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22nd April 2021  
I think we'll call today a fail as far as coding goes.


The Covid Jab's got me, again!!
Had the stab about 1:40pm, got home by 2pm, then slept..
Oh, boy, did I sleep.

I'm currently feeling awfully woozy, and my typical motion sickness is up about 3 or 4 notches.
Drinking plenty, but barely eating anything.
I'll likely just sleep it off for most of tomorrow, I reckon.

I tried coding some of the Idigidragon Shoebox game, and my mind seemed to get stuck playing around with a board generator, more than the actual gameplay. It's currently stuck in that state, and there's realistically no way it can all be done by .. um.. earlier today!!
So, lets skip a week, and resume regular services next week..
.. Again..
I seem to be doing that a lot, this year, don't I?


Slightly worried that I also need to somehow start a SmileBASIC game at some point in the next day or so, too.

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