The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  1st July, 2018
Time is running away from me.
I should be almost done.
But this week's game's still incomplete,
With parts not yet begun.
Views 4, Upvotes 0, 1st July, 2018
  30th June, 2018
All is quite different,
And yet somehow the same.
But the new keyboard layout,
Is all kinds of lame.
Views 3, Upvotes 0, 30th June, 2018
  29th June, 2018
The temperature is rising, fast.
And folk are freaking out.
Do they dare to brave the heat,
Or hide indoors, throughout.
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 29th June, 2018
  28th June, 2018
Curious issues arising.
There's something really wrong.
I think my hard drive's dying.
Windows isn't playing along.
Views 4, Upvotes 0, 28th June, 2018
  27th June, 2018
Bouncing a ball isn't hard to achieve,
But control is substantially tougher.
I may need to cheat it, to make it a game,
Because real physics make the game suffer.
Views 1, Upvotes 0, 27th June, 2018
  26th June, 2018
Time to start another game.
But what game can I make?
Something bouncy, something tough,
A game with lots of paths to take.
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 26th June, 2018
  25th June, 2018
Out in the garden,
The sun shines away.
Inside on my laptop,
I'm coding, today.
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 25th June, 2018
  24th June, 2018
Sore neck, again.
Another migrain.
Ignoring the pain,
And creating a game.
Views 2, Upvotes 0, 24th June, 2018
  23rd June, 2018
My neck is sore.
There's lots of pain.
I hope the cyst,
Isn't back again.
Views 3, Upvotes 0, 23rd June, 2018
  22nd June, 2018
It's hard to do this, sometimes.
With all the work involved.
There's lots of art to doodle,
And a lot of bugs to solve.
Views 4, Upvotes 0, 22nd June, 2018
  21st June, 2018
Struggling again.
My mind is a state.
I hope it's all worth it.
A wall we would rate.
Views 4, Upvotes 0, 21st June, 2018
  20th June, 2018
I'm trying hard, but cannot fight,
The power of the sound.
Whilst people work upon the house,
My head, it starts to pound.
Views 8, Upvotes 1, 20th June, 2018
  19th June, 2018
The repointing's begun,
And so has the sound,
Of scraping and spraying,
And drilling around.
Views 5, Upvotes 1, 19th June, 2018
  18th June, 2018
The 3DS is working,
But lots of things are not.
I'll try my best for iOS,
But Android's best forgot.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 18th June, 2018
  17th June, 2018
Thinking of balls.
Bouncing around.
Batting them upwards,
Making a sound.
Views 6, Upvotes 2, 17th June, 2018
  16th June, 2018
All things are done.
I just need to post.
Upload all the files,
To the serving host.
Views 6, Upvotes 2, 16th June, 2018
  15th June, 2018
Blowing up the little blocks,
It's really fun to do.
But out from all the rubble,
The bats will come for you.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 15th June, 2018
  14th June, 2018
Finally E3 is over.
Now I can get back to my code.
With nothing to do but make games anew,
Getting back to my programming mode.
Views 7, Upvotes 1, 14th June, 2018
  13th June, 2018
My screen is too dark.
I do not know why.
Windows updated.
A reboot, I'll try.
Views 8, Upvotes 1, 13th June, 2018
  12th June, 2018
I'm watching as Sony show off their new games.
There's a lot of large cutscenes I'd skip.
Barely much gameplay, or things to enjoy.
I think, with Nintendo, I'll stick.
Views 7, Upvotes 0, 12th June, 2018
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