The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  4th September, 2018
So much left to do,
But I'll carry on working.
The games must be finished,
And maybe not breaking.
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  3rd September, 2018
Ideas in my head.
Keeping me awake.
I'm trying to sleep,
For goodness sake.
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  2nd September, 2018
Attempting to focus,
I start a new game.
It's really not helping.
It's mostly the same.
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  1st September, 2018
Pick up the key,
Put it into my pocket
When I get to the door,
I???ll have the thing to unlock it.
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  31st August, 2018
Adventure lurks within these walls.
The levels are all new.
You dazzle in your orange top,
And pants so bright and blue.
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  30th August, 2018
The code is increasingly complex.
The menus are hard to define.
I'll carry on coding the bits that I need,
And am hopeful it's all done in time.
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  29th August, 2018
Relaxing with some gaming,
But which game should I play?
To choose one from my library,
Will take me half a day.
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  28th August, 2018
Ploughing ahead without much of a plan.
I hope that I know what I'm doing.
Fitting the pieces of puzzle together,
Which might end up needing ungluing.
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  27th August, 2018
The neighbour's bought a dog,
That sits alone all day and whines.
Why bother with a pet at all,
If you don't have the time?
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  26th August, 2018
A mountain of custard,
And oodles of jelly.
I eat all the Trifle,
To fill up my belly.
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  25th August, 2018
I catch it, mid-air,
But this one-up won't last.
My life is soon over,
As I plummet quite fast.
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  24th August, 2018
I'm starting to juggle my projects again.
It's so hard to just focus on one.
As I struggle to work on the game that I am,
I'm surprised that a new one's begun.
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  23rd August, 2018
Staying awake so that all of my tasks,
Are ready to post in the morning.
But then I sleep in, until later in the day,
And I've lost all the time, without warning.
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  22nd August, 2018
My food intake keeps going,
While my exercise is lacking.
My belly grows a mile each day,
And pants are not quite slacking.
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  21st August, 2018
Time passes by,
But the game's still not working.
I tweak at the code,
Where the bugs are all lurking.
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  20th August, 2018
Confounded by differences,
Controls that aren't right.
My mind, interrupted,
Is working all night.
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  19th August, 2018
I start another day of code,
With lots of things to write.
At least I needn't rush the game,
This time I'll do it right.
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  18th August, 2018
The cat is sitting, watching,
As I'm tapping at the keys.
I wonder what she thinks,
Clicking buttons on my knees.
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  17th August, 2018
Apple removed another game.
They're clearing out their store.
Of all the games I've left to rot.
Whilst coding more and more.
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  16th August, 2018
I roll in the blanket, and stare at the floor.
The cat thinks me ever so rude.
"How dare you be sleeping whilst I'm wide awake,
I'm hungry, and need some more food."
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