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Some verses
were added.
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  27th July, 2016
The system is slow.
The fan has gone crazy.
I might just give up,
And make today lazy.
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Poetry Corner
  26th July, 2016
I'm trying not to worry,
But I wonder where you are.
I'd normally reach out, and ask.
But this time, you're too far.
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Poetry Corner
  25th July, 2016
You sat and waited there for me.
But I'd forgotten where you'd said.
After several weeks without your food,
I guess you wound up dead.
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Poetry Corner
  24th July, 2016
One, Two, Three, Four
What on earth have I got in store.
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
I hope it all turns out quite great.
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Poetry Corner
  23rd July, 2016
Midnight approaches, and all through the house.
The darkness is turning the day into night.
But Jay is still typing. He codes all the time.
He reaches his arm up, and turns on the light.
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Poetry Corner
  22nd July, 2016
Numbers and Maths
Such fun to tweak.
Creating nice patterns
that look quite unique.
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Poetry Corner
  21st July, 2016
Running around in a maze full of mirrors.
Seeing two of whatever I've seen.
I capture the sunlight, reflect it around.
And light up the things with it's beam.
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Poetry Corner
  20th July, 2016
Sometimes it feels like
There's too much to do.
When I'm making six games
But am focused on two.
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Poetry Corner
  19th July, 2016
Waiting for a game to show.
I sat, waiting, for hours.
No Pokemon Go in Britain, yet.
No Squirtle in my flowers..
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Poetry Corner
  18th July, 2016
Sitting here upon the floor.
A cushion for a seat.
The room is kind of empty,
but the echo's really neat.
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Poetry Corner
  17th July, 2016
A fight for survival.
Make use of your shield.
Protect your extremities,
from the swords that they wield.
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Poetry Corner
  16th July, 2016
I've put you away.
You're now in my drawers.
I hope that you're comfy,
You'll be there for years.
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Poetry Corner
  15th July, 2016
Be sure that you treasure
the days as they pass.
They may not move slowly
So hurry your ass.
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Poetry Corner
  14th July, 2016
Can't seem to focus.
New ideas that I'm pondering.
How would a game go
where the player's just wandering.
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Poetry Corner
  13th July, 2016
Another day of Summertime.
Enough rain for a flood.
Next it'll likely be snowing,
British weather is no good.
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Poetry Corner
  12th July, 2016
Ghostbusters is out fairly soon, now.
I wonder how bad it'll be.
I'm scared by the music, and clips that I've seen.
It doesn't look like it's for me.
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Poetry Corner
  11th July, 2016
I'm trying to find you.
I know you're here, somewhere.
I need my black trousers.
They're my favourite pair.
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Poetry Corner
  10th July, 2016
Coding while you're half asleep,
Is not a fantastic idea.
When you check all your code in the morning,
and it's ten times as bad as you'd feared.
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Poetry Corner
  9th July, 2016
Every day, something changes.
The world doesn't ever stand still.
And if you leave your alarm clock ringing
it'll hurt your electricity bill.
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Poetry Corner
  8th July, 2016
The journey is over.
What stories they'll tell.
Your games will continue,
But for you, it's farewell.
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Poetry Corner
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