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9th June 2021  
A couple of murdered bugs, today.


The "Return from inside an If" and other such things, should now behave like you'd expect.
If things don't run how you're expecting, let me know what and where.

WARNING : This is a fairly significant update to how the main parser works, and although I've tried my best to "Only Fix", there might be occasions where things might've broken.
DO, absolutely DO let me know if anything has done that.

Meanwhile, have a stress test!!

// Falling Petals // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/6/9 Symbol 0,"0__220.2,4400442046.40,60060.60060,46.4024400442,0.22"; Graphics 512,512,2 petals=30 flrs=5 skips=3 pt=0 Dim petl(500,10) Dim flr(500,10) y=ScreenHeight()/(flrs+2) for n=0 to flrs flr(n,2)=y*(n+1) w=jRand(160,256) h=jRand(-32,32) flr(n,1)=jRand(0,ScreenWidth()-w) flr(n,3)=flr(n,1)+w flr(n,4)=flr(n,2)+h flr(n,5)=Neg(0.1) if h>0 then flr(n,5)=0.1 next for d=0 to petals petl(d,1)=jRand(16,ScreenWidth()-16) petl(d,2)=0-jRand(16,ScreenHeight()) petl(d,3)=0 petl(d,4)=0 petl(d,5)=h next Repeat CLS pt=((pt+1) mod skips) SetFontSize 32 SetCol 255,128,0 for n=0 to flrs SetSize 1 x1=flr(n,1);y1=flr(n,2);x2=flr(n,3);y2=flr(n,4) Line(x1,y1,x2,y2) next for d=0 to petals ResetDraw() if pt==(d mod skips) x1=petl(d,1) y1=petl(d,2) x2=petl(d,1) y2=petl(d,2)+petl(d,4)+7 for n=0 to flrs if CollideLineToLine(flr(n,1),flr(n,2),flr(n,3),flr(n,4),x1,y1,x2,y2) petl(d,2)=LineCollidePointY-6 ang=flr(n,5) petl(d,3)=petl(d,3)+ang petl(d,4)=0.5 endif next petl(d,2)=petl(d,2)+4+petl(d,4) petl(d,4)=petl(d,4) petl(d,4)=petl(d,4)+0.5 if petl(d,4)>6 then petl(d,4)=6 if petl(d,2)>jscrh+32 petl(d,2)=-32 petl(d,1)=jRand(16,ScreenWidth()-16); petl(d,3)=0 petl(d,4)=0 endif s=petl(d,3) petl(d,1)=petl(d,1)+s*4 petl(d,3)=s*0.94 petl(d,5)=petl(d,5)+s*8 endif x=petl(d,1);y=petl(d,2) SetSize 0.25;SetRot petl(d,5) DrawImg x,y,0 next Flip Forever

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