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27th March 2019  
Match sets of three or more icons, horizontally or vertically. Swipe the tiles across to make matches, whilst trying not to run out of time.
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Shoebox , Misc
25th March 2019  
Build word within the tubes using the letters supplied in the drop-tube.
You'll need to build words up, backwards, so that they read from top to bottom.
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Shoebox , Words
25th March 2019  
Drop tiles into the grid and try to earn a line of four before your opponent can.
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Shoebox , Vs
19th March 2019  
Score the roll of a dice, based on various rules.
With three rolls per turn, and the ability to hold the dice, try to get a set of dice that will earn you the most points.
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Shoebox , Misc
17th March 2019  
Try to score as many points as you can from the rack of tiles.
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Shoebox , Words
14th March 2019  
Leap the tiles over each other, capturing the leaped tile each time.
Try to find a series of leaps that will result in only one tile remaining.
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Shoebox , Misc
8th March 2019  
Click away clusters of one or more same icons, in order to clear the entire board.
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Shoebox , Misc
7th March 2019  
Fill out the equations so that the result eventually reaches the target at the bottom.
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Foldapuz , Maths
5th March 2019  
Move the cards towards a single pile on the left.
You can place cards of the same suit or value atop each other, if they're directly next to each other, or jump over if they're two cards apart.
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Shoebox , Cards
24th February 2019  
The classic "Windows" Solitaire.
Try to fill the foundation piles with cards of the same suit, from Ace to King.
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Shoebox , Cards
21st February 2019  
Create words by dragging along a series of adjacent bubbles. The longer your word, the more points you'll earn.
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Shoebox , Words
18th February 2019  
A gentle Solitaire game.
Move cards around the table, placing cards atop each other in descending order. Your goal is to collect runs of King through to Ace, which will be banished to the Complete pile.
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Shoebox , Solitaire
10th February 2019  
Fill out the combinations using the numbers 1 through 9, ensuring the totals on each row and column are accurate.
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Foldapuz , Maths
5th February 2019  
The numbers represent a different group of horizontal or vertical squares. Try to figure out where all the different groups are, such that they don't overlap each other, but also manage to cover up all of the black dots shown in the grid.

Game Concept - Juho Snellman
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Foldapuz , Logic
28th January 2019  
Fill the grid with the letters laid out below.
Each six letters is a complete word. Unscramble the words, then find their correct places on the grid.
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Foldapuz , Words
14th January 2019  
Within four moves, try to reach the target value, by moving through the grid to adjacent squares.
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Foldapuz , Maths
23rd December 2018  
Each row and column should contain the numbers 1 to 5. The arrows show a point where one number is larger than an adjacent number.
Use the arrows to help guide you in placing the numbers within the grid.
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Foldapuz , Logic
20th December 2018  
Using only the numbers 1 through 9, fill out the grid so that each of the triangular figures displays the total on the adjacent squares in the direction given.
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Foldapuz , Maths
19th December 2018  
Draw borders within the grid, wrapping one of each of the five icons within each loop.
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Foldapuz , Logic
15th December 2018  
A single continuous loop has been created. Use the numbers in the grid to help you reconstruct the loop.
The numbers in the grid tell you how many of that square's edges contain part of the loop.
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Foldapuz , Logic
14th December 2018  
The product of each row and column is shown. Try to figure out which of the numbers in the grid shouldn't be there, and erase them.
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Foldapuz , Logic
12th December 2018  
Use the movement ranges of all of your pieces on the board, to track down the one single square in which the opponent's King is hiding.
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Foldapuz , Logic
8th December 2018  
Place a series of brackets across the equation such that the result makes sense.
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Foldapuz , Maths
4th December 2018  
Try to create links between all the pairs of lettered squares, without crossing onto the squares of any of the other links along the way.
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Foldapuz , Logic
26th November 2018  
Place a word onto the board which scores you the exact same as the target score.
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Foldapuz , Words
12th November 2018  
Fill the grid with the letters from the chosen word, ensuring each row, column and bordered cluster contains all five letters from the word.
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Foldapuz , Words
11th November 2018  
Find a path between the Start and End points which steps onto alternate coloured squares along the way.
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Foldapuz , Logic
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