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14th November 2007
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Typing , Cpc
1st November 2007
Retro Remakes are holding a Top Down 2D Dungeon challenge.
Socoder are holding a Remake a Workshop Game challenge.
In a way, these two coincide, since I'd already decided to remake Greenie's Gameboy
(URL "https://socoder.net/index.php?a=15&e=94"><img src="https://socoder.net/workshop/dlds/023/greenie.gif" align="right" />
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Daily Blog
28th October 2007
Wow, how time flies!
A total of 2 weeks and 4 days work (although I did take a few days off ) , and here's the first release of Arcade Slots.
(URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/dsdev/as001.gif"><img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/dsdev/as001_thumb.gif">
It's a Slot machine, with Arcade rules applied.
(URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/dsdev/as002.gif"><img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/dsdev/as002_thumb...
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Daily Blog
28th October 2007
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Fruit Machine , Slots , Arcade , Gamble , Minigames
Greenie! Blog
22nd October 2007
Most of my remakes seem to fall into a single category, in that they all tend to feature my character Greenie.
To be honest, I'm not sure why I started doing this. It was never something I planned, it just kind of happened that way!
Still, here's a whole page dedicated to that stupid bumbling idiot!

Green's 8-bit Tiny Collection

BlitzCoder, 2005. The 8-bit compo asked us to create games in a 8-bit style. No more than 20 sprites, all of which were 2 colors, and 8x8 p...
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About , Greenie
DS Games Blog
22nd October 2007
This page was updated Jan-2009
6 nice little games, all running happily on your DS.
There might be more releases in the future that I forget to add to this page, so keep your eye elsewhere on my site, just incase!

#1 - JNKPlat

JNKPlat, the DS edition was a souped up version of the classic JNKPlat games. It features "Amazing" animated graphics!
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Daily Blog
Games Blog
22nd October 2007
A list of games you can download, and play in Windows. Most systems can suitably handle most of these games, so no need to worry if you've a slow machine.
To help neaten things up, I've moved all my main Platdude games to their own (URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/?page_id=2">JNKPlat) page.
The (URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/?page_id=28">Greenie) page has become home to some of my Remakes.
You can find the best of my (URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/?page_id=4">Wednesday Workshop) entries,...
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Daily Blog
12th October 2007
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8th October 2007
(URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/games/mummy.rar">Greenie - The Eccentric Egyptologist) Version 0.9
A few additions will be added in due time, but for now this is all well and good!
Enjoy running away from Mummies!
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Daily Blog
8th October 2007
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Greenie , Remake
30th September 2007
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/windev/mum_02.png"><img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/windev/mum_02_thumb.png" /></a>
I decided to do things the easiest way, code wise. To unlock the exit to a level, you need to open all the boxes within that level. Nice and simple.
There are 10 level layouts currently in the game. I might add more, I'm not sure. So far the largest level only uses up about 1/16th of the available map size, but if I make them too big they get a little dull...
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Daily Blog
Oh Mummy! Blog
24th September 2007
This month, Socoder are having a "Make a game with Pickups" challenge.
It took me a bit of a while to decide what game to do, but I think I've finally settled on one.
<a href="https://AGameAWeek.com/windev/mum_01.png"><img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/windev/mum_01_thumb.png" /></a>
Greenie - The Eccentric Egyptologist.. Named so it fits alongside Greenie - The Helecopter Hero.
It's a remake of Oh Mummy but with a couple of tweaks here and there, including th...
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Daily Blog
10th September 2007
I'm currently working on a nice shooter game. A "take it in turns to kill each other" type blaster.
Like Scorched Earth..
Or, if you prefered the Amiga version, like I did, Scorched Tanks.
Anyway, this game isn't exactly like either of those!
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Daily Blog
7th September 2007
Yesterday whilst browsing through Google Analytics, I stumbled upon a website for the magazine WebUser. They'd sent 3 people to my site, from <a href="https://www.webuser.co.uk/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/363213/Main/363213/">this</a> webpage.
It seems that on page 40 of their latest issue (Issue 169), they'd included a link to Horizontal Shooter! With no description of that page available online, I knew my only choice was to pop out and buy a copy.
They gave me a parag...
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31st August 2007
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Point , Click , Adventure , Codas
26th August 2007
I decided to start a Dev diary here, for all my DS Developing. I figured people would eventually stumble across it, and start reading away at all the fun coding. Either that, or they'll completely ignore these bits, and just download the Experimental stuff like they usually do.
Either way, this is going to be a part dev-diary, part progress report, and part release schedule for all things DS.
I currently have 4 DS Projects on the go. They are Stringy Things, JNKPlat, An Alien Breed type clone,...
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Daily Blog
20th August 2007
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Incomplete , Sports
Bouncer Blog
8th August 2007
Nothing special this week. If you knew me at the time I did Green's Tiny Collection, then you've no doubt seen this game.
<img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/shots/bouncer1.png">
I thought I'd post it, though, to remind myself of what a great idea it once was.
Keep control of both Platdude and his football.
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2nd August 2007
This week, an In-Progress experiment.
Use the flash thing on the top right of the site. Doodle yourself a little image, then click "New" which will not only start you off again, but also save the icon to a file on my site.
In the next few days I'll be collecting all the icons (and moderating them!) and then placing them into future games. They'll be used in plenty of ways, from Picross puzzles, to odd little incidental imagery.
Hopefully I'll be able to collect a fair few of them, and I'...
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Daily Blog
17th July 2007
Week 22 of the Wednesday Workshop was <a href="https://socoder.net/index.php?a=12&w=22">Racing</a> week.
The first game I attempted was a UFO Fly game, the game you see entered.. But after I'd done that, I attempted a couple more engines.
#1 was a mess, and never really got anywhere. It was a nice graphical effect, but nothing more than that.
#2 however, was a Ball Bouncing AI Racing grand prix game!
Here it is, as it sits on my hard drive. Unlike last week I ha...
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14th July 2007
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Experimental , Shoot-em-up , Horizontal Shooter
10th July 2007
"Create a Horizontal Shooter".. That was the compo rules for The Horizontal Shooter compo, over at SHMUP-Dev.. Or at least I think it was there.
I started this entry in January 2006. I know this because the game has a directory numbered 031..Since starting Wed.Workshop I've been numbering all my dev-dirs according to the number of that week's workshop!
<img src="https://AGameAWeek.com/shots/exp-hs.png">
Why I never finished it, I don't know.
Maybe I grew bored of i...
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"Closure" Blog
7th July 2007
When I created JNKPlat 3D (about 3/4 way down (URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/?page_id=2">here)) I intended to have an end-credits sequence. So I composed this nice theme for that purpose.
Unfortunately I have an odd knack of never finishing off games, so an end credit sequence never appeared in the game.
For the new JNKPlat I grabbed this theme and turned it into a smaller Mod, but some people like it, so here's the original version in it's MP3 format.
(URL "https://AGameAWeek.com/music/C...
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Daily Blog
6th July 2007
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Platdude , Platform , Strategy , Puzzle
CoDeMaLL! Blog
3rd July 2007
Sometimes you forget about games!
I worked on this game for a while, back in early 2003. The idea was to nick the whole Pokemon idea, and create a bizarre Coding based adventure game.
So, I nicked the graphics, too!
<img src="shots/exp-code.png">
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