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8th January 2022  
Using only the letters from the previous word, build up a tower as high as you can.

How high can you go?
Views 80, Upvotes 2  
Word , Puzzle , Chain
6th January 2022  
Beware these dots. Though they seem easy to grab, they hide a deadly secret. Leave them too long, and it may be game over.
Views 76, Upvotes 1  
Maze , Pacman , Collect
2nd January 2022  
You've discovered an unexplored river! How far can you get through the rapids, without crashing your brand new speedboat?
Views 650, Upvotes 2  
Speedboat , Dodge
26th December 2021  
Guide your four rovers through the landscape in search of the magical gems.
Each rover can only collect gems of the correct type, so you'll have to roam far and wide to get them all.
Views 94, Upvotes 1  
Puzzle , Reversed Controls
25th December 2021  
The pink fairies have stolen all the festive stars. Use your balls to get them back.
Views 98, Upvotes 1  
Platdude , Neon , Retro
24th December 2021  
After a giant storm has whipped up all the presents from Santa's Warehouse, help Platdude to save Christmas by catching as many of the presents as he can.
Views 78, Upvotes 3  
Santa , Xmas , Presents
23rd December 2021  
As the enemy creatures spawn around you, try to catch them with your towline. Definitely don't hit them, though. That's not good!
Views 74, Upvotes 2  
Deathmatch , Lag
22nd December 2021  
The colourful rainbow snake is hungry.
Get to the pills without smashing into yourself.
Views 65, Upvotes 2  
Snake , Rotational
21st December 2021  
Rush through space in your trusty ship, avoiding the rocks that fall towards it.
Views 65, Upvotes 2  
Thrust , Gravity , Meteors
20th December 2021  
Roland has to fix his time-booth. Grab as many Time Crystals as you can, without causing any temporal anomalies.
Views 56, Upvotes 2  
Roland , Amstrad Cps , Time Slip
19th December 2021  
Just enough time for one last jaunt in the Speedboat, before the lake closes for winter.
Watch out for those waves!
Views 64, Upvotes 2  
19th December 2021  
Kitty has such friendly neighbours. They're all giving her their leftover turkey from their Xmas dinners.
Kitty's having a fantastic day.
Views 64, Upvotes 1  
Christmas , Cat , Kitty , Santa
18th December 2021  
With his head affixed, tightly, it's time for Snowman to put his hat on, and head for home.
Views 62, Upvotes 1  
Platformer , Weapon , Snow
17th December 2021  
Flappy's found an epic tower, but needs help to get all the coins. Find your way up, but watch out for those rocks!
Views 63, Upvotes 2  
16th December 2021  
The engine of your rocket has a little too much water in it. Use short hops to reach the launch-bay, where you can rocket off to safety.
Views 68, Upvotes 2  
Skill , Hop
15th December 2021  
Your warrior has lost his hearts.
Go and pick them all back up again.
Views 62, Upvotes 2  
Maze , Collect , Spikes
14th December 2021  
Your trusty helicopter won't stop spinning. Guide it on your journey to gather the coins, but watch out for those deadly spikes!
Views 56, Upvotes 2  
Spikes , Kurukuru Kururin
13th December 2021  
Brave the snow to find your body. The snowman's head bounces to find its home, in a world full of badly positioned Spikes.
Views 58, Upvotes 2  
Spikedislike , Snow
13th December 2021  
The warehouse is infested by evil bugs.
Your job : Clean up the bugs, without destroying the important merchandise held within the crates.
Views 62, Upvotes 2  
Bugs , Shoot-em-up , Deathmatch
12th December 2021  
As you rush through the tunnel at high speed, control your vessel well, and be sure not to smash the glass.
Views 57, Upvotes 1  
Hydrozone , Tunnel , Fast
11th December 2021  
The virus is infecting your maze, but you only have one explosive left. Trust your instincts, and destroy the virus in one shot.
Views 55, Upvotes 1  
Puzzle , Bombs , Destruction , Splodings
10th December 2021  
Beware the deadly Centipedes as they crawl their way to your inevitable destruction.
Keep them at bay for as long as you possibly can!!
Views 55, Upvotes 0  
Centipede , Clone
9th December 2021  
Guide our hero, Garboutigus the Monster, to find the magic key that opens the door to the next level.
Watch out for those flames, and see if you can grab some gems along the way.
Views 178, Upvotes 1  
Maze , Flames , Monster
8th December 2021  
Platdude's put on his shorts and t-shirt, as he tries to get as much exercise as he can from a rare spherical object.
Views 64, Upvotes 1  
Football , Juggling
7th December 2021  
The swarms of evil baddies are attacking once more. Protect your extra lives, and battle for survival with your musical tooting gun!
Views 63, Upvotes 1  
Horizontal Shooter
6th December 2021  
As you traverse the infinitely world, you come across three mysterious weapons. They fire deadly weapons, but also occasionally pop out a happy little star.
Gather up the stars, before it's too late.
Views 59, Upvotes 1  
Bullet Hell , Space
5th December 2021  
Grab a rock and throw it with care. There are giant lizards crawling up the castle wall.
Views 56, Upvotes 1  
Orc Attack , Bears
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