The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  24th May, 2018
Some days they are productive,
Whilst others waste away.
I hope this morning won't be bad.
I'd like to code, today!
Views 12, Upvotes 5, 24th May, 2018
  23rd May, 2018
Thinking of remakes,
Of bringing games back.
Trying to add,
All the things that they lack.
Views 9, Upvotes 3, 23rd May, 2018
  22nd May, 2018
So many options.
Multiple choices.
From too many voices.
Views 10, Upvotes 3, 22nd May, 2018
  21st May, 2018
I had a little slice of cheese,
A migraine then attacked.
I need to take more care with meals,
And check the things I've snacked.
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 21st May, 2018
  20th May, 2018
Trying to do too much at once.
I need to rest a little.
But if I stop the task I'm at,
There's hundreds more to battle.
Views 11, Upvotes 2, 20th May, 2018
  19th May, 2018
A busy day of code ahead,
This game is vaguely started.
I'll try to make it look quite good,
And not like it's halfhearted.
Views 13, Upvotes 3, 19th May, 2018
  18th May, 2018
An idea started,
But not yet complete.
I doubt that I'll finish it,
Just in one week.
Views 12, Upvotes 3, 18th May, 2018
  17th May, 2018
Another choon finished,
And more yet to come.
I like making music,
It's usually fun.
Views 132, Upvotes 3, 17th May, 2018
  16th May, 2018
Sun shines all around,
But I'm not in the mood.
I'll be coding, indoors,
If that isn't too rude.
Views 133, Upvotes 3, 16th May, 2018
  15th May, 2018
My coffee's getting colder.
I've been wide awake all night.
Preparing things for 3DS,
And hoping it's alright.
Views 13, Upvotes 3, 15th May, 2018
  14th May, 2018
The noodles swirl around the bowl.
I stir them into action.
Then pluck them out upon a fork,
For tasty satisfaction.
Views 9, Upvotes 1, 14th May, 2018
  13th May, 2018
I code and I build, then I post all the games,
That the players then get to enjoy.
They jump up and down to gather the gems,
And earn points for the things they destroy.
Views 9, Upvotes 0, 13th May, 2018
  12th May, 2018
The game's nearly finished,
And things went quite well.
But now comes the screenshots,
And uploading hell.
Views 9, Upvotes 0, 12th May, 2018
  11th May, 2018
Ants and Bees and Wasps and more.
Summer's here to stay.
I shut the door to keep them out,
And hope they'll go away.
Views 10, Upvotes 0, 11th May, 2018
  10th May, 2018
The time it takes to fix a bug,
I could've made a game.
But then the game would crash and die,
With just myself to blame.
Views 10, Upvotes 0, 10th May, 2018
  9th May, 2018
Another wasted night in bed.
I lay awake, too hot.
Watching YouTube things again.
My coding's gone to pot.
Views 10, Upvotes 0, 9th May, 2018
  8th May, 2018
A heatwave.
Sun shining.
It's too hot,
I'm whining.
Views 10, Upvotes 0, 8th May, 2018
  7th May, 2018
The weather is lovely,
Sun shining outside.
But I'll sit and code,
With my laptop inside.
Views 14, Upvotes 0, 7th May, 2018
  6th May, 2018
The cat's been at the bin again.
She's scratched it with her claw.
The cupboard's full of meaty chunks,
And gravy's on the floor.
Views 13, Upvotes 0, 6th May, 2018
  5th May, 2018
My old techniques are failing.
I need to learn anew.
To train my brain in modern styles,
There's lots that I must do.
Views 12, Upvotes 0, 5th May, 2018
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