The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  8th April, 2018
Shifting the data.
Moving one byte.
Shouting at C.
It'll end in a fight.
Views 14, Upvotes 2, 8th April, 2018
  7th April, 2018
Wait for deliveries,
Which never arrive.
In a world without shops,
How will we survive?
Views 15, Upvotes 2, 7th April, 2018
  6th April, 2018
The tiny little rubber rings,
That fit inside the drives.
I open up the CPC,
And hope that it survives.
Views 16, Upvotes 2, 6th April, 2018
  5th April, 2018
The sun outside is shining.
It feels like winter's gone.
But knowing British weather,
It will soon be rained upon.
Views 18, Upvotes 2, 5th April, 2018
  4th April, 2018
If I was granted wishes, three.
I'm almost sure what one might be.
I'd wish for someone from I.T.
To update all my things for me.
Views 16, Upvotes 2, 4th April, 2018
  3rd April, 2018
Tweaking the thing,
Then tweaking some more.
Yet somehow it ends up,
The same as before.
Views 23, Upvotes 8, 3rd April, 2018
  2nd April, 2018
The car is too big.
Or the track too small.
Something is wrong.
I'll rewrite it all!
Views 16, Upvotes 2, 2nd April, 2018
  1st April, 2018
Now that it is Easter Time,
We'll eat eggs of every kind.
Wonder what we'll eat, today?
Chocolate eggs! Hip hip hooray!
Views 16, Upvotes 2, 1st April, 2018
  31st March, 2018
Going out in search of Eggs.
To all the shops I roam.
The Easter Bunny left them there,
Whilst hopping to its home.
Views 15, Upvotes 2, 31st March, 2018
  30th March, 2018
Awake with sniffles, coughs and sneezes.
Full of flu, once more.
I probably shouldn't code like this,
It's messed things up, before!
Views 13, Upvotes 2, 30th March, 2018
  29th March, 2018
There's someone in my mirror,
Who's come along to see,
If I will wave hello to them,
And they'll wave back at me.
Views 14, Upvotes 1, 29th March, 2018
  28th March, 2018
Trying out control schemes.
To find the perfect one.
Hoping it turns out ok,
Before the week is done.
Views 12, Upvotes 1, 28th March, 2018
  27th March, 2018
The game ideas inside my head,
Whatever could I find?
A simple tweet is all it took,
To pluck one from my mind.
Views 14, Upvotes 1, 27th March, 2018
  26th March, 2018
A parcel's arriving today.
I hope that it comes early.
'Cos I'm no good at waiting.
It often makes me surly.
Views 13, Upvotes 1, 26th March, 2018
  25th March, 2018
April hits in just a week,
The year is moving fast.
I need to fix my Android games,
Before the year has passed.
Views 12, Upvotes 0, 25th March, 2018
  24th March, 2018
Outside the weather is mild.
British Summer's on it's way.
Perhaps we'll get less snow, next week.
Just thunder every day.
Views 17, Upvotes 3, 24th March, 2018
  23rd March, 2018
Whilst all the folk are off to chat,
And meet at G.D.C.
I'll sit and code another game,
My laptop on my knee.
Views 18, Upvotes 3, 23rd March, 2018
  22nd March, 2018
Trying to focus,
On the tasks piling up.
But it seems like my iPad,
Is all kinds of screwed up.
Views 18, Upvotes 0, 22nd March, 2018
  21st March, 2018
My Neighbour has a chainsaw,
And he's pointing it at me.
He's gunna let me borrow it,
So I can chop my tree.
Views 16, Upvotes 7, 21st March, 2018
  20th March, 2018
The 3D Printer's printing well.
My modeling program's ready.
But now I have to paint the things.
And hope my hands are steady.
Views 15, Upvotes 8, 20th March, 2018
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