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The Weekend's Over
19th April 2021  
No excuses, Jay. Get back to coding!


"But I did code all weekend. I finished off the Spikes game, and everything."
Less of the excuses, Jay. You still haven't fixed the BODMAS issues in JSE, have you?
"Well, no.. But.."
No excuses. Get that done today.

The voice in my head can be a bit annoying, sometimes. But he's right, of course. I really oughta get that done.
Between the BODMAS and the Variables being missing, the language is rather lacklustre.
Once those are in, and I've figured out why functions keep getting confused with commas, I could probably release the early test edition.
It's quite close, I think. I just need to fix the fundamental methodology of the language itself!!


The menu sliding is broken, just like the Browsercade one was.
I'm starting to think that's not something I've done, because I haven't really changed anything in SpikeDislike for a while.

Shouldn't be too hard to fix.
I should really think about making a few new themes for that, though.
I had such plans..

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