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12th December 2019  
Help Flea the Flea flee the screen's boundary, and grab all the lovely stitches along the way.
Views 38, Upvotes 2
10th December 2019  
Three rings, each containing an 8 letter word.
Can you unscramble them all?
Views 41, Upvotes 3
5th December 2019  
Beware the Mummies, as you roam through the crypt.
Views 30, Upvotes 1
Oh Mummy , Remake
4th December 2019  
Guide the balloon towards the fruit, but watch out for the evil teddy bears!
Views 29, Upvotes 0
Dodge , Collect
3rd December 2019  
Take the central letter, and add it to each of the petals words.
Unscramble them all to make the four letter words into five letter words, and help the flower grow.
Views 28, Upvotes 0
1st December 2019  
Slide the blocks left or right, so that the colours match up.
Views 49, Upvotes 2
Puzzobomb , Puzznic , Puzznix
28th November 2019  
Push all four quantum-locked blocks onto their bases.
Views 33, Upvotes 0
Puzzle , Sokoban
26th November 2019  
Find the path of the letters from A to Y within the grid.
Letters should be connected to the previous letter, alphabetically, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Ensure the letters around the side are correctly pointing to each letter in the path.
Views 37, Upvotes 0
25th November 2019  
A simple dodging game. Follow the path, and Spike Dislike!
Views 39, Upvotes 2
Maze , Spike
21st November 2019  
Throw your ball up, and thwack all of the pegs in the sky.
Be sure to catch it, afterwards.
Views 39, Upvotes 0
Breakout , Peggle
19th November 2019  
Fill in the numbers 1 to 5 on each row and column.
Ensure that the sums in the circles are correct for both opposing diagonal values.
eg, if it says "5+" then the top left and bottom right value should add up to 5, and the top right and bottom left should ALSO add up to 5.
Views 123, Upvotes 0
18th November 2019  
The soldiers are prepped and loaded up, to head out and get back their flags.
Views 45, Upvotes 0
War , Troops , Squad , Shoot-em-up , Cannon Fodder
14th November 2019  
Drive along, and smash all the bins!
Watch out for the mines, though.
Views 36, Upvotes 1
Driving , Gerbil
12th November 2019  
Mix up the word on the signpost with the words on the fishies, to make 7 letter words.
One of the fishies is a red herring.
Views 33, Upvotes 1
10th November 2019  
You're all alone, and you're the only hope.
Destroy all the enemy invaders, before the battle is lost.
Views 39, Upvotes 2
9th November 2019  
Try your best to put all your bubbles in order, before AL can sort his.
Grab one of the two center bubbles and replace one of your own with it.
Views 37, Upvotes 1
Numbers , Sorting
7th November 2019  
Chain daisies together, then bring them home for points. But avoid the evil hungry ants!
Views 31, Upvotes 1
Bugs , Daisies
5th November 2019  
Find all of the 1x3 pills within the grid.
Views 29, Upvotes 1
2nd November 2019  
Build a bridge, westwards, over the river.
Using standard Crossword Game rules, connect vertical words from one side of the river to the other.
Views 34, Upvotes 1
Words , Crossword , Scrabble
31st October 2019  
Platdude reclaims his favourite teeing off point, and prepares to take another swing at the Swamp Monsters.
Views 29, Upvotes 0
Golf , Sport , Platdude
29th October 2019  
Find all the rectangles within the grid.
Each number represents the number of squares taken up by the surrounding rectangle.
Views 27, Upvotes 0
27th October 2019  
Bump the Pumpkins to earn a reward.
Views 33, Upvotes 0
Bump , Avoid
26th October 2019  
Match adjacent cards (both by value or suit) to create Jimps, racking up combo scores by finding multiple Jimps.
Views 36, Upvotes 1
Card , Puzzle
24th October 2019  
The blue army have swiped all the flags from your base, and scattered them throughout the forest.
Take your best weapons and blast them all away, whilst gathering up the flags and bringing them all home.
Views 36, Upvotes 3
Cannon Fodder , Army , Guns
22nd October 2019  
Fill in each row so that the totals at the bottom are accurate.
Each row has either zeroes or a number. The row with a 1 contains one 1.
The row with 2's contains two 2s.
There are three 3's, four 4's and so on.
Views 33, Upvotes 0
Maths , Logic
21st October 2019  
Help Alexandra navigate through the generic platform environment.
Views 28, Upvotes 1
19th October 2019  
Move all the cards onto the four foundation piles.
Cards can be placed atop one-higher cards, as long as they aren't of the same suit. (9 of Diamonds can be placed onto 10 of Hearts, Clubs or Spades, but NOT 10 of Diamonds)

The foundations should be built up in the usual manner, from Ace to King in the same suit.
Views 32, Upvotes 3
Cards , Solitaire
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