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17th September 2019  
Four words have been slotted together into a cross.
Use the remaining letters to fill in the four words.
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Foldapuz , Words
10th September 2019  
Match up each of the words on the left, with a word on the right, to create a longer word.
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Foldapuz , Words
3rd September 2019  
Use the four grey/white numbers, and combine them with your best maths skills, to try and find all the values shown on the bingo card.
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Foldapuz , Maths
27th August 2019  
The islands need bridges, but only the exact number of bridges displayed within!
Using on horizontal or vertical bridges, and no more than two bridges in a single direction, connect the islands to each other.
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Foldapuz , Logic
19th August 2019  
A simple maths game.
Fill out the numbers so that each row, column and diagonal adds up to the shown target.
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Foldapuz , Maths
12th August 2019  
Try to find a single loop within the maze which crosses all four of the Hearts, but doesn't ever cross itself.
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Foldapuz , Maze , Logic
6th August 2019  
A simple "Guess the Word" game.
Can you find a word, or multiple words, which fit within the space provided?
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Foldapuz , Words
30th July 2019  
Find a path from the top to the bottom of the maze, which moves from spot to spot using the order of the symbols shown at the bottom.
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Foldapuz , Logic
22nd July 2019  
Try to place all the extra cards within the grid, so that each row and column adds up to 21.
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Foldapuz , Logic , Cards
15th July 2019  
Fill the grid with all the numbers 1 through 9, such that the equations and results are correct.
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Foldapuz , Maths
8th July 2019  
Find as many words as you can, which all contain the central letter from the wheel.
There's one complete anagram in the wheel. Can you find it?
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Foldapuz , Words
1st July 2019  
Try to triangulate the position of the square that should contain the number 0. Each number on the grid represents how many steps away from 0 that square is.
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Foldapuz , Logic
24th June 2019  
Fill out each word, either adding one letter to the top, or removing a letter from the bottom, such that each row contains a valid word.
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Foldapuz , Words
17th June 2019  
Some of the blank domino faces should not be blank. Try to figure out which, and fill out the correct values, without creating duplicate dominos.
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Foldapuz , Logic
10th June 2019  
Try to make a constant path through the hexagonal maze, looping around so that the path runs sequentially from number 1 to number 24.
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Foldapuz , Logic
4th June 2019  
Each of the extra tiles can be added to one of the words, and scrambled to create new longer words.
Try to decide which letter goes where, to make what words!
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Foldapuz , Words
7th March 2019  
Fill out the equations so that the result eventually reaches the target at the bottom.
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Foldapuz , Maths
10th February 2019  
Fill out the combinations using the numbers 1 through 9, ensuring the totals on each row and column are accurate.
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Foldapuz , Maths
5th February 2019  
The numbers represent a different group of horizontal or vertical squares. Try to figure out where all the different groups are, such that they don't overlap each other, but also manage to cover up all of the black dots shown in the grid.

Game Concept - Juho Snellman
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Foldapuz , Logic
28th January 2019  
Fill the grid with the letters laid out below.
Each six letters is a complete word. Unscramble the words, then find their correct places on the grid.
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Foldapuz , Words
14th January 2019  
Within four moves, try to reach the target value, by moving through the grid to adjacent squares.
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Foldapuz , Maths
23rd December 2018  
Each row and column should contain the numbers 1 to 5. The arrows show a point where one number is larger than an adjacent number.
Use the arrows to help guide you in placing the numbers within the grid.
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Foldapuz , Logic
20th December 2018  
Using only the numbers 1 through 9, fill out the grid so that each of the triangular figures displays the total on the adjacent squares in the direction given.
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Foldapuz , Maths
19th December 2018  
Draw borders within the grid, wrapping one of each of the five icons within each loop.
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Foldapuz , Logic
15th December 2018  
A single continuous loop has been created. Use the numbers in the grid to help you reconstruct the loop.
The numbers in the grid tell you how many of that square's edges contain part of the loop.
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Foldapuz , Logic
14th December 2018  
The product of each row and column is shown. Try to figure out which of the numbers in the grid shouldn't be there, and erase them.
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Foldapuz , Logic
12th December 2018  
Use the movement ranges of all of your pieces on the board, to track down the one single square in which the opponent's King is hiding.
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Foldapuz , Logic
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