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8th December 2018  
Place a series of brackets across the equation such that the result makes sense.
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Foldapuz , Maths
4th December 2018  
Try to create links between all the pairs of lettered squares, without crossing onto the squares of any of the other links along the way.
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Foldapuz , Logic
26th November 2018  
Place a word onto the board which scores you the exact same as the target score.
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Foldapuz , Words
12th November 2018  
Fill the grid with the letters from the chosen word, ensuring each row, column and bordered cluster contains all five letters from the word.
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Foldapuz , Words
11th November 2018  
Find a path between the Start and End points which steps onto alternate coloured squares along the way.
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Foldapuz , Logic
31st October 2018  
Place the remaining queens onto the board, so that they don't end up in the same row, column, or diagonal as any of the other pieces.
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Foldapuz , Logic
23rd October 2018  
Fill the grid with X's and O's without connecting a line of four.
Each row and column should have 3 of each symbol.
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Foldapuz , Logic
14th October 2018  
Find complete words within the grid which use adjacent letters.
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Foldapuz , Words
8th October 2018  
Use your knowledge of Trigonometry to find the values of all the sides and angles of the critical triangle.
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Foldapuz , Maths
7th October 2018  
Complete the grid using the letters provided, so that each row and column contains a valid three letter word.
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Foldapuz , Words
3rd October 2018  
Try to find the position of the enemy fleet using the values laid out on the edges of the grid.
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Foldapuz , Logic
26th September 2018  
Move one digit from one of the two numbers, over to the other, so that the result of the sum is correct.
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Foldapuz , Maths
25th September 2018  
Using the values and sums given, can you find the given values of A, B and C?
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Foldapuz , Maths
19th September 2018  
Exchanging one letter at a time, can you find your way between the two ends of the ladder?
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Foldapuz , Words
17th September 2018  
Fill in the grid such that no row or column contain duplicates of the numbers 1 through 9.
In addition, each of the nine bordered 3x3 miniature grids should also contain the numbers 1 through 9.
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Foldapuz , Logic
15th September 2018  
Can you find your way through the maze?
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Foldapuz , Extra
14th September 2018  
Try to find as many words as you can within each group of letters.
Can you find the full length anagram for each set?
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Foldapuz , Words
14th September 2018  
For each of the two puzzles, use the numbers given, and your mathematical prowess, to generate the larger Target value.
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Foldapuz , Maths
13th September 2018  
Try to find the given word within the letter lattice.
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Foldapuz , Words
13th September 2018  
This is a game with no solution. Simply use the scribbles on the page as a basis for your own masterpiece.
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Foldapuz , Extra
11th September 2018  
A game of anagrams. Can you use the letters given, to fill in the spaces in the crossword?
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Foldapuz , Words
102 results 0 1 2 (3)
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