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10th January 2017  
Gather up the coins whilst avoiding the spikes.
Views 1973, Upvotes 16  
Underwater , Spike , Collect , My Little
27th November 2016  
Take your place, and join in with yet another wonderful Advent Calendar of minigames!
Views 1970, Upvotes 10  
Xmas , Advent , Minigames , Collexion
12th September 2016  
Use the dice and the wonders of Mathematics to match up all the numbers on your Bingo card.
Views 1336, Upvotes 9  
Puzzle , Dice , Maths
6th September 2016  
Collect the Cubes to escape the levels.
Views 1272, Upvotes 5  
Puzzle , Dice , Isometric
23rd August 2016  
Hold down the buttons to score some points. Don't hold them too long, though, as they may explode! A game semi-suggested by Dan Bull.
Views 1072, Upvotes 29  
Dan Bull , Bug , No Mans Sky
15th August 2016  
Guide your snake carefully over the hazardous plain. There are many treats to eat, but infinitely more walls to get in your way.
Views 1229, Upvotes 14  
Maze , Snake
31st July 2016  
Widdal's decided to have a wander through the garden, to pick some flowers. He has a very large garden!
Views 1386, Upvotes 14  
Oldskool , Platformer , Mario
24th July 2016  
Gather up the blue boxes by dropping them into the red slots.
Views 1283, Upvotes 10  
Push , Blocks , Pengo
18th July 2016  
The scrapyard is a mess. Tidy it up.
Views 1125, Upvotes 8  
Dodge , Space
11th July 2016  
Reflect the beam through all the mirrors to create a mega-beam, and destroy all of the mushrooms.
Views 1118, Upvotes 7  
Puzzle , Mirrors , Reflect , Deflektor
4th July 2016  
The Orks are gathering. Prepare your sword.
Views 1219, Upvotes 8  
Battle , Orks , Golf
27th June 2016  
Can you find the one word in the grid? It's harder than it sounds!
Views 1297, Upvotes 25  
Puzzle , Words , Word Trundle
20th June 2016  
A simple task. Just run over the floor tiles. Collect 50 tiles to beat each level.
Views 1436, Upvotes 15  
Platform , Endless
13th June 2016  
The popcorn needs popping, and your ship isn't stopping. Blast the popcorn, grab the gems and pop them into your bucket.
Views 1288, Upvotes 14  
Asteroids , Shooter , Popcorn , Space Popcorn
7th June 2016  
Are you ready for your final battle? The Final Warriorfish approaches. But who will win?
Views 1283, Upvotes 27  
Fish , Shooter , Bullet Hell , Finalwarrior
23rd May 2016  
Blast the rocks and collect the Flags.
Views 1370, Upvotes 10  
Space , Thrust , Asteroids
16th May 2016  
Guide the falling blocks so that they create clusters of colours.
Views 3320, Upvotes 19  
Tetris , Puzzle , Blocks , Clusters , Clumps
10th May 2016  
Mr Henry is having a stroll outside, whilst his magical hat gathers all the gems.
Views 1152, Upvotes 11  
Platform , Endless
2nd May 2016  
Climb the endless tower, and battle against the masses of wandering turtles.
Views 1605, Upvotes 14  
Mario , Platform , Bump
25th April 2016  
Help reconnect the world, using a series of cogs.
Views 1354, Upvotes 17  
Puzzle , Gears , Gearworks , Amiga , Gearworks
18th April 2016  
Avoid the dangers of the 8-bit Boulders as you gather up all the gems from each level. Beware. There may be fire ahead!
Views 1366, Upvotes 7  
Top-down , Maze , Boulderdash , Repton
11th April 2016  
A picture crossword game, with Platdude. Complete the puzzles to discover the pictures.
Views 1513, Upvotes 9  
Puzzle , Logic , Platdude , Pixelart
4th April 2016  
Guide your trusty springs through the world of the grids.
Views 1246, Upvotes 9  
Maze , Top-down , Ambidextrous
28th March 2016  
Guide your friends carefully along the maze of Fans. Try not to kill them all!!
Views 1276, Upvotes 13  
Maze , Rescue , Top-down
8th March 2016  
Fight for survival, as an onslaught of enemy Spikes dare to attack. How long can you last?
Views 1553, Upvotes 16  
Beat-em-up , Spike
29th February 2016  
Match three alike coloured blocks in this extremely fast-paced block shuffling game.
Views 1401, Upvotes 10  
Match-3 , Puzzle
22nd February 2016  
Shoot to kill, and avoid enemy fire, as you try to gather up all the Flags.
Views 1628, Upvotes 10  
Cannon Fodder , Collexion , Maze , Shooter
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