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10th December 2021  
Beware the deadly Centipedes as they crawl their way to your inevitable destruction.
Keep them at bay for as long as you possibly can!!
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Centipede , Clone
9th December 2021  
Guide our hero, Garboutigus the Monster, to find the magic key that opens the door to the next level.
Watch out for those flames, and see if you can grab some gems along the way.
Views 172, Upvotes 0
Maze , Flames , Monster
8th December 2021  
Platdude's put on his shorts and t-shirt, as he tries to get as much exercise as he can from a rare spherical object.
Views 61, Upvotes 0
Football , Juggling
7th December 2021  
The swarms of evil baddies are attacking once more. Protect your extra lives, and battle for survival with your musical tooting gun!
Views 60, Upvotes 0
Horizontal Shooter
6th December 2021  
As you traverse the infinitely world, you come across three mysterious weapons. They fire deadly weapons, but also occasionally pop out a happy little star.
Gather up the stars, before it's too late.
Views 55, Upvotes 0
Bullet Hell , Space
5th December 2021  
Grab a rock and throw it with care. There are giant lizards crawling up the castle wall.
Views 53, Upvotes 0
Orc Attack , Bears
5th December 2021  
Love is a curious thing. Help the two star-crossed lovers to find each other, at the meeting place.
Views 52, Upvotes 0
Inverted , Maze
4th December 2021  
Platdude's having a rocketpack race.
See how far he can get, without missing any flags.
Views 56, Upvotes 0
Slalom , Aliens , Shooter , Jetpac
3rd December 2021  
Watch out for the buzzards! Hop on their backs to earn a few points.
Views 52, Upvotes 0
Hopping , Combo
2nd December 2021  
Roll the dice to match the numbers on the table. A star if you can.. But a bigger star if you can do it within the preset target.
Views 77, Upvotes 0
Dice , Puzzle
1st December 2021  
Defeat the endless swarms of invaders, in this fast paced space shooter.
Views 54, Upvotes 0
Invaders , Clone
28th November 2021  
Froggy is hungry. Guide froggy to eat the butterflies, but try to stay out of the water!! Froggy can't swim!
Views 49, Upvotes 0
Leap , Frogger
21st November 2021  
Blast away the blocks, one colour at a time. Use bombs to destroy chains of a single colour, and do your best to survive the onslaught
Views 67, Upvotes 0
Chain Reaction
15th November 2021  
Your rocket is far from the landing pad, and a flood has caused the road to vanish.
Use your booster to blast your way across the pond, before blasting off for outer space.
Views 69, Upvotes 0
Rocket , Gravity , Thrust
8th November 2021  
A recreation of the classic Klondike Solitaire (Windows Solitaire) game. Move all the cards into the foundation piles to win.
You can use thumbsticks, Joycon Motion, Touchscreen or even a Mouse to play.
Views 74, Upvotes 1
Cards , Solitaire
29th October 2021  
Just your luck. As you finally got yourself lit up nice and scarily, a giant ghost came and stole your key. Get it back, so you can get outside, for some epic trick or treating.
Views 79, Upvotes 0
Halloween , Ghosts
24th October 2021  
Putt the ball into the hole, in this mini golfing game.
Views 87, Upvotes 0
Sport , Golf , Thwackity
17th October 2021  
Clampett's got stuck in the holodeck. The program won't let him escape, and the program's timer is rapidly running low. Grab time crystals to keep the timer going, and rush to push the button as fast as you can.
Views 74, Upvotes 1
Gravity , Platformer , Timer
10th October 2021  
Make a path from left to right, using a single colour. Once connected, all the linked blocks in the path will vanish.
Views 76, Upvotes 1
Tetris , Falling Blocks
3rd October 2021  
Burst through the tunnel at full speed, but watch out for those nasty panes of glass that somebody's idiotically put up throughout the place.
Views 95, Upvotes 2
Amiga , Pd , Hydrozone
27th September 2021  
A simple number puzzle. Spin the blocks to line them up so that the row/column totals match the numbers on the boxes.
Views 82, Upvotes 1
Maths , Puzzle
20th September 2021  
The poor kitten's somehow managed to get itself stuck inside a barrel.
Gently guide it down the stairs, without hurting it.
Views 74, Upvotes 0
Tower , Ball , Fall
14th September 2021  
Grab as many stars as you can, and prepare for an epic boost!
Views 74, Upvotes 3
Minecart , Platdude , Highscore
13th September 2021  
Grab a gun and prepare for a fight, as the transporter malfunctions and starts beaming down a whole bunch of bugs.
Views 69, Upvotes 3
Alien Deathmatch , 3d , Doom
4th September 2021  
Grab the stars to earn a boost, as you try your best to gain an epic highscore.
Views 61, Upvotes 0
Sport , Skill , Bonus , Minecart , Platdude
30th August 2021  
Help Crawly clean up all the boxes that have been inexplicably scattered throughout the isometric maze.
Watch out for the evil electric sticks!!
Views 73, Upvotes 1
Isometric , Maze , Blocks
22nd August 2021  
Platdude's found a curious place full of targets. Help him shoot his balls at the targets for super-points.
Views 85, Upvotes 3
Target , Strategy , Seasick
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