11th April 2022  
Draggly's lost all her Spogs. Head out into the skies and fetch them all, without bashing your head against the wall.
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Dragon , Spikes , Collect
5th April 2022  
Kick the mushrooms into the goal, but beware.. The goals can move!!
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Football , Ted Bob
15th March 2022  
The space dwelling bugs are back, and they've brought more spikes.
Be careful out there.
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Shoot-em-up , Spikes
21st February 2022  
You're provided with five letters, and can reuse each letter as much as you'd like. How many words can you come up with?
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Words , Anagrams
13th February 2022  
Cal's all grown up. On its first birthday, it's time to head left, and see if there's any cake.
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Sheep , Spikes , Dodge
6th February 2022  
Take some time out of your busy day, and relax with Platdude as he colours in a happy little tree or two.
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Paint , Colour , Relax , Art
30th January 2022  
You're the only soldier left, but the enemy keeps attacking the local well. Be a good trooper and defend the well. You're the village's only hope.
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Tower Defence , Shoot-em-up
22nd January 2022  
Shift all the blocks into the box so they fit snuggly together.
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Jigsaw , Puzzle
16th January 2022  
The caverns are getting cluttered. Good job Willy's brought some bombs with him.
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Bomberman , Manic Miner , Mashup
8th January 2022  
Using only the letters from the previous word, build up a tower as high as you can.

How high can you go?
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Word , Puzzle , Chain
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