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  2nd May, 2018
Waiting for feedback,
But nothing has come.
I guess that the 3DS
Homebrew scene's done.
Views 10, Upvotes 3, 2nd May, 2018
  1st May, 2018
Watching for posts,
But none will appear.
My time's all been wasted,
Is just what I fear.
Views 13, Upvotes 3, 1st May, 2018
  30th April, 2018
Trying to do all the things that I should,
I wandered away from my aim.
Today I will start it all over again,
And hopefully post the new game.
Views 9, Upvotes 1, 30th April, 2018
  29th April, 2018
There's still things to do,
But time's not my friend.
Today I'll complete it,
Then uploads I'll send.
Views 11, Upvotes 1, 29th April, 2018
  28th April, 2018
Coding is tricky.
Just when you've won,
Another bug rises.
But that's half the fun.
Views 10, Upvotes 1, 28th April, 2018
  27th April, 2018
Fitting in the things I do,
It isn't always easy.
I try my best to make things well,
And hopefully not too cheesy.
Views 10, Upvotes 1, 27th April, 2018
  26th April, 2018
There's something not right.
It's slightly awry.
The maths that I'm used to,
Are starting to die.
Views 12, Upvotes 1, 26th April, 2018
  25th April, 2018
Another day of coding things.
Just like the day before.
Another game that I will make,
And then I'll make some more.
Views 12, Upvotes 1, 25th April, 2018
  24th April, 2018
I swear, I thought I had it.
But I guess I wasn't near.
Today I'll start it all again.
There's something missed, I fear.
Views 12, Upvotes 2, 24th April, 2018
  23rd April, 2018
Today is the day,
I'm going to make it.
Audio will work,
And I won't have to fake it.
Views 9, Upvotes 2, 23rd April, 2018
  22nd April, 2018
As I struggle with C,
And the hard 3DS.
I've at least made a game,
That can handle the stress.
Views 8, Upvotes 2, 22nd April, 2018
  21st April, 2018
Work on many tasks at once.
It seems ok, but then,
The thing you should be working on,
Gets left behind, again.
Views 7, Upvotes 2, 21st April, 2018
  20th April, 2018
Memory problems,
Data disappears.
The issues remain,
And nobody hears.
Views 8, Upvotes 2, 20th April, 2018
  19th April, 2018
I try my best to make it sing,
But in the end, can't hear a thing.
I think I'll try a new technique,
And hope the outcome's not as bleak.
Views 10, Upvotes 3, 19th April, 2018
  18th April, 2018
A test that failed.
My memory broke.
I'm not sure why.
I'll have to poke.
Views 12, Upvotes 3, 18th April, 2018
  17th April, 2018
I find a way around a bug,
But somehow it's still there.
I try again. It still appears.
I'm pulling out my hair!
Views 14, Upvotes 3, 17th April, 2018
  16th April, 2018
To fit another byte in here,
You'll need a lot more RAM.
Instead you'll have to shuffle bits,
And start to pack and cram.
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 16th April, 2018
  15th April, 2018
I hacked my 3DS to play my own games.
That's truly the sole intention.
I don't need it for anything else.
I've got Android for emulation.
Views 22, Upvotes 2, 15th April, 2018
  14th April, 2018
I try my best to make it work,
But it really isn't easy.
The amount of code I've yet to do.
It leaves me feeling queasy.
Views 26, Upvotes 3, 14th April, 2018
  13th April, 2018
I haven't made a game in weeks.
The framework must be fixed.
It sort of works, but still not right.
The output is quite mixed.
Views 18, Upvotes 4, 13th April, 2018
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