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Player Thoughts - JSE 2 - Electric Boogaloo
4th May 2021  
Michael Fernie's been chipping in with more of his thoughts on JSE.


On Pong

Very Cool. Of course Pong has to be the first game. I made of list of games that would be fun and easy to do in the current version of JSE and Pong was on my list. You beat me to it. Nice to see a game running using JSE!

I'd've loved SpikeDislike to have been the first one, but that needs arrays, and I haven't done those yet.
It'll have to wait..

In General

Since JSE is getting lot of attention

...!?! Where!?!?!

you should think about adding an icon to the main page to take you to the JSE interface.
Currently I get to it from a link from one of the blog posts.

Yeah, I definitely need to add an icon.
I also have to add a link to the Command List from the code page, and throwing up a few examples would be handy.
Other things on the todo-list.

1. I haven't yet finished the Symbol Editor.
2. I haven't properly tackled the left-hand Projects list. (Folders sure would be nice)
3. And the rest of the language!!

But, yeah, and icon sure would be handy.

It would also be cool to have all the sample programs in one place and not spread out over the blogs.

Yep. I've started work on some kind of examples page, which I'll throwing a ton of stuff into. It'll act similarly to the Command List page, but for examples.
I want to be 100% sure on the syntax before I start to do that properly, though.
The last thing I want is to have an example that no longer works because I messed up the brackets in a future revision!
.. Which, given how messy the brackets currently are, isn't out of the realm of possibility!

I guess in the future something would have to be made for people to post their programs. So maybe it's all in a central forum or something? Might be too early to worry about stuff like that.

How handy that there's already an intended forum for this to all be used for.
The SoCoder forum will be its home. I would hope...!
The whole reason for me creating this basic-like script in the first place, was that a lot of SoCoder users still use BlitzBASIC, and that after 20-odd years, the thing's not quite as stable as it once was.
Trying to run people's Blitz code tests on my MacBook has been a particular concern.

I'm hoping that, once everything's stable and feature-full, people can happily copy+paste examples to and from JSE, making everything much easier to deal with.

This whole thing mostly started because of Godot Online. One of the SoCoder users discovered Godot Online, and was quite happy with its ability to be an online language. He posted a code example of a little tilemap, and included a single image to go along with it.
In order to run the code, all you had to do was copy the text.. Then place it into a text file on your computer. Then save the image, and give it a specific filename. Then zip those files together, and upload them to the Godot Online site.
Then it "just works!"

And, I looked at that, and thought.. "No.. That's NOT intuitive.."
This was at the exact same time as I was making that recent Frogger game, and thinking "sure would be good to have a simple mini game engine.."

Together, the two events pushed me down the path I'm now currently treading.
With any luck, I'll reach the goal!!

I recently added a JSE Forum Section for it over on SoCoder, although I'm currently the only one using it.
In future, I'll have to try and figure out a way to easily link to JSE from SoCoder, but without making it "all about me..", which is something I've had numerous complaints about in the past..

I guess having it called "Jay's Scripting Engine" probably doesn't help that much!

Keep up the good work! Love all the entries JSE is getting!

It's only getting that, because of my lack of actual other content!!
.. And as always, apologies for me not having concentrated on AGameAWeek-Proper, lately.

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