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Y5:W19 - Smash Lines
7th May 2013  
Hardly the worlds most imaginative title for this week's game, and mostly a cop-out graphics wise, but I was trying out a gameplay style, so that's where most of the focus went.

Was it a success?

.. You decide!!-=-=-

Smash Lines sees you staring at a grid, and playing in a manner that's quite reminiscent of Stringy Things's Strings game.
A timer is onscreen. This is your Round-Time.
There's also a Round Score and a Round Target up at the top.

Draw trails over alike-coloured blocks to select them, connecting three or more together in a chain.
Release, and a second REALLY FAST timer appears. This is your combo timer.. We like Combo timers!!!
Before that's empty, find another trail, then another, and another.
If the combo timer empties, the gems explode, everything falls down, and you can carry on if you have any time left.

Try to use multi-combos to build up high scores, and beat the round's target.

The whole thing's nice and fast paced, but works better on a touchscreen, rather than with a mouse/touchpad, due to the fast nature of the game.

You can Download Smash Lines here for Windows or Android, or even give it a play in your browser.


AGAWScoring : Still a little behind, and not exactly the world's greatest game, this week. Must try harder, next week, methinks.

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