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8th December 2021  
Platdude's put on his shorts and t-shirt, as he tries to get as much exercise as he can from a rare spherical object.
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Football , Juggling
7th December 2021  
The swarms of evil baddies are attacking once more. Protect your extra lives, and battle for survival with your musical tooting gun!
Views 69, Upvotes 3  
Horizontal Shooter
6th December 2021  
As you traverse the infinitely world, you come across three mysterious weapons. They fire deadly weapons, but also occasionally pop out a happy little star.
Gather up the stars, before it's too late.
Views 64, Upvotes 3  
Bullet Hell , Space
5th December 2021  
Love is a curious thing. Help the two star-crossed lovers to find each other, at the meeting place.
Views 55, Upvotes 1  
Inverted , Maze
4th December 2021  
Platdude's having a rocketpack race.
See how far he can get, without missing any flags.
Views 65, Upvotes 2  
Slalom , Aliens , Shooter , Jetpac
3rd December 2021  
Watch out for the buzzards! Hop on their backs to earn a few points.
Views 61, Upvotes 2  
Hopping , Combo
2nd December 2021  
Roll the dice to match the numbers on the table. A star if you can.. But a bigger star if you can do it within the preset target.
Views 83, Upvotes 2  
Dice , Puzzle
1st December 2021  
Defeat the endless swarms of invaders, in this fast paced space shooter.
Views 59, Upvotes 2  
Invaders , Clone
14th September 2021  
Grab as many stars as you can, and prepare for an epic boost!
Views 89, Upvotes 9  
Minecart , Platdude , Highscore
36 results 0 (1)
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