The blog
needed padded.
Some verses
were added.
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  15th August, 2018
The complications I've made for myself.
They're leaping out to confound me.
So many awkward issues I have.
I need to fix them all soundly.
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  14th August, 2018
There isn't much that I love more,
Than making all this content.
It gives me lots of things to do,
And lets my mind invent.
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  13th August, 2018
As we move ahead through time and space,
Forever looking back.
We think of all the things we've lost.
Another nostalgic attack.
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  12th August, 2018
I code when I can,
But when illnesses strike,
I've learned to shut down.
I can code once I'm right.
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  11th August, 2018
Full of flu symptoms,
Of sniffles and coughs.
My throat is quite dry,
And the sneezes are rough.
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  10th August, 2018
"My weighing scales are lying.
At least, I hope they are."
He says, whilst eating noodles,
And coding in his chair.
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  9th August, 2018
A strange set of cookies.
Something is amiss.
Why, when I'm using nothing,
Have I Google Cookies on this?
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  8th August, 2018
Today is International Cat Day.
A day to treat your pet,
Who sits and purrs beside you,
Thinking of what it might get.
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  7th August, 2018
It's still far too warm.
I can't stand the heat.
The heatwave won't end.
I'm sticking to my seat!
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  6th August, 2018
The pods are flying 'round the screen,
But nothing much has changed.
I need to think of something new,
Quirky, weird and strange.
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  5th August, 2018
Taking a break from my usual pace,
Relaxing and worrying not.
But now to return to the coding, again,
And all of the bugs I'd forgot.
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  4th August, 2018
A decade has passed,
And what have I done?
I've made lots of games,
And had oodles of fun.
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  3rd August, 2018
Trying to do too many things,
But time is not my friend.
Some days I have to stop and breath,
And coding time must end.
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  2nd August, 2018
Time passes by,
But the story's the same.
Another week later,
I'm still writing a game.
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  1st August, 2018
You sit upon my lap at night.
My fingers caress your keys.
Together we'll make another game,
With lots of birds and bees.
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  31st July, 2018
They're cutting down another tree.
There surely aren't that many.
They seem to do this every week.
Soon there won't be any.
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  30th July, 2018
Another game done.
Now onto the next.
But what will it be?
I'm slightly perplexed.
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  29th July, 2018
I let the cat inside the house,
Then let her straight back out.
Back and forth she wants to go.
She loves to roam about.
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  28th July, 2018
Organising all the things,
Deciding where they go.
Which colour of bin takes the plastic tubs?
I'm not sure that I know.
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  27th July, 2018
Waiting for a parcel.
When will it be here?
Some time today,
Or maybe next year.
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