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  9th October, 2017
Sheepy needs to know what's on the other side of the Spike field.
Guide Sheepy carefully.
Views 739, Upvotes 45
Spikedislike , Jump , Platform
  25th September, 2017
Poke the blocks back where they're supposed to be.
Views 850, Upvotes 52
Shuffle , Blocks , Puzzle
  7th August, 2017
Destroy the bugs before they cause another crash.
Views 527, Upvotes 26
Chain Reaction , Explosions , Splodings
  26th June, 2017
Time to go golfing.
Views 996, Upvotes 31
Golf , Sports
  17th April, 2017
Push the crates towards the buttons with the added complexity that all the crates move together!
Views 1577, Upvotes 20
Puzzle , Maze , Crates , Sokoban
  27th June, 2016
Can you find the one word in the grid? It's harder than it sounds!
Views 1163, Upvotes 15
Puzzle , Words , Word Trundle
  12th June, 2015
You all know the drill!
Views 4378, Upvotes 37
Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
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