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12th June 2022  
Laura Plat needs to save the world, and there's only one way to do it.
Trawl through the tombs to find the perfect media for the job.
Views 37, Upvotes 1
Laura Plat , Demake , Mashup , Tomb Raider , Pitfall
5th June 2022  
The evil green lizards are hungry and want to eat your bandages.
Grab the sword of power, and vanquish your enemy.
Views 25, Upvotes 1
Single-screen , Platformer
29th May 2022  
Guide our hungry little rabbit towards the carrots, but watch out for the ticking bombs!
Views 34, Upvotes 0
Collect , Dodge
22nd May 2022  
Grab your cake off the table, and run from the bees!
It's your birthday, and you'll flee if you want to.
Happy 3rd birthday, SmileBASIC!
Views 26, Upvotes 1
Shoot-em-up , Chaos
13th May 2022  
Guide Ace across the Space Station's external platforms, and pick up some points as you go.
Watch out for the meteors!
Views 30, Upvotes 2
Rock Dislike
6th May 2022  
The cheese has been scattered throughout the maze, but which of the rats are hungriest?
Run and eat!

A Game for One or Two Rats.
Views 33, Upvotes 2
Maze , Race
29th April 2022  
Your favourite Snake game has become corrupt. The game feels ok, but I'm not sure everything's right.
Grab the gem things, and dodge the spike things. Should be safe enough.
Views 39, Upvotes 2
Corrupt , Snake
22nd April 2022  
Captain Platdude's having a terrible time in his little sloop.
Protect him from the onslaught of evil fishies.
Views 29, Upvotes 2
Boat , Shoot-em-up
15th April 2022  
Platdude's not having a very good day. All he wanted was an uneventful trip to the ice planet, relaxing and watching the Penguins.
Help Platdude stay cold, and keep his feel firmly on the ground, as the lava oozes under the ice.
Views 31, Upvotes 2
Lava , Dodge , Platdude
8th April 2022  
Your vessel's throttle is on auto, and all your have is control of the direction.
Steer carefully, as you blast your way through the caverns.

A game for 1 or 2 Players
Views 44, Upvotes 1
Caves , Dodge , Endless
1st April 2022  
Your cosmic trip through the clouds is disturbed by an onslaught of enemy fighters. Blast them out of the skies, but beware the ricochets.
Views 35, Upvotes 2
25th March 2022  
Put the cherries into the boxes, away from the dangers of the prying eyes.
Views 35, Upvotes 2
Puzzle , Action , Sokoban
18th March 2022  
The train is in danger,
So pull on the lever.
Avoid all the logs,
And keep driving forever.
Views 50, Upvotes 2
Munky , Train
12th March 2022  
The lives of the spacemen are dependant on your amazing rocket piloting.
Carry them up to the safety of the Space Station, before their air supply runs out.
Views 41, Upvotes 1
Space , Rocket , Safety
4th March 2022  
The scatterbugs are swarming. Blast them away, but watch out for what they leave behind.
Views 63, Upvotes 2
Shoot-em-up , Spikes
26th February 2022  
The door is closed, but don't worry, the switches are easy to toggle. Grab a switch and pull, but be sure you get the order correct, or you're back to square one.
Views 66, Upvotes 1
Platform , Puzzle
18th February 2022  
Match the pairs in the order given, as you try to flip the card again.
Views 58, Upvotes 1
Repeat , Simon , Cards
11th February 2022  
On a relaxing trip between galaxies, Platdude is attacked by an onslaught of some of Evil Lord Greenstick's space creatures.
Views 66, Upvotes 0
Space , Shoot-em-up
4th February 2022  
Without Blockman to feed them, the little Blocklets have got insanely hungry, and ventured out onto the grid to get something to eat. Beware the ghosts, and, try not to eat each other. Eating each other is bad.
Views 83, Upvotes 1
Maze , Pacman , Blockman
28th January 2022  
Wizz around the arena, joining up the dots in order. Beware the time limits, and avoid hitting the wrong dots.
This game can be played with either the thumbstick or Gyro controls.
Views 75, Upvotes 3
Simple , Dots , Maze
21st January 2022  
A simple colourful block puzzle. Grab the pieces and place them into the grid, to fill up all the holes.
Views 66, Upvotes 1
Jigsaw , Puzzle
14th January 2022  
The creatures are invading Platdude's garden. Grab some bombs, and get rid of as many as you can.
An explosive game for 1 or 2 players.
Views 63, Upvotes 1
Bomberman , Multiplayer
6th January 2022  
Beware these dots. Though they seem easy to grab, they hide a deadly secret. Leave them too long, and it may be game over.
Views 74, Upvotes 1
Maze , Pacman , Collect
26th December 2021  
Guide your four rovers through the landscape in search of the magical gems.
Each rover can only collect gems of the correct type, so you'll have to roam far and wide to get them all.
Views 91, Upvotes 1
Puzzle , Reversed Controls
19th December 2021  
Kitty has such friendly neighbours. They're all giving her their leftover turkey from their Xmas dinners.
Kitty's having a fantastic day.
Views 62, Upvotes 1
Christmas , Cat , Kitty , Santa
13th December 2021  
The warehouse is infested by evil bugs.
Your job : Clean up the bugs, without destroying the important merchandise held within the crates.
Views 60, Upvotes 2
Bugs , Shoot-em-up , Deathmatch
5th December 2021  
Grab a rock and throw it with care. There are giant lizards crawling up the castle wall.
Views 56, Upvotes 1
Orc Attack , Bears
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