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28th September 2019  
Move the cards onto the Foundation piles, from Ace to King.
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21st September 2019  
Roll the dice, bank your winnings, and don't be the greedy pig as rolling a One will lose you everything!
The first to 100 points wins.
Views 62, Upvotes 5  
16th September 2019  
The stars are aligned, so prepare your paint and burst them all away!
Views 53, Upvotes 4  
Browsercade , Strategy , Puzzle
13th September 2019  
Create words with the free letters at the bottom of the pyramid, and try to make your way, all the way up to the top.
Views 49, Upvotes 7  
9th September 2019  
A classic tanks-on-a-hill battle.
Destroy the enemy tank before they destroy you!
Views 78, Upvotes 13  
Strategy , Gorillas , Scorched Tanks
7th September 2019  
Remove the floor to defeat your opponent.
Views 95, Upvotes 14  
Shoebox , Board Game
1st September 2019  
Platdude blasts off, atop his rocket, to gather as much of the Starfruit as he can.
Guide him through space, avoiding the many rocks that stand in his way.
Views 55, Upvotes 5  
Meteor Storm
31st August 2019  
Match up cards that add up to 13, in order to clear the pyramid.
Views 124, Upvotes 6  
Cards , Solitaire
26th August 2019  
Bounce your way up the tower, but watch out for all the spikes!
Views 84, Upvotes 8  
24th August 2019  
Try to find the longest word that you can, which contains the three letters in the correct order.
Views 82, Upvotes 4  
Shoebox , Words
19th August 2019  
Blast away the aliens, but beware their droppings!
Views 120, Upvotes 5  
Browsercade , Shoot-em-up
17th August 2019  
A traditional two player card game.
Remove all the cards from your Pay Off pile in order to win the game.
Views 137, Upvotes 6  
Shoebox , Cards
12th August 2019  
Platdude runs through the endless forest, throwing balls at bad guys.
He can only hold 5 balls at a time, so be sure to pick up what you can, and use them wisely.
Views 140, Upvotes 24  
Browsercade , Platform
10th August 2019  
Shoot for the hole, in this teensy tiny minigolf game.
Views 128, Upvotes 14  
Shoebox , Golf , Minigolf
5th August 2019  
Grab hexes from the floor, and jump up to combine them with giant clusters.
Earn extra points for completing larger clusters.
Views 98, Upvotes 3  
Browsercade , Puzzle , Hexagon
3rd August 2019  
Leap your way over all of your opponent's pieces.
The classic diagonal strategy game.
Views 130, Upvotes 6  
Shoebox , One On One
29th July 2019  
Protect your Blocklet friends from the evil ghosts, and guide them all home.
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26th July 2019  
Line up the cards in the grid so that the cards in each row and column add up to 21.
Remember that Aces can be either 1 or 11, and that Jack, Queen and King equal 10.
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Shoebox , Misc
20th July 2019  
Try to claim as much of the board as you can.
You'll earn extra points for claiming the green chequered tiles, and if you roll a six, you can reclaim any opponent's squares.
Views 307, Upvotes 16  
Shoebox , Group
12th July 2019  
Try to score as close to 21 as you can, without going over.
Once you've stuck/bust, AL will take his turn, trying to beat your score.
The closest to 21 wins the round, and the first to three wins is the overall winner.
Views 124, Upvotes 23  
Shoebox , Cards
6th July 2019  
Place lines throughout the grid, one at a time, and try to create complete squares to capture the grid places as your own.
The winner is the player with the most claimed squares by the end of the game.
Views 74, Upvotes 16  
Shoebox , Vs
30th June 2019  
Move your fleet into position, then seek your opponents ships in space but guessing positions around the board.
Try to defeat your enemy's fleet, before they can beat yours.
Views 52, Upvotes 3  
Shoebox , Vs
21st June 2019  
Try to build up the pyramid by placing cards which match both of the cards below, by suit or value.

You can swap free cards on the same level, or replace them entirely with dealt cards of the same suit or value, but only if the card has no card above it.

You win if you can reach the very top.
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Shoebox , Cards
15th June 2019  
Try to conquer the entire board with just your own colour, by overflowing and detonating your atoms.
Each square can hold a single atom in the corners, two on the sides, or three in the middle.
If a square overfills, it explodes into adjacent squares, filling them with your own colour.
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Shoebox , Group
7th June 2019  
Try to guess the word or phrase, one letter at a time, without using up all of your hearts.
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Shoebox , Words
18th May 2019  
The ancient board games of Seeds and Pits.
Move all of the seeds from one of your pits, moving anti-clockwise, and dropping one seed at a time. If you "land" on your large Mancala pit, you earn an extra go.
The winner is the player with the most seeds in their Mancala, once no more moves are possible.
Views 52, Upvotes 8  
Shoebox , Vs
14th May 2019  
Upon each move of this classic Tile-based word game, a computer opponent will set a "Par" target.
Try to score as close to the target as you can, in order to earn the most points.
Your score will be based on how close to the target you get, rather than the value of your words.
Views 26, Upvotes 2  
Shoebox , Words
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