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Breaking Out
6th June 2021  
Midway through Saturday, I realised something..


As I sat there writing a version of the classic Breakout in JSE, I suddenly realised that I'd yet to start a SmileBASIC game for.. um.. today!!

So I opened up SmileBASIC and instantly found myself replicating the Breakout game.
That's not a good thing.
Breakout might be alright for stress testing your arrays, but when it comes to AGameAWeek, it's all a bit bland.
AGameAWeek has to be imaginative.
Take the concept, and warp it somehow.

Consider it warped..

Today I need to make the AI for the second paddle, but other than that, the game seems to be functional enough.
Now, here's the interesting thing..
Should I bring THAT game back over into JSE!?
Guess we'll find out at some point in the next few days.

I'll try to get the AI working on the SmileBASIC one, get it up onto the site later today (but maybe tomorrow), then see about redoing it in JSE.

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New games every week!
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