The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  15th September, 2018
Today another task begins,
So many things to finish.
I code away all through the day,
And watch my time diminish.
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  14th September, 2018
Why is the saving so broken?
It really is winding me up.
I hope I can find out the issue,
But meantime I'll stick with backups.
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  13th September, 2018
As I add in the features,
The game's getting bigger.
I hope once it's out,
That I'm onto a winner.
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  12th September, 2018
Getting back to what I should.
The game needs levels made.
I've built a lot, but still need more.
Alas, my mind has strayed.
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  11th September, 2018
Staying awake,
Until late in the morning.
I code in the dark,
As a new day is dawning.
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  10th September, 2018
Continuing onwards,
Never seeming to quit.
But there's so much to do,
And no time left to do it.
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  9th September, 2018
Time to get working,
There's levels to build.
Exciting adventures,
And dangerous thrills.
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  8th September, 2018
As I start on the code for a new one,
The old one is taken offline.
I hate the way Apple treats history,
Deleting old apps all the time.
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  7th September, 2018
The menu's looking functional,
With buttons all around.
You can tap them with your cursor,
And they'll make a beeping sound.
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  6th September, 2018
The cat is on the windowsill,
Watching for her friend.
The cat who lives across the street,
Just around the bend.
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  5th September, 2018
So many tasks,
Yet so little time.
But always a place,
For another daft rhyme.
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  4th September, 2018
So much left to do,
But I'll carry on working.
The games must be finished,
And maybe not breaking.
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  3rd September, 2018
Ideas in my head.
Keeping me awake.
I'm trying to sleep,
For goodness sake.
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  2nd September, 2018
Attempting to focus,
I start a new game.
It's really not helping.
It's mostly the same.
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  1st September, 2018
Pick up the key,
Put it into my pocket
When I get to the door,
I???ll have the thing to unlock it.
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  31st August, 2018
Adventure lurks within these walls.
The levels are all new.
You dazzle in your orange top,
And pants so bright and blue.
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  30th August, 2018
The code is increasingly complex.
The menus are hard to define.
I'll carry on coding the bits that I need,
And am hopeful it's all done in time.
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  29th August, 2018
Relaxing with some gaming,
But which game should I play?
To choose one from my library,
Will take me half a day.
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  28th August, 2018
Ploughing ahead without much of a plan.
I hope that I know what I'm doing.
Fitting the pieces of puzzle together,
Which might end up needing ungluing.
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  27th August, 2018
The neighbour's bought a dog,
That sits alone all day and whines.
Why bother with a pet at all,
If you don't have the time?
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