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JSE - Day Six - RPN
2nd April 2021  
Reverse Polish Notation is a form of mathematical layout, whereby your equation function is left until the end of the numbers that it'll work with.


For example, instead of writing 1 + 2 to get 3, you'd write 1 2 +
This is a thing, and until today, I honestly didn't see the point of it.
But today I made use of it for the Scripting Engine.

Don't worry, this won't be the end result!
But for the meantime, all maths has to be written like that. I also need to shove brackets around ALL the maths, right now, too, because otherwise the parser goes "That's a number" and ignores the maths!

I next need to figure out how to shuffle a standard maths string around, to turn it into RPN whilst it's loading the script, as well as dump all those brackets around things.

Shouldn't be "too" tricky, but .. yikes!

Other quick additions..
Ovals and Triangles are in place.
Alpha transparency works.
Floating point numbers work.


Note about somewhat erratic space placement.. Just for testing! I was having issues with it getting spaces wrong!

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New games every week!
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